Sunday, March 04, 2007

Middle school boys get felony charges for "spanking"

KATU - Portland, Oregon - News - Middle school students charged with sex abuse

KATU - Portland, Oregon - News - Boys accused of spanking girls get to go home to 24-hour supervision

These two boys may get to go to Federal PMITA Juvenile prison for their hideous crimes against humanity, their brutality shall be punished, those fien... oh wait they just slapped their female classmates on the buttocks. Apparently they also poked their breasts. One mistake with a woman will fuck you up for life today.

Two of the victims testified that they did not feel threatened and did not want the boys punished. But the tank of justice had started rolling and it would not stop until it had crushed the boys, who would inevitably grow up to be males, the most destructive force this planet has ever known.

The judge ordered 24-hour supervision at home for the boys.

I don't know what to say. Not even our kids boys are safe from these fanatics - I bet their life is ruined now. Felony charges don't go away that easy, not even ones that you got when you were barely sprouting your pubes. Can you imagine what snapping a bra nowdays would get you?

Apparently, one of the grave crimes these DEMONS from HELL committed was...

According to authorities, the boys were sometimes acting out a character known as 'Party Boy' from a movie based on a popular MTV television series.
You know, I think that as the punishment awarded to those who bully girls grows more and more, the backlash will focus on boys. Make no mistake, girls hardly ever suffer or used to suffer the kind of bullying boys have always had to endure, and even then, they bloody well band together and react - if you're the unpopular kid and you're male, God help you. You will be chewed up and spit out.

It will definitely get worse for boys - and since there won't be lawsuits and stuff, the public won't even know about it. I bet if you interviewed a class of freshman boys today in any high school, you'd get stories that'll make your toes curl. Certainly worse than being slapped on the ass while wearing the shortest miniskirt you could steal.


  1. Whats up man??

    Just checking in with ya, its been a minute.

    When I was in Junior High, we lived to molest our female classmates!

    We slapped ass, grabbed boobies, and all other kinds of stuff that today would be an automatic death sentence.

    Its hard being a guy... but at least the youngins will learn early to hate feminism.


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    Take care

  3. You know how it is!

    Trying to enlighten some folks.