Friday, March 30, 2007

Fight at New York Times

Another catfight, yesterday

Yep, New York Times - the bastion of feminism, the newspaper that gave legitimacy to such names as Marilyn French and Andrea Dworkin had a little "disturbance". They had a bitchfight!

A catfight at The New York Times Friday still has staffers in shock.
The dustup between two female editors in the Styles department disrupted work on the Thursday and Sunday Styles sections as co-workers froze at the fracas.
Fashion editor Anita LeClerc was the aggressor and her superior, deputy editor Mary Ann Giordano, the victim, sources say.
The two had exchanged words just moments before, allegedly over turf, and LeClerc began stomping around the office, muttering loudly to herself. But when Giordano, a talented import from the Metro section, came over in a conciliatory way and tried to smooth things over, LeClerc made it physical.
"She shoved Mary Ann and pushed her, and Mary Ann said, 'Don't you touch me! Don't you touch me!'" says a source. "Mary Ann grabbed her wrists to try to stop her, and [LeClerc] just started flailing."

Notice how there's no mention of charges being filed or the aggressor being disciplined. Hell, if the NY Times could get away with it, they'd just fire a jew a man and be done with it. Just like the time I was reading about a man who couldn't help but overhear two women loudly arguing at work - he looked over, and the next day he was called in to HR because the cunts reported "visual harassment" - i.e. he had the gall to look at them, members of the divine sex.

That's why some at the respected broadsheet are baffled as to why no apparent disciplinary action has been taken against LeClerc. A Times spokeswoman did not answer questions about the slugfest, or disciplinary action, by deadline. Calls to LeClerc, Giordano and Gabriel were not returned.

This is really something - a full-on fight at work, and none of the females involved are getting even disciplinary action, let alone being fired or arrested? Reminds me of the double standard where its acceptable for women to display their wares in public (a la any awards ceremony where females dress up in the most shocking attire possible) where a man would be told to cover up long before. Well, unless the man was wearing something made entirely out of $100 bills.

And notice where the story is coming from - the ass end of some two-bit newspaper - no front page story here, women are never violent and women never lie about rape, don't ya know? The news is just slipped in with the rest of the celebrity gossip - as if this is nothing, no big deal. They even have a joke in there!

And of course its no big deal. Women are routinely not even pursued for offences that would land a man in prison. Is it a wonder that men are seen as the barbarian sex, is it a wonder that there are so many men in prison? And this is for female-on-female violence. Any idea on what would happen if the victim were a man in this position? Bound by the knowledge that as soon as he raises his hand he will be hauled off to prison to the tune of prison rape jokes everywhere, he remains mute and doesn't even report the violence.

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