Saturday, March 10, 2007

Slapper grabs nuts of copper

Oh you crazy crazy women. How far will you go before you are finally punished?

So this woman, Toni Comer, apparently is a fucking crazy whore who gets thrown out of a nightclub, exacts revenge on a bouncer's car, and when the police are called, she fucking grabs the policeman's nuts in between kicking him, spitting at him, and biting him. Before that, both of them fall down the stairs, with the officer landing on top of her.

Naturally, she is black.

You know what, you British guys should export her to the US. Sure it'll be a racial issue when she "accidentally" gets shot after grabbing a cop's nuts, but we don't take kindly to anyone laying a hand on our coppers, let alone a scruffy black ho. From what I've seen on youtube and in chav discussions, british cops usually are scared of using the proper amount of force on criminals, and basically are worthless unless they're behind a radar gun. Too many stories about thieves and thugs getting away because the cops would have to do too much paperwork. Do I have the wrong impression?

Now imagine what would have happened if a drunk man would have grabbed a female cop's tits or ass. You think it would've been a racial issue then? Which side do you think the media would've taken?

Repeat after me: Women are never held responsible for their actions, men are always held responsible for their actions.


  1. Lol!

    This reminds me of what happened here in Canada several years ago when the Indians set up a blockade and the Army got sent in to make sure things didn't get out of hand.

    On National TV, one lady walked up to a soldier and tried to grab his rifle out of his hands and he grabbed her and bitch-slapped the hell out of her and left her sobbing on the ground - ON TV!


    Some of the Fembots started wailing but for the most part, people told them STFU - a soldier is NOT allowed to relinquish his weapon, and she was asking for it.

    Lol! Those were the days.


  2. Naturally, she is black.
    Are you saying that a white woman would never do the same thing because of white women too misbehave and have the same entitlement complexes.
    I think it was you who blogged about how bouncers have said that women are the ones causing the most chaos at clubs nowadays.
    So this isn't a race issues, it is a gender and socialisation issue, I dont see you pointing out race in the case of white women who do the same.

  3. Women are insane as we all see everyday.

    Check out this blog.

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  5. Acolyte, there is no way I would say that a white woman would not do this. Hell, I'm sure the white chavs are even bolder because they've been pampered all their lives.

    But the media etc is making it a racial issue when its more of an "assault on a police officer" issue. If the bitch was white (which she already pretty much is - just look at her. I bet she only becomes "black" to get minority status for benefits and housing.

  6. Masculist Man, I'll tell you straight up that I don't like the concept of that blog. Personal animosity is something that we should avoid if the men's movement is going to grow and spread.

    If we engage in petty little squabbles online, how will we go on to win debates and get laws passed in the real world?

  7. Have you also contributed to Conservapedia?

  8. @ pete
    Thanks for clearing that up because you are doing a great job with this blog so far. Bad behaviour knows no bounds and it is sad that some people have to play the race card to justify it at all, if you lay a hand on a cop who is trying to do his job then you deserve what you get whether you are white,black, brown or yellow.

  9. I believe she was mixed-race. Half black / half white... not that race has anything to do with this.
    Other than the fact that the police wouldn't of beat her ass if she was white possibly.