Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Diamonds are a whore's best friend

This being the holiday season, and me having a roommate who's glued to the TV, I've been watching a lot of trash on the tube lately. With the holiday season and the requisite Lexus-with-a-bow ads, there are a lot of jewelry ads on TV - they're everywhere! I'm sick of the whole consumeristic madness that happens every year around this time, but its so ingrained in our culture now that its like saying I'm sick of people drinking Bud Light or something. Going back to diamonds, why is it that women go completely nutso over a piece of rock? Now, I understand that I'm using logic here, which most members of the pussy power sex have evolved to not need, but seriously - if there is an example of marketing-created need/demand, this is it.

Now, its pretty obvious that the sole consumer of the entire diamond and gemstone industry is the "fairer" sex. But there's a trick - very few of the commercials target the female viewer only. If they do, the implicit (or explicit, in some cases) message is that He doesn't Love you if he doesn't buy you expensive, useless stuff.
The message to men? Buy her a diamond to prove you love her if you want the poon to continue to be available, you faggot loser MALE!

That old adage comes to mind - "Women like it when you spend money on them, but they love it if you waste money on them." And seriously, who hasn't seen a girl's reaction to a particularly nice or expensive gift? They positively wet their panties over it! No wonder gifts and flowers are equated with sex and "getting some".

Now, I'm the first to admit that of all the gemstones, diamonds actually have some use, being the hardest substance on earth and all. They're great on saw blades for one. But that's not what they're sold as to the gullible female consumer.

There have also been a lot of trailers for Blood Diamond on TV lately. I haven't checked it out, but it may be worth a look.

Now, a lot of women and manginas say that diamonds are a status symbol just like any other, that plenty of people buy themselves fancy cars, high priced computer parts or nice homes, and these are all status symbols too, so we should just shut up about women and their goddamn jewelry. However, they don't seem to realize that while most men buy themselves their cars and their XFX8800GT's and 500GB hard drives and whatnot, but women expect men to buy them these expensive shiny wastes of money.

And here's another paradox - if women only want these godforsaken carbon compounds to look shiny and impress their friends, why do they care if we buy them fake diamonds? Does it matter if that's a cubic zirconium on that finger, or hell even a lab-made diamond? Oh No nonono, it is probably grounds for a setting-genitals-on-fire moment if the dear lady finds out that that precious rock is not a priceless De Beers special! And any judge will sympathize with the poor wittle woman there, you just know it. Its domestic violence to give a diamond worth less than your house, ya know.

Fuck diamonds, fuck materialistic gold-digging whores, and fuck the consumeristic cesspit this society has become. I'm off to get a beer.


  1. Grab one for me Pete. Pffft! Thanks.

    My sister supposedly fell in love with this man that's a really neat person, he actually feels like part of the family so to speak, he's smart, witty and he ever lit over 500 tea lights in her back yard saying "Will You Marry Me". She said yes and he ordered a 2 fuckin' carat diamont with 8 other diamonds arount it. I saw it 2 weeks ago and I was in awe. He said the cost was pushing 12k! Anyway, over the holiday she came to my house without him and I asked her what was up. She said that she's been talking with her ex boyfriend of 4 years and her fiance' is having a fit with it. She told her fiance' that if he don't like that she talks to her ex boyfriend then that's his problem. Anyway, I thing they're heading for a break-up. The thing that pisses me off is that I asked my sister that if they break up will she give the ring back, and she said HELL NO! Two things, she said YES to marry him, second, SHE'S causing problems with their relationship, not him. This poor fella is going to be out 12k and a broken heart. The whole thing has me really upset, not about their realtionship, but how this guy got used. It's way too close to home, way too close. It might even put a wedge between a sister and a brother.

  2. Bloggernoggin,
    If they break up and she keeps the ring, make sure to tell him to check up on state laws. B/c in some states a man can recover the ring or its equivalent value under breach of contract. And IMO, if she keeps the ring he should sue the shit out of her.

    The diamond/CZ comparison is perfect for shedding light on just how materialistic women have become. It is impossible for the casual observer to distinguish a CZ from a diamond. Given the price difference, it only make sense to buy the CZ.

    However, women go bonkers if you tell them their diamond ring is a CZ. This unequivocally PROVES that women equate love with money.

  3. Thanks Bruce. So, women associate love with money and men associate love with sex?

  4. Women like Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson were always priced by society more than every other women.

    The amount of diamonds or attention given to female is statement. Expression how valuable she is to society, males and generaly to people around her. It is sad.

    My sister have incredible sexual power over males. Other women are envyous and are scared of her or hate her. Me too. But she is getting older and is loosing day after day this power. What she cannot comprehend because she thinks with her animal body is that everybody get wrinkled and old.
    God is giving them their sexual power over men and god is taking it.

  5. The whole diamond thing should be abolished in our "modern" society!

    Women wanted to be equals...

    therefore, I say, NO MARRIAGE until she gets down on one bended knee and offers me the key to a new:

    2007 Harley Davidson 1450cc Dyna Super Glide Custom!

    What??? Aren't I worth it, honey?

    You mean, you want me to spend 3 months of wages on you to convince you to enter into an agreement which enables you to fuck me for 1/3 of my wages FOR LIFE?

    Nope, sweetheart! No Harley Davidson, No Marriage!

    You are equal now! HARLEY DAVIDSON: KEYS!

    Get it straight! Don't buy me no cheap Honda or Suzuki!


    You are the one who benefits for the rest of your life from marriage, NOT ME!



  6. But diamonds are so awesome! They're so great to have and can cut things to other bits and pieces...

    oh wait, I was talking about the diamonds on cutting blades, not pieces of crap aka jewelry.

  7. Think about it ... Besides Father's Day (and maybe even it), ALL holidays are geared to women. What "special" day is right around the corner fellas? Yep - good ole Valentine's Day. A day when men begtter damn well spend 3 of their paychecks on their lady or else.

  8. BloggerNoggin, I feel really sorry for that victim of your sister. But because it was a female benefitting, the law is naturally on her side. If he was the recipient, I'm sure there would be laws dealing with "breach of contract" and suchlike.

    Rob, I love the idea of Engagement Harleys!

  9. Hey Noggin, legally speaking if she caused the breakup of the relationship he can take her to court and get the diamond back. Can you say extortion?