Monday, December 18, 2006

Sarah said...
Well now. Do you think there's anything problematic with this guy's behaviour? Like, just maybe he's being a bit dishonest at this point when he knows very well the two of them have different ideas as to where the relationship's going?

This bit also sounds very misogynist--he doesn't seem to care for her other than as a decent fuck, and he knows she's interested in more than fucking with him.

Assuming the rest of it happened as the writer said it did--and it sounds rather like revenge fantasy to me--it's nasty, but it is in response to deception, so I won't say anything more about it. He's a misogynistic and possibly sadistic arsehole and she's an antifeminist's favourite lying greedy stereotype. And I don't think the commenters on the forum said anything more than that.

Hi Sarah.
I have two words for you... "WAAH WAAH"

I bet that anyone who doesn't outright worship the ground you females walk on is misogynist according to you.

Have you considered the possibility that there is NOTHING wrong with his behavior? Like, maybe the lying deceitful BITCH is the one to blame? He was looking for a sport fuck, and as long as he didn't sign a contract stating that he wasn't, well he doesn't owe her a goddamn thing. And neither does she, for that matter. When the relationship isn't progressing the way the female wants it to, its all because the man is a bastard, isn't it. Not because he might not be interested in being railroaded into a future she picks out for him.

The problem stems from the fact that anytime a man doesn't bend over backwards for a female, it is taken to be misogynist, anytime a man gets the upper hand against a woman, it must be because he's a big meanie, he hates women, has a small dick, fucks his mother et cetera ad nauseum.

The people on the Let's Be Nice Guys forum (well, the one I quoted) were saying that he should just accept what she did, and "maybe he will come to love the child." Never mind that he may be wishing to raise a child who didn't have a lying whore for a mother.

So, in summation, she was trying to lead the relationship in a different direction than he wanted, and she should suffer for that precisely because its so easy for a woman to abuse that power and lessening the trust of all women in the eyes of men.


  1. Women like Sarah never cease to amaze me. This is a phenoma that one can observe with many women - they somehow believe so strongly in their goodness and desireability that men should WANT to "commit."

    Try to discuss with a woman how no-fault divorce has essentially become "Man-Fault Divorce" and they right away start screeching about how unfair it is to "force" a woman to stay in a marriage - no-one was ever "forced" to stay in marriage, though, it was just that if you broke a LEGAL contract, you suffered the short end of the legal stick, and rightly so, as in all other breeched contracts.

    Ask a woman whats in it for a man to commit & they start blathering off about "knowing" someone will be in their life, children, COMMITMENT, blah, blah, blah... They never stop to think for ONE SECOND that those are THEIR benefits - commitments in relationships for men OFFER NOTHING AT ALL TO MEN - yet women are far too busy thinking the gravy train has rolled in to realize that with modern laws, women offer men NOTHING in the way of commitment.

    Try telling a woman who wants commitment from you that you want to sign a legal document that says in the event of divorce she will have to come to your house and make your lunch everyday & clean your house once a week and she WILL SHREIK to high heaven - but then expect it is perfectly normal to have a woman leave a marriage after 5 years for superficial reasons, take the house, the kids and make the man work FOR HER for 20 years with no benefits...

    Who the fuck do women think they are kidding when they talk to men about "commitment?" Out of either gender, it is DEFINITELY WOMEN who are the ones who are not committing ANYTHING!!!

    Welcome to the world of being nothing more than a sport fuck, ladies!

  2. Spot on, Rob. Most women will happily commit to accepting a diamond ring, wearing an overpriced white dress and having a big party, but commit to an actual marriage and a family? No way!

    It's fun sometimes to peek in over at places like Pandagon and listen to all the crap about how much better marriage is for men than for women.

    I'd like to know how they figure that marriage is so much better for men when a guy who enters into this particular covenant has a 50 percent chance or better of his wife repudiating it, and from there an 85-95 percent chance of losing his children. All on his tab, of course.

    The miracle is that the majority of men still do it.


  3. Thanks for the post Pete.

    I was trying to say something like that in my response to Sarah, it just wouldn't come out right. Guess you can say I'm a green horned blogger eh?

    You're right on Richard and Rob too!



    Deja Vu?

  5. Excellent rebuttals by everyone here.

    What I found so interesting about Sarah's post was that while she accused the guy of behaving in deception, she apparently seemed to overlook and minimize the glaring fact that the women of the story was engaged in manipulating this man into a martial committment to her fully aware that he would be responsible for supporting the resulting child knowing that he may not be the biological father.

    His deception simply involved getting laid.

    Her deception involved him commiting his entire life (including earnings, property, etc.) to her under completely false pretenses.

    Sorry Sarah, but she is the more guilty party here.

  6. And, men sometimes think I am exaggerating when I state my belief that nearly all women in the US (+ England; Canada; NZ; Australia; Brazil) are psychotic, that is, cannot grasp reality.

    Anybody who thinks he was wrong for protecting himself from what she clearly tried to do, is nuts. I mean it in the clinical sense, not as a figure of speech.

    In the 50's, I was raised on a farm. We still had bulls, AI was just coming in then. If a big old bull got loose, there was panic. The women would grab the kids and run to the house. The men would grab pitchforks and ropes, and would run this way and that determined to get the bull back in his pen.

    This is exactly how MOST women act when a man figures them out. Ala Sarah. Gotta' get the fiend back in his cage, maybe castrate him, maybe even shoot him. Total panic.

    You fiends better get used to it. This is increasingly is the way its going to be.

  7. Sorry, forgot in last comment to identify as Anonymous age 64. Sorry, I must be getting old, heh, heh.

  8. What the hell, I'll have one more shot at explaining it.


    We date for a few months. I never made any move towards committment but she brought it up occassionally. For me, this was a casual but pleasant relationship...She was nice and attractive but with a selfish streak that raised a big red flag. She was 32 at the time and I could practically HEAR her biological clock ticking. Regardless, she was a good lay, easy on the eyes, and reasonably good company.

    "Practically HEAR her biological clock ticking." He knows she's fucking him because she's interested in a long term relationship. (And yes, yes, some people happen to like fucking-without-strings-attached-under-mutual-agreement, but see the last three words of that.) He continues to lead her on because he's so invested in getting laid with someone he considers selfish and barely human. Basic decency, please, bearing in mind that pre-emptive punishment is unjust?

    Subsequently, of course, her dishonesty was of a greater order of magnitude--but you've covered that.

    she was trying to lead the relationship in a different direction than he wanted, and she should suffer for that

    He was trying to lead (well, end) the relationship in a different direction than he knew she wanted, and he should suffer for that. Isn't that exactly what she tried to do? And don't you think that's wrong?

    And, yeah, that "Nice Guy" does sound like an idiot. (I had image display off, and only saw him in the context of others who shared your opinion.) D'you think he's bloggernoggin under an alias?


  9. -------------------
    "Practically HEAR her biological clock ticking." He knows she's fucking him because she's interested in a long term relationship.
    Whatever she is interested in, it's not his problem. He is not her slave or something, so he doesn't have an obligation to fulfill all her interests.

    He continues to lead her on because he's so invested in getting laid with someone he considers selfish and barely human
    "barely human" - are you trying to inject drama lines from some soap opera?

    He was trying to lead (well, end) the relationship in a different direction than he knew she wanted, and he should suffer for that. Isn't that exactly what she tried to do? And don't you think that's wrong?
    The problem with her actions was not that she tried to lead somebody somewhere, but that she lied to accomplish that. Every person has a right to lead somebody somewhere by decent means, lying doesn't qualify for that


  10. Tell you what, Sarah.

    1 - you go out and cure the world of women using pregnancy to get married - (or to remain single and have someone else finance their reproductive urges)

    2 - You come up with a new set of marriage laws that ensure women show a REAL commitment when they say "I Do"

    3 - You go out and convince women that "children AREN'T JUST THEIRS."

    4 - You go out and convince NOW and all their feminist cronies that men are INVALUABLE as parents, and not just as sperm & cash donors

    5 - You get the laws changed so that a man has an equal reproductive just as women do with abortion & "drop off centers"

    6 - You get up on a soapbox and preach to the Gov't in Michigan that forcing men to stay with pregnant women upon pain of imprisonment is WRONG

    If you can convince the sista-hood to be reasonable on even half of these issues, we'll shut up and return to our old chivalrous selves... but until then, you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone here to give a rat's ass about this woman, who is looking for a walking ATM machine to sucker into court.

    We get blamed so much for EVERYTHING - EVERYDAY just because we're men, why do you think your condescending attitude will make an impact?

    We are here because we are tired of charlatans talking all hoity and toity to us everyday... as if women don't sin.

    That bastard Adam, sitting down at his table in the Garden of Eden, banging his fist and demanding Eve bring him an apple. And the cad even made her tidy up afterwards and didn't even save any for her. ABUSER!

    If you're frustrated by not getting through - GOOD! Now you have an inkling of what it's like to be a man who gets ALL the blame for everything from "morally superior, sinless women."

  11. I wish I could surrender my soul,and
    share the clothes that become my skin, and share the light that burns within my meaning.

  12. lol Sarah...
    No I've got no alias.
    I respect you for stepping up to the plate after examining Pete's post and clarifying yourself a bit better. A great debate is tough to find without the "Pissing in My Ear and Telling Me it's Raining" type of attitude. So what makes you think I have an alias?
    My wife is hanging over my shoulder now, and giggling. Oh no, she just nibbled on mt ear lobe! Got to go! Bye.


  13. just taking a wild guess here, but I think that Sarah has watched too many soap opera. My mom watched them all the time, and this sound very much like a plot that could have been on one of them. Of course in a regular soap opera, the man would end up being the bad guy and would eventually come to his senses and forgive the woman. I used to watch soaps when I wan a teenager, but around 16 and 17 I started finding it wierd that there were so many case where the woman had hidded the true paternity of the child and how little remorse were showed by the characters. The only remorse they would show was about getting caught, not really about what they did to the men, since the men were just supposed to deal with it and accept them as they were (yuk).

  14. Once again, she has proved what I said. No grasp of reality. You can't talk to American women. No matter how psychotic their viewpoints; no matter how lacking in the most basic empathy with men, you CAN NOT talk to them. It's easier to talk to a rock.

    For the rest of you:

    1. They were certainly going the same direction. She wanted sex as much as he did. She wanted it so badly that she was banging other guys. We have no reason to believe she was only banging him and the Bad Boy. There may have well been others. This is a totally dissolute trollop.

    2. She understood perfectly he had no intention of making babies. He used a condom every time without fail. Just because she didn't know The Rest Of The Story does not mean she didn't know he wanted no permanent relationship. She understood very well he wanted no babies.

    3. Which brings up the "NO MEANS NO" routine used to throw men in jail for rape for years. He said NO, she knew it, so she decided to get pregnant, figuring (correctly) that most men are too stupid and gullible to question paternity with a woman they were banging.

    4. They were indeed going the same direction. Every time she happily jumped into bed with him, she made a choice to have more sex with a man she knew wasn't interested in marriage and babies. She figured she was in total charge there, probably her girl friends told her to get knocked up on purpose even if she had to bang another guy to get it done, because that's what our morally superior gender does. "Men are stupid, they never question it when you tell them it's their kid."

    5. So, why him? Why stay with him when it was obvious he didn't want kids? First, he was probably the only guy she could get for more than a quickie like the band dude. But, more so, she thought he'd make a good wage slave, and there is a good chance she even knew to the dollar how much child support she could wrench out of him after the baby was born and she wanted more sex with the band guys. Or, she thought he'd make a really good daddy once she got his testicles in the lock box.

    Was that the first dirty tricks that fiend pulled? The feminists themselves tell us that people's behavior is constant. She has probably been manipulative and lying her entire life.

    And, stupid men probably never stood up to her before.

    See my comments about men who figure the fiends out being viewed as a bull on the loose who needs to be killed or castrated.

    Anonymous age 64

  15. Your'e right 64.

    It's something that reminds me of what my father told me once, "Take your life into your own hands and something terrible happens, there's no one else to blame but yourself".

  16. Oh hey pete. Here's a very very interesting topic of a blog I frequent (Don't comment on it though) much just to see what's going on.

  17. What a great rebuttle and what a great story from that other blog post.

    That guy was lucky he got his vesectomy done. I know somebody who wasn't so lucky and actually married the woman.
    During an argument she actually bought up the fact that his daughter probably wasn't his and that she regularly fucked guys who "Are actually good in bed."
    turned out she wasn't his afterall.
    He divorced her and pays child support since the real dad was some bum drug head.[guess crackheads are good in bed?] Right now she lives with him and he loves her and still acknowledges her as a daughter.

    Daughter lives with him since her mom is poverty stricken even with the alimony and child support[yes even though she now lives with him.. it is fine with it as she needs it he says]

    Great hustle when you think about. Have your kids by the type of men you actually want to have sex with and then make some other guy with the money pay for it.

  18. black misogynist said, "Great hustle when you think about. Have your kids by the type of men you actually want to have sex with and then make some other guy with the money pay for it."

    Dude, that speaks volumes.

    Welcome to Hollywood doofus.

    Hey, same thing goes for a man that sees a beautiful woman....right?

    For some reason I'm irritated tonite. I would love to say what's on my mind, but for some odd reason I'm being very introverted about it.

    It's not about my fellow man, but more about the fellow inside the man.

    I support all men and the equal rights that they are entitled to, and some days it seems like the line that is drawn in the sand over steps it's moral boundaries.