Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Single Mom has her son arrested

A single mother has her child (a son, wouldn't you know it?) arrested for failure to comply with the law - specifically, opening a Christmas present too early.

The Christmas present was a gift from his great-grandmother, who had specifically told him not to open the present, which was lying under the tree all wrapped up and sittin' pretty. The gift was a Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

But on Sunday morning, the gift was unwrapped and the box was empty. So when the boy's mother found out, she alerted police, the paper reported.

"He took it without permission. He wanted it. He just took it," said the 63-year-old great-grandmother told the Herald. The women said that the boy lied to them at first, saying he was unaware of where the video game system was. After threat of calling the police, the boy apparently gave the toy back to his
mother, the paper reported. But the upset mother called police anyway.

Two officers responded and charged the child as a juvenile with petty larceny, although he was not jailed. The mother told the Herald that she didn't know what else to do with her son, so she called police. The paper reported she is a single mother and has been struggling with constant behavior
problems from the boy
. She said her son still showed no remorse when the police came. "I'm trying to get him some kind of help," the 27-year-old mother told the paper. "He's the type of kid who doesn't believe anything until it happens."

She said he has shoplifted, stolen money from her, punched a police officer and is nearing expulsion from school. She told the paper that she hopes this arrest will be a wake-up call for her son, because she worries about getting a call someday telling her he's been killed. The mother plans to have her son placed with the state Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia at his court appearance, the Herald reported.

These vile cunts should be charged with child abuse. He's a child. A fucking child. Leaving temptation clearly outside where he can see it 24 hours a day and dwell on it every waking moment, they should be locked up and have the key thrown away. Give the kid to his Dad, if he hasn't been arrested for some bullshit reason yet. Its plain torture to expect a 12 year old to hold himself back - he's called a child for a reason - its because he isn't an adult yet and he can't make decisions the way an adult would, you vile police-calling cunts!

I think this is the single mothers' version of "Wait till your Dad comes home." Just as the government has taken over the husband's role of provider, so has the long arm of the law taken the place of the heavy hand of the father. Women are aware that the police are there to serve and protect them, the vagina-possessors, and they make full use of that privilege. Even now, the mother shows no fucking remorse for subjecting a 12 year old to the police. She should be charged with child abuse, and her grandmother with her. Vile cunts. The grandmother is not fit to be called "Granny."


  1. Geezuz. What's this world coming to? I remember getting a present from a relative in the 70's. When no one was around, I opened it to find a Pong game. For a couple weeks before Christmas, when no one was around, I'd take it out and play it. Afterwards, I'd put it all back in the box and sit it under the tree again. I found out later that my two siblings did the same thing. To think I could have a record now because of it. Wow.

  2. What are the chances the kid will look after his mother when old age comes a knockin'? Ah well, maybe daddy state can find a way to criminalize 'deadbeat' kids in the future.....

  3. Yeah, well have a look at this family.

    The boy is TWELVE, the mother is 27 (so she was knocked up at 14, had the kid at 15???), and the GREAT-Grandmother is SIXTY THREE!!! That leaves 36 years between the great-grandmother to the grandmother to the mother. Take a year off for pregnancy each and EVERY WOMAN IN THIS FAMILY gets knocked up before they are finished high-school!!!

    Holy Fuck Batman! These people are hillbillies! The women in this family calling the boy irresponsible is a joke!

  4. Reminds me of the wonderful role model Loretta Lynn, the 'cuntry' singer. She got pregnant at around age 14. Her daughter got pregnant when Lynn was around 28 which made her a grandmother at age 28. Her grand=daughter got pregnent when she was around 42 which made her a great-grandmother at age 42. Thus Lynn had a great=grand=child 12 years old when she was, um, 54. These women are paragons of sexual virtue by comparison. But, I don't think I ever haard of Lynn having a son tossed in jail for sneaking his Christmas present.

    I like the part in the history books where the Huns come in and kill all the wimpy men, and rape all the nasty, domineering women. That is so neat! I get all goose-bumpy thinking about it.

    In my opinion, any male of any age living in the US -- or Canada or UK or NZ or Australia -- is experiencing abuse. Vive Mexico!

    Anonymous age 64

  5. Another young man already in the system at age 12.

  6. I linked from engadget, Dude you have BALLS for speaking the truth. Bravo !!!!!! You said what I thought.

  7. >Davout said...
    >What are the chances the kid will
    >look after his mother when old age
    >comes a knockin'? Ah well, maybe
    >daddy state can find a way to
    >criminalize 'deadbeat' kids in the

    My mother had me arrested when I was 14 for raising my voice to her. The police considered it assault. She left me in jail for three days until a hearing before a judge, at which point she dropped the charges. Further, my father sat back and watched it happen. This was just one of many similar incidents.

    It amazes me that parents don't think their grown children will remember these kind of things. When they are old, broke, and Social Security is a memory, they can subsist on cat food for all I care.

    What comes around goes around.

  8. I think it's unfair to criticize
    the fact that she had her son when
    she was 15. Women are biologically
    designed to have children between
    14-30 years of age. Her age is not the problem.
    A few decades ago she would have married a somewhat older man
    (5 to 12 years older), established a lifelong bond with him and formed a loving family. In my country I still know women in their thirties, forties and fifties
    who married when they were 14-19 years old and the bond they have with their husdbands is unbreakable. But we all know what would happen to a man in his twenties who intends to marry a girl in her midteens in the United
    States (he would be considered the worst kind of criminal).
    Oh well, I don't really understand how a 12 year old can be charged
    with a misdemeanor.
    Juvinile criminal responsibility should be the same as age of consent: 14 years.
    And the mother is clearly uncapable of raising her child.
    Europe will be muslim in around 50
    years, and America is destroyed
    by some weird alliance of feminists and religious fundamentalists. (Feminists want high age of consents laws to restrict the access of young men to nubile girls, and christians, who should support young marriage criminalize young men because they think sex is bad and want to restrict it as much as possible.
    For a young men to covet a nubile girl is not wrong as long as his intentions are honest. I strongly believe that most women can form meaningful and lifelosting bonds with men when they are young
    (14-22 years of age, maybe 25 max).
    There is little biological incentive for a man to marry a woman let's say over 27, unless he is middleaged (forty and above).
    All the marriage where the man was somewhat older still last and are very strong, while the ones where the woman was slightly older most of them have dissolved. Oh well,
    american divorce law are so staked against man that only a fool would marry in the US. Western culture defeated communism and fasccism, but will be doomed by its own creation feminism. Feminism destroys families, and is therefore the most dangerous ideology. (Communism took away your land or industry, but at leat didn't touch your family).

  9. Anonymous said...
    I think it's unfair to criticize the fact that she had her son when she was 15. Women are biologically designed to have children between 14-30 years of age.

    Anon, I appreciate your point. You are absolutely right that a woman is her most fertile between 15 to 27. The problem is not that she had the child at 15, the problem is that the type of people who have children at such a young age in our society are uneducated, poor etc. And just look at this example - its a single mom, and there's no mention of ANY man in the family. That just doesn't equate to a good upbringing. If this was a girl who was married and had a stable provider at 15 years of age, the kid would likely had turned out okay.

    People are denigrating the fact that she was 15 when she had him because she wasn't thinking about her most fertile years when she popped him out.

  10. Pete, where'd you get the picture?

  11. I found it via google images, bloggernoggin. I was surprised to see such an appropriate picture right for the taking.

  12. This is Scary.