Friday, December 01, 2006

Women shop a lot, are victims

The Daily Mail is an excellent source of material on female issues - just pay them a visit once a day to keep the fire for anti-feminism in your heart burning.

Now, they tell us that Women spend eight years of their life shopping.

While keeping up appearances and indulging in "a little" retail therapy - and keeping their families fed and clothed - the average woman will shop for an astonishing 25,184 hours and 53 minutes over a period of 63 years.

If the average expedition lasted the length of a full working day - from 9am to 5pm - that would be 3,148 days trudging around the shops, or just over eight-and-a-half years.

Predictably, the article takes a whining tone, and the overall feel of the article is "We are such VICTIMS!" and as you get to the end, it is confirmed by the comments.

I wonder just how many of these women they studied have families to "keep fed and clothed." This was the first item, as if most women shop for their families by necessity all the damn time. Always always you will find that the mainstream media will imply that women are angels, while men are non-entities, or devils. In this article, they dare not criticize women for doing what everyone knows is a soulless activity, like masturbating but even emotionally emptier. The things you own end up owning you.

The poll also showed women will go window shopping 51 times a year, spending 48 hours and 51 minutes just looking for their next purchase.

And of course, the resident mangina has something to say about that... Notice how quick he is to defend women, the wikkle babies can't do no harm, can they! He is probably patting himself on the back right now for being womyn's white knight.

Stewart Macphail, of GE Money, said: "Women clearly dedicate a lot of time to making sure they find the best deals and the most suitable items for their needs.

Oh please. Women clearly dedicate a lot of fucking time to shopping because someone is out there working to pay for it.

And the first comment...
The reason we have to spend so much time shopping is because the men in our lives dont! They dont go to the supermarket on a regular basis, they dont shop for our clothes, we end up shopping for them and then returning items that dont fit! And we do all of the Christmas shopping even for his family! One of the other main reasons it takes so long is because the supermarkets move stuff around every few weeks!
- Colette, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Waaah waah waaa! The men! The stores! The men in the stores!! We are victims of the world around us!!!
The men don't shop for us, we have to justify our constant trips to the market somehow, so we end up finding something for the men along the way to the checkout, then the ungrateful bastards have the gall to complain that we don't know what they wear or what size they wear it in!!!!!! WE ARE VICTIMS, ALL OF US!! WE ARE INDEPENDENT WOMYN BUT STILL NEED TO FIND SOMEONE TO BLAME FOR OUR FUCKED-UP DECISIONS!!!!!!! Waaah waaa*choke*

... Ahem. So our resident victim has shouted herself hoarse, she will be back later to complain about how she's a victim with a bad throat. Let's hope she develops laryngitis.

Oh, here's another one, this one by a very independynt wom4n in Scotland:
Yeah, all very interesting, but is there a similar study about how many hours men spend in the pub!
- Heather Mclean, Dundee, Scotland

Along with that, let's do a study on how many men tank up with their girlfriend's or wife's money. He's probably going to the pub to escape from your shrieking, you frickin banshee. Tone it down a little, take off your trousers and put away those garden shears you were going to cut off his balls with, and maybe show him a little appreciation. Jesus, goddamn females have to be trained in everything. That's probably why the therapist/emotional consultant business is growing so fast.


  1. Well, duh!

    Men spend so many hours in the pub because they managed to do ALL their shopping in 30 minutes flat. Women are so silly.

    I get a kick out of the cow from Ontario, how does she figure that single men manage to live? Do single men wear barrels and eat from dumpsters?

    Women really are at the height of self-promoted importance when they start yammering on like men can't live without a woman taking care of them. Please! Men do just fine buying their own groceries, cleaning their own homes, doing their own laundry etc. etc.

    The only reason that married men don't do these things is because as soon as he does, the shrill mouthed harpie comes out and criticizes everything he does, so he just gives up. (That's women protecting "their role", because they don't want men to really know how little it takes to do "her jobs.")

  2. Women account for 85% of all consumer goods purchases. Therefore, an enormous amount of wealth is transfered into their hands and in relationships, its the women who dictate how finances are spent in relationships.

    This PROVES that the number one aspect of a man that women look for is his financial status. But pointing this out exposes a woman's shallow nature.

    None of their arguments resolve this statistic. There sole purpose is to evoke the victim mentality yet again.

    You have to ask yourself how can all these "independant, empowered women" be victims?

    I mean if women can do things just as well if not better than men can, they would not be victims right?

    Which one is it? are you independant and as strong as men? or are you so weak that you are perpetual victims?

    Its amusing to catch them in their own bullshit.

    It reminds me of those little critters that hide underneath rocks. As soon as you pick up the rock and expose them to sunlight they all run and scramble to hide.

  3. Great post Pete, you have an admirable and enjoyable style of writing/ranting.

    It truly is amazing how women can make out that strollin around malls with their boyfriend/husband's credit cards and buying crap they don't need somehow oppresses them.

    Tell you what ladies, as seen as you like to be vengeful and spiteful, how about oppressing us men by forcing us to go and spend your money whilst you're at the office? That'll teach us! :)

  4. I love your blog now- you have 'found your voice' and it is a powerful one.

    Best wishes, and keep it up!

  5. Women's Right's is bad for men.

    What have us men gotten from women's rights? Marital rape laws (an Irish man was just jailed for 6 years for raping his wife), domestic violence laws, easy divorce laws, child support laws, etc etc etc.

    Death To women's Rights.

  6. Isn't or wasn't there a Calif. law that was in limbo called "spousal Rape Law"?

    Imagine if that got passed?
    Women can claim rape now even if it's not true and the man will still go to jail! Imagine if your wife did it because she wanted to get back at you? You would lose EVERYTHING!