Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Epidemic of wife-beating? Hardly.

From the comments...
Anonymous said...
The laws are stacked against fathers because of the men who did horrible things to their families in the 70's and early 80's and unfortunately fathers like myself are paying for it.

BloggerNoggin said...
From what I've seen there's allot of men that left their wives and never paid a dime in support back then. The men left according to the feminists and fathers were never accountable. Slowly that changed. It has changed drastically and has crossed the line of accountablity into steaking our rights to our children.

We have been fed lies and deceit.

The fact is that there was no explosion of violence against women in the 60s, none in the 70s, and none before that. Men always protected women, whether they were their wives, their fiancees, their acquaintances, or just strangers. There was a powerful social contract which enforced chivalry and gentlemanly behavior, and it is feminist revisionism that makes us think that women used to be mistreated before all the heavy-handed laws that make all men perpetrators and all women victims. Today, almost all "deadbeat dads" are men who literally can not afford to pay the exhorbitant and unjust child support they are assigned. These men are often seasonal workers, whose in-season paychecks are counted as steady income and they are literally told to come up with the difference or go to jail. Naturally, women who somehow managed to get kicked off the gravy train (custody) actually constitute a higher percentage of deadbeats, with fewer of them going to jail, although they are almost always assigned less support to begin with.

Feminism relies heavily - very heavily - on revisionism. It takes the view that if people can't study the actual past, those who remember it as it was will die off, and pretty soon there will only be people who "remember" what they have been told happened in the past. This is why feminism has made such a big push into the educational system, being as intertwined with it as a parasite creeper around a tree, sucking the life out of it to feed itself. Feminist philosophy has firmly entrenched itself around every aspect of the educational system, from Kindergarten through High School and on through College, poisoning young minds and setting millions of boys up for failure.

Revisionism manifests itself in many ways, I'm sure you can think of a few. Do tell us if you can. For example, the tradition of men going to jail - debtor's prison - is swept under the rug, while lies and deceptions like the Rule of Thumb myth are spread widely in an effort to justify feminism's position and evil actions. Revisionism is how feminism conjures up injustices where there were none. Its modus operandi is simple - fling as much shit as you can at men, and some will stick. Other men will see to it.


  1. Pete-

    Am I wrong here? I thought I was onto something about it. I'm 38 years old and I can certainly remember that feminism and the laws that are stacked against fathers/men today were kind of a blueprint of the actions of men/fathers from yesteryear? I mean they had to come up with the ideas somewhere. Allot of my friends grew up fatherless in the 70's and part of the 80's and I just remember being "told" (The majical Word) that fathers just walked out then and never paid a dime in support and never came to visit their kids. It was like the family they created never existed and fathers then were able to just go and never look back. So, here we are 30 some odd years later and I feel that me being a father is feeling the repucussions from it. I know some people are going to get pissed off at me and defend themselves, but I never said all men/fathers. It's just something that I've felt ever since I became a father and experienced the brunt of feminism and what came along with it.

  2. Oh yeah Pete-

    I'm just trying to make sense of it that's all. The past is the past. I think to help change anything in the future though you've got to understand the past too. I'm by far playing the blame game. I asked my dad last night what he paid in support and in 1985 he paid $25.00 a week for 5 kids. He said he never left us, but, he said with all the bullshit, crazy feminist movements and the way the laws were changing he said "He was better off and the kids, meeting up later when we could think for ourselves" because we were fed lies. He said the image of him as a father was so distorted that he was, and the kids, were better off getting to know him later when we got older. And we did. By that time my mother got pushed to the side like an ornament because all of us kids grew fond of dad and we soon realized that someone, someone fed us all these lies growing up. The lies were tales of abusiveness, no dad visiting, taking us places, you know. He denies all that ever happened. And I believe him. It just royally sucks being 38 and the relationship that dissolved between my mother and dad, the lies we were told, the denial of both parents became some sort of mystery that I will always wonder about, but will learn from it because at 38, sometimes I could think of better things to make my child think of, when their 38.

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  4. Child Support is the biggest scam in the western world today perpetrated by the government, thanks in part to feminist-backing and limp politicians who see it as a platform to get re-elected. In most cases, the NCP is given exhorbanent child support orders that, if they CAN pay, are instantly pushed into poverty. If they CAN'T pay, they are labeled "deadbeat", have their driver's and professional licenses revoked, and cast into prison where the arrearages only increase.

    The ex-wife has all the advantages. She almost always gets custody (which is a farce, since courts rarely enforce custody orders), gets tax-free money (she doesn't have to put it down as income on her US tax return), and has no accountability in place (like the NCP), so she can - and WILL - spend it on herself.

    The support orders are based on flawed research done by - surprise! - a feminist, and take into account the NCP's former position (i.e., when he only had one domicile to maintain - now he has two).

    Let's not forget that when married, if the husband loses his job or gets a pay cut, the family adjusts to the lowered income. Not so when he is now the NCP. The courts just say "Sorry, Charlie!", and he better come up with the money quick or go to prison.

    I've talked to MANY people - men and women - who have never gone through this hell, and they all have blinders on with the belief that everything I say is poppycock. I even told one guy who was marrried at the time, and he argued in defense of the whole child support sham. A few years later, he was out on his duff and realized just how right I was. Unfortunately, this seems to be mainstream as another poster said. That is, unless they have first-hand expoerience, it's all for the good. Ashame.

  5. Thanks for the link about the "Rule of Thumb Hoax." I've been fed that multiple times in my US History class this year, and I want to put a stop to it. I'll be sure to print off that article for my teacher.

  6. Good post! I've always noticed the pro-feminist bias it makes me sick. The rule of thumb hoax article is class too. Child support is just another way of disenfranchising men. It either pushes the men into poverty (financial powerlessness) or throws them in the slam. Either way it's screwing with the men. No wonder guys are saying no to marriage and babies.