Thursday, December 14, 2006

Now this is funny! Or is it?

Now this is funny! - No More Mr. Nice Guy OSG

I saw that this site had linked to my article "Reversal of 'This was no accident'", so I followed the link and what I saw was surprising... some people actually believe that men should just roll over like a puppy in the presence of a female master - just roll over and show her your vulnerabilities and hope she doesn't take you for all you're worth.

Just to be clear, this person is advocating that when you're faced with a lying, deceitful bitch, you should treat her with gloves or something.

I believe I speak for a LOT of us when I say, FUCK CHIVALRY!


  1. Actually Women already fucked up chilvary.

    Chivalary went out the window the minute women letted good hard working nice rot all alone while they went and squandered their prime years to bad boys and thugs.

    If they don't give good hard working men their prime years, then we are under now obligation to provide for them past their prime.

    Really their is no need to go around and say fuck chilvary because women already killed it, chilvary is a two way street not a one way street.

    P.S. For any men who are even considering getting married in the USA, you are playing russian roulette where there is a bullet in every chamber. You are keeping for fingers crossed hoping that cupcake won't pull the trigger and cash out on you making thousands of dollars at your expense.

  2. Surprising to see so many Nice Guys on nomoremrniceguy. Hee, hee.

    What a bunch of losers IMO. You have a sorry fiend who is trying to trap a man for hundreds of thousands of dollars for child support, knowing full well it isn't his kid, two-timed him, and he's supposed to be nice?????

    Also, there is no reason to believe it's aan urban legend. These losers think it's a legend because they are like sitting ducks. What a joke.

    Anonymous age 64

  3. I went and looked over the message boards at nomoremrniceguy. That is some scary s**t, man. They claim they are alpha males, but they come across more like manginas.

    Anonymous age 64

  4. Some people cross the line and don't know where to stop. Plain and simple. It's unfortunate that those people are the one's that get noticed.


  5. I would DIE for a woman that would give me a heart of my own.

  6. Not long ago, chivalry was a concept that was largely ignored. It was something that was known to literary scholars and history professors, but it didn’t seem to have any place in the world of business, politics, relationships or personal conduct in the modern world. Women had been taught that displays of chivalry were demeaning and condescending, and men had come to believe that courtesy and respectful attitudes weren’t “manly.”

  7. Reminds me of marching in to a bank to rob it, and everyone in there are bums with children depositing their spare change after a day of collecting off the freeway exit. You want to take their money, but you feel bad if you do. They smile at you and offer their help to you.... Very disturbing.....

    These poor saps seem like nice people. Sad thing I was once one of them, prisoner to my affections and co-dependency. Obviously 5 years later I've smartened up. These are brothers that I feel we should advertise their plight and rescue them from their misery.

    How can we help? How can we spread the word of the movement? How can we educate them? Should we all just sign up in their forums and try and wake them up?

    Or should they grow on their own and come to their own realizations?

  8. We date for a few months. I never made any move towards committment but she brought it up occassionally. For me, this was a casual but pleasant relationship.

    Well now. Do you think there's anything problematic with this guy's behaviour? Like, just maybe he's being a bit dishonest at this point when he knows very well the two of them have different ideas as to where the relationship's going?

    She was nice and attractive but with a selfish streak that raised a big red flag. She was 32 at the time and I could practically HEAR her biological clock ticking. Regardless, she was a good lay, easy on the eyes, and reasonably good company.

    This bit also sounds very misogynist--he doesn't seem to care for her other than as a decent fuck, and he knows she's interested in more than fucking with him.

    Assuming the rest of it happened as the writer said it did--and it sounds rather like revenge fantasy to me--it's nasty, but it is in response to deception, so I won't say anything more about it. He's a misogynistic and possibly sadistic arsehole and she's an antifeminist's favourite lying greedy stereotype. And I don't think the commenters on the forum said anything more than that.

  9. Sarah my dear,

    It's a two way street my darling.

    A blog is a blog.

    Love is love. Being able to decipher it intellectually is an art these days.

    Would you want your hubby to take back that 5th anniversary ring for a FAMILY vacation, or would you keep the bling bling, beter yet....Would your hubby know better?

    Anyone with a heart knows it.


  10. Actually, I was kind of brought up with the skills and ambition to earn my own 'bling bling'. So I don't tend to think of "man" as synonymous with "meal ticket". I dunno. Do you think this is feminist, bloggernoggin? Do you want to address what I actually said, or do you want to carry on your own strange tangents? And if a hot Russian blonde supermodel who knew she never wanted to pursue any sort of relationship with you made you imagine you were going to get laid so you'd amuse her with your weird conversational tangents, if you subsequently tried to badly screw her over and she suddenly turned the tables on you in a brilliant move would you cheer her on or remember that she'd manipulated you first?

  11. Well I hate to tell you this Sarah, but its been my observation that anything a hot blonde supermodel does, is usually far, far from brilliant.


  12. I suppose she's got something in common with a patriarch, then.

  13. I don't think it's manipulation sarah. It's more like knowing what might lie ahead. See, men in general have been screwed for way too long, and I believe that when they see the signs of someone's self-centeredness it causes one to step back and think real hard before they'll proceed. If the vast majority of women were screwed over like men have been (and still do) financially, the first thing you'll look out for is th man you're in a relationship with is him leaning toward the very same thing and the characteristics of what women have been doing to men all this time.
    Does that make sense?


  14. Slow down you crazy child.
    Your so ambitious for a juevenile.
    But then if your'e so smart,then tell me why are you so afraid?
    Where's the fire, what's the hurry about, you better cool it before you burn it out.
    You've got so much to do and so many hours in a day.
    But you know when the truth is told you can get what you want, or you can just grow old or you can just kick off before you get half way through.

  15. Is that poetry or psychobabble?

    Anonymous age 64

  16. Sarah,

    I don't believe this guy is responsible for what her expectations were. Unless he explicitly said "Yes, I think we should be exclusive" or "committed" or whatever, then her expectations and hopes are just that. He has no obligation, moral or otherwise, to set her straight in this. Moreover, the mere fact that she was letting her uterus do her thinking for her in an attempt at coercing a marriage, she had to know that he wasn't taking things seriously. Her deception is just that. You can opine all you want as to his conduct, but there are no facts to support it. Her actions speak volumns though.