Saturday, December 09, 2006

Joe Rogan is awesome

I saw Joe Rogan on Truth for Men yesterday and he was hilarious!! I'm putting the video here too. The female heckler (what is it with cunts and heckling?) tries the old shaming language schtick and he puts her in her place with ease.

Here's something else I found - Joe Rogan is on some radio show and a female calls in with an attitude, ranting on about how Joe Rogan said something she doesn't agree with and he just lays into her. Its hilarious!


  1. I'm suprised she didn't get the VAWA after him for verbal abuse, it's awefuuly funny that the woman assumed him to be what he is not, I'm glad eh put her in her place.

  2. Seem to happen quite a bit now, I have seen it a couple of times with comedians. Those bitches just don't know when to STFU.

  3. Yeah your'e right cj. I was watching some clips from a movie called "Bobby" about the Kennedy's tonight and when he said that allot of people got married to avoid the draft in the war something intellectually hit me. I thought about what he said and could it be that we are stuck in the rippling effect of it, the marriages that is. Any input? Does anyone see where I'm going with this?