Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Never marry

The Side Effects of Love

Your wife will beat you, she will control you, the world will laugh at your emasculated status, and if you raise a finger or your voice, the world will punish you as one.

Positively hilarious! I can't think of a better idea for a movie (or its cover)! Rented this movie today, haven't watched it yet so I don't know whether I'm accurate in judging the book by its cover, but I can guarantee that there has not been a single non-agenda movie that has a woman with a black eye on the cover and the man smiling, as if to say, "Wait till we get home, there's more where that came from!"


  1. "The world will punish you as one."

    That is sure correct. My kids are raised now, but I can tell you when you are a dad, and know exactly what you are doing as a parent, the world does attack you z one.

    The first time my daughter went out with several other kids, I told her she had to be home at 10:30 or call, since she was at the mercy of her driver.

    she came straggling in at 11:30. I was pretty upset. She said she had no chance to use the phone, but it was obvious she didn't want to face peer pressure and 'call Daddy'. so, I told her she was grounded for two weeks, except school and church with her mother.

    During that week, something special came up, so her mom fussed and fussed to let her go to that special thing, and extend her grounded period. Against my better judgement, I relented. (Note: my wife working against me.)

    Later in the week, my young son was sick. The pastor's daughter came to visit, which was okay. The boy started vomiting, and at that exact moment, my daughter and the pastor's daughter started out the door to go to some youth church activity -- though she was still grounded.

    I said some really, really, really bad words. I suppose I was viewed at that church as being the most horrid person for using those bad words, but I wasn't the one who was conspiring to break up a family by destroying a father's discipline.

    Clearly, everyone, the pastor, his daughter, probably his wife, and my wife, conspired to get her out of the house, thinking I wasn't man enough to say anything in front of the pastor's daughter.

    Frankly, though the Christian Bible says the man is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the family, no where in the world is the attack on male leadership worse than in Christian churches. I am contemplating a posting on this for dontgetmarried.com.

    Anonymous age 64

  2. The expression on the face of that pussy whipped douche pretty much sums it up. LOL

  3. Christopher in OregonMarch 08, 2007 12:49 PM

    Yes, indeed. Women control Christianity. It is a religion designed to emasculate men. I spent my life as a devoted follower of Jesus, until the insanity of the entire movement in all its varied and insane sects became too much for me.

    I'm a happy and free bachelor and Deist. Life couldn't be better. Say goodbye to Jesus and the Matriarchy.