Monday, February 19, 2007

Woman drives through wall

And not just through any wall - the outside wall of a parking garage - on the second floor!! Hahaha, this is awesome. Hilarious how she managed to jam on the gas so hard that she broke through the wall.

Jokes about female drivers are quite politically incorrect, but it has to be true that they are more likely to be scatterbrained... err multitasking while driving a car and are consequently less likely to have all their wits about them to concentrate on the task of keeping the car on the road.

Insurance is also such a big scam - if women were charged more for the same reasons that insurance companies claim they need to charge men more, there would be rallies, million soccer mom marches, a day to commemorate the first woman to challenge the insurance companies and win millions, et cetera ad nauseum. But because men are charged more, we're told to suck it up, that the insurance companies have very good reasons for charging us more. Here, again, the assumption of women = good, men = bad leaves its black mark. Its clear that even though men drive more miles, they have fewer accidents per mile, and they obviously get more tickets and all that as well.

Of course, feminists don't have a problem with generalizing based on sex when its females benefitting from the generalizations, no siree.

Woman exits parking garage through second floor wall

A 49-year-old woman, who was reverse parking in a multi-story car park, mixed up the gas and brake pedals and almost ran her car completely through the second floor garage wall.

... And here come the excuses, which you obviously expect when its a story about a woman in even a vaguely negative light...

Apparently the automatic gearbox was the villain according to the woman, who was thankfully unharmed but no doubt received the shock of her life.

Yes, I'm sure she received the shock of her life - it was a demon car, and it was a villanious gearbox, and she was just a poor innocent woman who got caught up by the demons.


  1. I think it's pretty obvious why women pay lower premiums: they're able to wiggle their way out of more tickets.

    Seriously, I know so many women who've been able to avoid being ticketed, either by sweet talking the officer, or acting helpless and innocent. Funny how they get such a big laugh out of it after the fact (or not).

    Yet another unfortunate example of misguided chivalry...

  2. Chivilary is evil and needs to be wiped out in our life time.

    I wonder how many times she refered to the brake and accelerator as "thingies" in the original report.

  3. women cause property damage with their cars, men kill people with their cars.
    What's the difference?

  4. Several years ago at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, a ditzy old bat floored her Honda Accord right through the wall of a hotel parking deck four stories up. The Accord landed on its roof on the ground, killing said bat and three of her old bat friends who had had the misjudgement to ride with her. Witnesses said they heard the engine screaming all the way down until the car crashed on the ground, so she had the poor car floored. She herself probably screamed "Duuuuuuuuuuuhhh!" all the way down.

    Sure, I sound nasty and unsympathetic, but accidents involving older drivers—particularly females—doing stupid shit such as mistaking the accelerator pedal for the brake, going the wrong way on the freeway, driving into buildings, etc., are really common in this part of Virginia. It's hard to remain patient.

    Supposedly a US Navy fighter jet flew overhead at about the same time as the incident, leading to speculation that the noise from the fighter's jet engine startled the bat, leading her to punch the accelerator in error. Of course, a huge naval air station is nearby and everyone knows about the jet noise because of constant practice, but you see the principle here: It's some man's fault—namely the unknown Navy pilot.

  5. My car and I have issues at times. Every now and then as I was driving the 'check engine' light would pop on. That's a scary thing. There are times when that is a serious issue, and times when it's simply a loose gas cap. I've had it happen when simply using a different brand of gasoline.

    Each time 'check engine' would light up, I'd drive to the mechanic and have them run diagnostic tests on my car to find out what the problem is… or if there is a problem at all. Usually it wasn't anything major—thank heavens. Now though, I don't even have to take the time to drive to the mechanic. I have one living with me.

    No, I didn't marry the local car guy. I bought one! This one is much easier to live with too. The car checkup is a palm-sized gadget that hooks easily into my car and records all sorts of really helpful information while I drive. Then I just take it and plug it into my computer and find out what the check engine light is trying to tell me.

    The car checkup tool also tells me if I brake too hard, or accelerate too quickly, as well as all kinds of diagnostic checks that are laid out in simple graphs and easy to understand language that I don't need a mechanic degree to decipher. Check it out for yourself at and end your driving worries.