Saturday, February 10, 2007

It could be anyone...

I went to get my hair cut today - it was getting kinda unruly, and I had a coupon to use which was expiring today, so after work I went down to the salon. When I got there, there was one other guy in line, and I was after him. He was a pretty normal-looking fellow, nothing weird about his appearance. He was reading a magazine so I didn't make eye contact or say hi or anything.

Well, he gets called and he gets up and sits in the barber's chair. He starts talking to the stylist and I can hear snatches of conversation - apparently he just got divorced, his wife initiated it, she took the kids, and she got the house and the cars. He was stuck with the debt. All of this was overheard. He was telling her that the law is unfair, that things really need to be different and my heart went out to him. He and the millions like him is the reason I'm writing this blog.

Anyway, I went up to the counter and picked up a business card for the salon and wrote down three websites for him to check out.

There are resources out there!
My turn came, and as I got up, I went up to his chair and gave him the card. I said I couldn't help but overhear about his situation, and that he is not alone. He was a little shocked by this weirdo who had come out of nowhere to hand him a business card, but he took it and after reading it was talking about it to the stylist, and I heard well at least I won't feel like I'm alone. When he was leaving, he shouted me a thanks.

Hey dude, if you're reading this, take care, keep your chin up and fight for your kids and your property if there is any fight left to be fought. And no, a prenup won't do shit. Stay unmarried, marriage has nothing to offer us men today.

In the end, we're all in this together - when the government has no qualms in dreaming up all-new misandric laws every day that label all men as potential rapists, abusers and all-around criminals while making women exempt, we can't help but band together.


  1. Absolutely. Men have no one else to help them but each other now. Women couldn't care less, the feminist Government is actually at war with us.
    Men are discriminated against and attacked throughout their whole life.

    Through the internet, most of the communication has been taking place, but, as you say, it's spreading into the street.

    Good stuff.

  2. WOO! Go Pete, that's a brother to me. You're a great man and lets all stick together!


  3. Seriously, it could be anyone - any man you see on the street could be a victim of biased laws, misandry or divorce, you just don't know. They might be thinking that they're alone in this, that the world really is a man's world, but they just need a push to realize that they're not alone, and that the laws really are biased against us (this one is particularly a bitter pill to swallow).

  4. Hi Pete

    I just entered a blog entry called "A Scattered Movement is a Successful One". It is about how one person can make a huge difference.

  5. If you're too militant on Men's Inactivism they might not take kindly to it. It seems that CBS is taking an interest in the site and Garman wants to play nice. I reminded him is this the same CBS that fudged Bush's war record and caused disgrace to fall upon their news department thus causing them a huge loss of credibility?

    I asked him if that is the CBS he is referring to?

    I never got a reply from him on this subject.

    So if you post there be forewarned.

    I'm a militant and I make no apology for it. I figure what is good for the gander is good for the goose. Unfortunately,there are manginas in the movement that spring up when a woman "breaks a fingernail". Fortunately they spring up everytime the bitch breaks that nail and we are able to identify them and hopefully exclude them from the movement and to warn other genuine MRA's not to trust them.

  6. That's naive thinking,Outcast. It is going to take a collective,united front on our part to make changes. They won't listen to one man.