Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine's Day, and while it most certainly is overcommercialized and is too much about wealth transfer via gifts to the female sex, I and my girlfriend like to celebrate it the old-fashioned way - via expressing our love for each other. So we give each other gifts, instead of it being a one-way mercenary exchange of sex for gifts.

So today, I gave her this heart and a bar of Almond Joy chocolate (Bounty for you UK folks). She loved it, as you can tell.


  1. I'm noticing how the girl looks more pixelated than the watermelon heart. Could this be a doctored photo?

  2. Mr. Angina, if you'll look at the bottom left, you'll see that the entire picture except for the heart is pixelated.

    I pixelated it so the black helicopters don't find me.

    [puts on tinfoil hat]

  3. Pete,

    The FBI put a transmitter in one of your dental fillings years ago when you were at the dentist. The tinfoil hats don't prevent the dental-filling transmitters from sending your location to the black helicopters.

  4. Agent Ziffel, I believe we had an agreement... I fear I must now arrange for your untimely expiration.