Monday, February 05, 2007

Indians are angels? I think not

As I was going through a few of my favorite blogs, I saw this comment. This was pretty long ago - I had saved the comment and was procrastinating putting up an article about it. But something happened this weekend that made me decide to write about it pronto.
Davout said at 9:39PM...

I'm not sure where the anonymous commenter is from but, in my view, India might be a good place to go. Even though Feminism has caught on there, men have wised up to it pretty quickly. I have to believe that radical feminism is a parasite that feeds on an already existing advanced existing infrastructure. Such a creation is largely absent throughout most of India.

Also, there isn't a large enough critical mass of lazy upper class wives to nag their husbands into getting the ball of radical feminism rolling.

Further, the predominant joint family system distributes the wife's control over the family because the mother-in-law also wants to control the situation. The 'divide and conquer' analogy works in favor of men. It would be interesting to see a study done to investigate if an increase in the number of joint families in a given area correlates with an increase in social conservative attitudes there and vice versa.
It is to the great detriment of modern Western white and black families that they strive desperately to kick their kids out before 18 and wash their hands of anything to do with the kids' marriage or the in-laws. This is why the feminists in India are trying desperately to break the joint family system.

The western coastal regions of India (in Maharashtra and Kerala) are extremely beautiful. It is inadvisable to go to the east coast (Calcutta etc.) especially as the Communist Party of India has held sway in there for 40 odd years.

India is a reasonable place to head to, although you probably have to be allergy free and not disease prone. The cost of living there, ona average, is much cheaper than that in Canada, from what I've heard. The economy is poised to boom, big time, and one might as well surf the surging wave if no better alternative exists.

Anyway, that's my two cents on where 'out' might be.

So, what happened? Well, I've been living with an Indian couple for the past month or so. I liked them to begin with, although the woman was a major red flag, especially when she said "All boys are the same, they're stupid and they need women to help them grow up properly." Yup, that's what she said.

So anyway, last weekend I came home for lunch and saw that the husband was packing up stuff from their room. I thought nothing of it, they were here on a very short-term basis and were going to move out soon. I thought they were finally moving out.

I eat my lunch, leave and I guess he packed up his stuff and left. When I come home in the evening, I see some stuff still there, and wonder why they left what they did.

Later on, I receive a call from a frantic friend of the couple, asking me to let him in. I let him in, and he says that we have to leave (pointing at me and my girlfriend). He says that the police is coming because the husband beat his wife. I'm shocked, because he genuinely didn't seem like the kind of guy who would beat his wife, and thanks to my background, I was extremely skeptical of the whole beating up his wife thing.

We talked, a few more friends came along, and pretty much EVERYONE started dogpiling on the husband. He was a psycho, he was a demon, he was a coward. One macho posturing asshole said "I'm glad he isn't here, otherwise he'd have to answer to me instead of his woman." Yeah whatever Jackass, good job jumping to conclusions. These friends of the couple's were all Indian.

Anyway, me and my girlfriend went out and talked about the whole thing. My girl, bless her soul, kept telling me how unfair it was that she called the cops, that they are husband and wife, they should work out their differences without calling the cops. I've told her what a big deal it is to call 911 and accuse domestic violence here, that it would certainly lead to me going to jail and no hope of ever reconciling. Hey, better she hear it from me than her friends at a time when she is pissed at me, right? I told her that I thought it was a lie, that the wife was evil and unstable and that's why she must have called.

So we returned home, and the news was that the police had gone to the house where the wife and her friend was staying, apparently her friend had called the police because she was afraid of the husband coming over. See, this is why you should NEVER trust women. The sweetest girl could have the bitchiest fat lesbian dyke friend, who hates men and women are creatures very sensitive to suggestion. Its no coincidence that 99% of advertisements are targeted to women and children.

So the end result was that the husband apparently ran to Chicago, the wife is living with her friend, and we are still unaware of what exactly went on. Of course, that doesn't stop all the conjecture and speculation and male-hating, does it. No innocent until proven guilty in the court of public opinion.

Oh, and India is no paradise. The women coming out of there have fire in their belly and man-hating laws behind them.


  1. Pete,

    You have taken me out of context: I never said India was a paradise anywhere, merely that it is better relative to the US in terms of avoiding feminism. I spoke of Indian Women IN India within the context of a joint family structure being better potential mates for men. You are trying to provide a counter argument by saying 'An Indian Woman outside India is bad, therefore all Indian women are bad'.

    Statistics, not singular anecdotes, permit one to make conclusions about races, as you well know.

    Wrt feminism, there is absolutely no doubt that India is better than the US, which is the point that I was trying to make. Yes, IPC 498 is horrible but the most of the Western World has many more anti-male laws that India doesn't have.

    I mentioned the joint family structure provides some security to the man (and the woman for that matter).

    The example you provided does not reflect the joint family structure in any way. What it does show is that a western style (isolated from family) relationship is detrimental to marital stability.

    I have been to India for extended periods and know certain regions in it quite well. Some are natural paradises. My own personal experience has been that women in joint family structures tend to be much more men-friendly than those not in such structures.

    While my experience is not a statistic, it is certainly a more valid indicator of Indian women IN India who are in joint family structures than your singular example of an Indian woman outside India.

  2. This is why you can never afford to get married. Especially here in the USA.

    One is better off just going on sex tours world wide then get in any relationship with a woman in the United States so one can keep his activities outside the family/divorce court system if need me.

    There is a book called "The Hedonist" which talks about the 20 top world wide vacation spots for single bachelors. Any bachelor looking to go on a vacation won't be dissapointed by this book.

  3. Hey davout, it certainly wasn't my intention to misquote you. I do agree that this is an anecdote about an indian woman living under american laws, but the woman has hardly been out of the country for six months. And the laws in india are even more misandric than western ones, because they don't have to worry about gender neutral language when men are getting the short end of the stick.

  4. From what I've read, Britain seems to be the most ridiculously misandrist femstate - followed by the US.

    Butttt if you think all the other countries are farrrr behind - you are sorely mistaken and setting yourself up for a fall.

    Here's a few posts on this:

    My innocent Japanese wife... NOT!!

    White Liberal Feminist Mangina Hypocrisy Towards Asian Culture

    Yes, things are a little better in cultures not as spoiled by feminism as ours is yet. But, it's only a matter of degrees and they are soon catching up. At some point, we MUST STAND OUR GROUND AND FIGHT...instead of TURNING OUR BACKS AND RUNNING...because there will soon be no place left to run to!!!