Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wake up

I was going through my "Recent Came From" list to see where I had been getting my hits from, and one URL stood out - it was a blogsearch on "misandry" and I found this blog when I went to the search results page.


But then, like a pubic hair on the side of your coffee cup, comes a patronising article on DIY.
What's wrong with that I hear you ask? What's wrong with it was that it was how crap men are at DIY and how they should leave it to their mothers-in law. Ha ha ha ha. MEN-ARE-CRAPTM. Isn't that so funny? Don't you just love those ads on telly where the man (read football shirt wearing loser with pitiful expression and strangely perfect skin) gets something wrong. Like trying to make dinner, or get the kids ready for bed, or come up with a good reason for increaseed troop numbers in Iraq. But he can't do it, Because MEN-ARE-CRAPTM.
He then gets patronised rescued by his wife/mother/random-passer-by-woman. Who saves the day with whatever product the sexist lazy ad agency is trying to sell. We then all have a good laugh and go back to watching Emmerdale and wallowing in the nauseating stench of our own self pity as if nothing had ever happened.
If this was the other way around (see 1950's) there would be uproar (oh hang on a second, there was!). But Misandry for advertising is just fine, because apparently MEN-ARE-CRAPTM sells product.

Looks like another man has woken up to the culture of man-hatred that is completely in-your-face right now. Of course, for every man who opens his eyes to the misandry, there are plenty who willingly avert their eyes or keep them closed out of a misplaced sense of chivalry and 'being a man.' After all, many men (and tons of women) make it a point to imply you aren't a man if you complain.

Being a man = marching mindlessly to his certain death.

Here's a quote from Warren Farrell in the Why Men Are the Way They Are preface:
I didn't realize it wasn't just sexual desires that make a man vulnerable in a world that treats sex as dirty. Little makes a man more vulnerable than "whining" (when whining means blaming a woman) in a world that says he is powerful and she is vulnerable. True vulnerability involves acknowledging the whining side, the helpless side, the blaming side. There is no sex appeal in this side of men. Which is why it requires such true vulnerability.

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  1. It's sad that women won't love you as a person. Sooner or later just about every man will find this out, hopefully they will find this out before they get married. Women love marrying into a good financial situation and not for the man himself.

  2. Back in the 50's men were kings. Now we've been reduced to princesses and yes, queens. At least outside of my house anyway. In my house I am the king. I will not be dethroned.

    I really don't care if more troops go to Iraq, or not. I do believe women and homosexuals should stay out of the military completely. If they do become soldiers they should be the first to see action on the battle field. Better the odds we'd be rid of them.

  3. "All women are whores, no matter how you look at it!

    No matter what form of payment they take...

    No matter how much they value their slit, its always for sale for the right price."

    Wow. Having found this comment on the website Fundies Say The Darndest Things, I have to say that you are the biggest dick I have ever heard of! Congratulations!

  4. Heard that Pete? Your internet fame is spreading! Pretty soon you'll have marriage offers coming in your email inbox lol.

  5. Pete:

    Of course, for every man who opens his eyes to the misandry, there are plenty who willingly avert their eyes or keep them closed out of a misplaced sense of chivalry and 'being a man.'

    I agree

    It's about time the attitude of 'putting women first- men last' was changed

    I actually think, with more and more men- particularly Gen Y- who are getting fed up of not knowing anything better than anti-male shite, will gain more confidence when they read MRA blogs/sites

    This is because they will start to think, 'I'm not alone here- my concerns are legitimate'

    The internet is a powerful source, and whereas only a handful of MRA blogs existed a year ago- I am seeing a HUGE increase in them now

    Am I pleased about this?

    Fuck yeah !!

  6. This is not a joke! Please make an effort to stop this from happening. Dan was born in this home and now the judge and wife want all of it! Please help out. Sorry Pete!

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    The state of Massachusetts has invested $100,000 to make Dan's childhood home handicap accessible. Family Court Judge Boorstein ordered Dan to rip out his special equipment, sell the home, and give all the money from his inheritance to his ex-wife and her lawyers.

    Governor Patrick has graciously given Dan an extra 2 weeks before he'll be evicted. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem. Please help Dan. Your phone calls and faxes can make a difference.

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  7. I believe your internet fame will grow. I have linked to your blog and I have posted on your words of wisdomness. Come by and see. You'll be so proud.

  8. Kevin,

    Just because your boyfriend has lost the desire to assfuck your mangina ass is no reason to take it out on us.

    Now shove it up your ass sideways and get the fuck out of here.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Of course, through the sheer power of insults, now I've seen the light and the error of my ways. Those marriage proposals better hurry up, or I might just take Pete my own self. Not a marriage anyone wants to see...especially me. *_'

  11. Rudy- I believe you are being deliberately insulting to 2 MRA's I hold in high esteem (Pete and ChristianJ)

    And I'd urge Pete to read this as it concerns him here

    Please see this:

    Also- please read all links related to this, that are placed in the above thread in the Comments section of my blog

    Rudy- you and Kevin seem to be in cahoots of sorts

    What's your game?

  12. Fred X, I'm aware of Rudy. His blog looks like a farce.

    Check out his profile:
    I am a Pro-Life, God fearing man. I own two hunting dogs, a wife, three sons and many chickens.

    Now if that isn't sarcasm and an attempt to stereotype, what is?

    And check out this comment on that blog article you showed me:

    rudy said...
    You look familiar. Have we met?

    Speaks volumes to me. They're either the same guy or close friends.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Well, whatever Rudy is, he sure as hell isn't somone I will be linking to in a hurry

  15. Well, I can't speak for Rudy, but my "game" is mostly making fun of you. But that is past. For in the face of your overwhelming influence, I feel compelled to make amends and award you for your blogging, finally giving you the respect you deserve.

  16. Off topic I know but very important!! So called anti-femhag Verlch has BANNED SOME MRA'S FROM HIS BLOG BECAUSE HIS REGULAR FEMHAG CUNT POSTERS DISAGREE WITH THEM!!.. THAT IS CORRECT. A mangina who calls himself Verlch has started moderating and keeping Mikeeusa and the infamous Martha from posting because of camplaints from some WHINING CUNTS. hERE IS THE ADDRESS...HTTP://VERLCH.BLOGSPOT.COM/.
    Please go to his so called "men's rights" blog and let the pussy know what you think of his traitorous ass. He is pathetic!!

  17. I know Kevin by his blog only. I saw a comment he left here.

    I am anti-abortion and anti-child support. I am also against gays and minorities.

    The hatred of women shown on this blog have lead me to believe that the blog owner and a majority of it's commenters might be homosexual. Or in the least anti-Christian. This is intolerable.

    Please click here. Save yourselves from an eternity of hellfire.

  18. Oh go fuck yourself. You got something against gays, you bigot?