Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oprah hates children (well, boys)

So it turns out that Oprah the fat old cunt is opening up an awesome new school in South Africa. She is doing this in South Africa because she is sick of the materialism in the US. Dead serious. No cognitive dissonance there, no siree. Oh, and South African boys don't need luxuries like school.

The fat old cunt is spending or has already spent $40 million on this new school, handpicked 152 to-be bitches out of thousands of applicants, and the school features a fucking yoga studio and beauty salon. Oh, and a fireplace in all 28 buildings, I'm sure that's a necessity in South Fucking Africa. I'm sure she'll teach them to get in touch with their vaginas and talk to their cunnys and whatnot. We already know she is a bloody child rapist supporter when the victims are members of the evil patriarchy. The school's name? Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

Now, some people say that its Oprah's right to spend her money however she sees fit. But only the extremely spineless would be blind to the fact that not only is this bitch selecting students based on genetic, unalterable criteria (hello, back of bus anyone??) but she is being fucking lauded for it. The message to boys is ultimately "Go and die in a war or something, you useless wastes of skin." And don't forget, $40 million for 152 students a year. Yeah, that's called spreading the seed of education far and wide. Any bets that it turns out to be a profit-making venture with exclusive admission for all the daughters of rich people?

Her supporters are all predictably gung-ho about spreading the virulent pox known as feminism to a third-world country. Nothing new here, the rich bitches will taste the heady potion of feminism and demand traditional privilege when it suits them, and feminist grrrl-powarrr when it suits them.

Here's a great post by someone on a forum discussing this news.
It is inherent in religions to persecute women (mainly Christianity and Islam; insert DaVinci Code here) to the point where it is law in many parts of the world to prevent women from receiving education. In Afghanistan now the Taliban extremists are targeting Women's educational institutions because it is against their religion. Women's rights in the western world was made possible by the separation of church and state. (Notice how he immediately jumps from Christianity to the fucking Taliban, painting them all with the same brush. I don't even need to go into how every religion holds women as sacred and to die for, literally die for.) Religion is far more prosperous in developing countries than in the first world. (Here's a clue, sucker - power is held by a few. They are the religious heads/kings in developing countries and politicians in developed countries.) So, if a country does have primary education, it is most likely limited to men who traditionally do not look after the health and nutrition needs of the family. (Uh, what the fucking fuck? Since when are men not responsible for the entire fucking family, including their parents in third-world countries without fancy Medicare and shit?)

Of the sick and dying in the world, 55%ish (ie noticeably more than half) are women. (Care to take a look at the goddamn population figures? You'll find that 55% of all people are women. And the women who are sick and dying are more likely to be old, compared to the men, who died long ago. A teensy weensy side effect of women living a lot longer than men.) Furthermore, the most statistically reliable predictor of violence and crime in an area is the percentage of the population of men between 15 and 35. (Guess who benefits from the spoils of war, it ain't the men who died. Its the bitches who were at the sidelines when the bullets were flying.) Add in all of the "moms are more caring" arguments and the common knowledge that men like breaking shit and it makes sense to educate and thus empower women over men. If women gain the knowledge to allow them and their children to live healthy around the world, sickness among women will slow faster than men and coincidentally dampen total violence. (Women live longer than men pretty much everywhere people aren't living in mud huts, fat lot of good that's doing us - they might find a cure for prostrate cancer in between their breast cancer marches and lifespan gloating.)

Less violence allows for the rule of law. Once law is in place to the point where contracts are legally enforced (after the whole "you can't randomly kill people" phase is over of course) then industry and economy can and will emerge. Another interesting point is that women in developing countries are many times more likely to begin an entrepreneurial endeavour then men, (Oh reaaaally. Or would they rather use their beauty to snare a successful businessman.) but they have a hard time opening stalls at flea markets because rampant violence means men will burn them down and take their shit. (Of course, those pesky men!) This is a whole other problem, but take a look at the Grameen bank to see an effective form of bottom-up development for entrepreneurs.
So basically, the modus operandi here is to blame men, rinse, repeat as necessary. Oh, and the Grameen bank was founded by a man. Predictable.


  1. It just makes me sick knowing that millions of women watch Oprah for relationsip advice. Oprah is only an old ugly single woman who doesn't have any children. It should be no shock that Oprah is a man hating feminist and would only do something to benefit girls.

    This is what Feminists do. Teach girls to treat good hard working men like shit while squandering their prime years to bad boys and thugs. Get every law in their favor and even got the divorce laws in their favor so that a marriage is now simply the biggest fraudulent contract in the world. Then when they are ugly and past their prime and try to find a sucker, they are going to whine and complain that their are no good men left.

    P.S. If you thought Oprah was did was whorific, Jane Fonda has done something even worse. Jane Fonda donated $12.5 million to Harvard University for anti-male research. (From the book; Women Who Make the World Worse)

    -Outcast Superstar

  2. http://www.comcast.net/data/news/photoshow/html/news/553304.html

  3. Yes indeed, more hypocrisy not only tolerated by applauded because it's coming from a woman.

    If a rich man had set up a school like this for "boy's only" can you imagine the media outrage that would have ensued? How he would have been branded a "sexist" for leaving girls out?

  4. Good job, fool. Create 152 little rich girls who then must go into the poorest part of Africa to seek husbands from among the uneducated.

    Actually, Oprah isn't 100% misandrist. She just plays to her female audience. Years ago, if you have forgotten, she said she was in custody of her mother, and was being sexually abused. Her father found out, got custody, and there was no more abuse. Of course.

    Anonymous age 64

  5. Stupid cow. She is so bloody sexist.