Monday, January 15, 2007

Domestic violence - comedic genius or just hilarious?

I was on a forum today and saw this post on the front page. Normally I stay away from the huge threads, they're usually laden with drama and in-jokes, but this one was interesting... it was about how this guy got stabbed.

I went in thinking, well its probably some mugging or something, but hey - surprise! Its domestic violence! And no, its not a woman posting - its a man, stabbed with a fork and a knife by his oh-so-gentle and kind, member of the caring sex wife.

So, I caught my wife fucking around with some douchebag on World of Warcraft again.
(I'll start with the quick version, since this is all anybody will see in the long version any way.)
We argued a lot, I pushed her on the bed because she tried to hit me. She cried on the bed the for a bit. I screamed at her for a long while. She got up tried to charge me again. I pushed her back. This went on for a bit. She sees a mystery fork on the ground, charges, stabs at me with it, and runs out of the room. She calls her mother, says she's going to kill me, and this is the result! Enjoy!

(clarity edit) She grabbed a kitchen knife.
So she grabbed a knife and fucking stabbed him, and he is posting on some forum?

Oh wait, here's another reply from him:
I know, I guess the retard in me has been trying to get her mental help. She got really drunk tonight, on her meds, blah blah blah. I'm a helper type. I don't know, she's normally a good person. Oh and tonight was her birthday.

She tried to call 911 to report herself. I took the phone from her. In this locality, I'd be the one to go to jail no matter the situation. She could have had me half dead, and I'd be the one they'd charge some how.
So he knows what's up and still has no power to do anything about it, or feels that he has no power, which is the same according to feminazis when applied to women.

The replies if the sexes were reversed would invariably be about how she needs to call the cops, many many fat nerds detailing how they would like to skin the filthy abusing male alive, take out his kneecaps and make him choke on them etc etc. Maybe there would be a few posters telling her where the nearest Battered Women's Shelter is. (because men's shelters are the prisons and graveyards)

But because its a man, look at the responses...

Did her skill with forks go up? (Probably a World of Warcraft reference)

So wait, this is not the first time she has brought home some random nightelf to fuck?

World of Warcraft cheating leads to fat husband getting stabbed with a fork. This is truly the limit (Yes, his weight matters a lot. No mention of her weight)

I hope you guys can work through this little bump in the road. You seem like a great couple. (Probably sarcasm)

fooling around with a nightelf from wow was the biggest mistake of my life man. you think theyre crazy in game? tends to be a bit worse "irl".

Stick a fork in him, he's done!!!

The guy who got stabbed posted:
Here's a great one:
She said the guy, in real life, looks like I did when I was in shape.
I think she's trying to tell you something, stabbing notwithstanding.

I bet you've already used that fork to eat something.

Not to mention that it seems like he's the aggressor here when he grabbed the headphones off her. She turned aggressive after that but, I can see how he probably frustrated her and intimidated her. Doesn't excuse her from stabbing him but, they're both maniacs in my eyes that need to grow up and stop being violent with each other.

Someone making a little sense: Are there people here seriously saying that he was in the wrong by pushing this bitch away from him when she charged?!


When she is pissed she stabs people! Why the FUCK would you turn your back to her so you can't see her grab something sharp to insert into your body. So what if he may have been blocking the door? You don't turn your back and just walk away from a person who has a history of stabbing you.

And the asshole defending the bitch: She didn't just randomly stab him, he escalated it to the point of violence. The OP is a rather large guy and started being violent by destroying her headphones over something stupid and harmless, I can see why a smaller woman would want some sort of additional protection like a fork with a violent man who physically has the upper hand flies off the handle over something small like that.

It made me sick as I was reading the thread. It literally is the case that no one can find sympathy in their heart for a man. I am convinced that if it were a woman who got stabbed (likely got pushed and scratched herself, because a far higher percentage of women feel comfortable with all-out violence to get their SO's to "listen" to them), the responses would be completely the opposite, and anyone making fun of her or the situation would be banned pronto.

But hey, its a fat dude! Make fun of him for getting stabbed even though you'd probably call the cops yourself if he even raised a hand in response!

Rarely is any situation in a relationship as simple as, "She's just totally crazy, I'm innocent and didn't do anything but try to protect myself!" Her side of the story would probably sound completely different than the OP's side. They both sound off their rockers to me, especially since he has all kinds of excuses for why he won't leave her.
This is great - when a man makes excuses for why he can't or won't leave an abusive relationship, people assume he's either mentally retarded or has some ulterior motive. Of course, when its a woman making excuses for why she doesn't want to leave an abusive relationship, she's obviously sick from the abuse, needs help, and he's controlling her with mind rays and probably committing emotional, spritual and financial domestic violence. When the woman could be at fault, you'll find everyone will minimize her violence and psycho-ness by saying they're both crazy or they both need to go to the hospital and such, when its obvious that were the situation reversed, he would be in prison and on to Duluth model brainwashing camp, and she would be in feminazi heaven, aka a taxpayer-funded women's shelter or her own home, since the abuser is locked away from his own house with a restraining order or is in prison.


  1. Jeez, talk about enabling the woman in this whole thing. I think the dude is scrared shitless because if he reports anything he just might be the one to go to jail. Remember, men/husbands can go to jail just on her/wifes word. I dated a chick one time that started punching herself in the face and chest and then called the cops on me. I spent 2 days in jail and got 1 year of anger mgmt. classes. Needless to say we're no longer together.

  2. When a man hits a woman, it is called battery.
    When a woman hits a man, it’s called empowerment.

    When a man deserts his family, he is called a deadbeat.
    When a woman deserts her family, it’s her choice.

    When a man cheats, he’s a pig.
    When a woman cheats, she’s a victim.

    When a man goes into landscaping, he’s called a failure because he didn’t become an engineer.
    When a woman becomes a hairdresser, she’s a victim because she isn’t paid as much as men.

    When a man kills his kids, he’s a heartless murderer.
    When a woman kills her kids, she’s a victim of emotional stress.

    When a woman doesn’t want a child, she has an abortion because it’s her choice.
    When a man doesn’t want a child, he’s irresponsible and is forced to pay child support.

    When a women on TV hits a man, people laugh
    When a man on TV hits a woman, people sue.

    When a woman on TV is portrayed as dumb, the show is sexist.
    When a man on TV is portrayed as dumb, we laugh.

    When women, who now attain degrees more than men, leave the workforce at 40, it’s her choice.
    When a man doesn’t go to college so that he can work in the labor industry, he’s a failure.

    Anonymous age 36

  3. Sorry to comment off topic. Canadian Liberal continues to preach that we should be civil, etc. in a recent blog directed at me. I am going to paste my response here:

    "Fair enough, CL. Yesterday and today, I was working outside in our Third World home, and thought about this issue -- that we should conduct ourselves in a civil manner versus name calling and anger.

    Are we breaking new ground, or has this issue been relevant before at any time in history? Are there historical records we can examine for an insight?

    Twice that I know of, if we ignore 40 wasted years in the Men's movement. First, the Jews in Nazi Germany; second, blacks in the US faced this very issue.

    Starting in 1890, Christian pastors in Germany began preaching that the only way to deal with the Jew problem was to exterminate them. (In those days, a sermon was often written and kept permanently.) They were not joking.

    As time passed, Jews were attacked in the street, and nothing was done to the attackers. (See recemt video of man beat up in the street by three women, then HE was arrested.)

    Then, laws were passed, stripping Jews of much of their property and legal rights. They were forced to wear yellow stars so they could be identified. They were called vermin, as in rats.

    Then, came Kristal Nacht. Soon, they were rounded up, starved to death, or gassed. By the millions.

    All the fifty plus years it took for this scenario to develop, the Jewish leaders told the Jews not to resist, that being civil and dignified was the correct solution.

    Well, after the end of the Holocaust, the Jewish leaders, those who survived their error, were much wiser. They realized that failure to resist encouraged their attackers. Their new motto was 'NEVER AGAIN!'

    Check out the Anti-Defamation League. When someone attacks Jews today, the ADL goes for the throat! Never again will Jews passively accept the sort of attack necessary to dehumanize them to the level needed to try to kill them all.

    In 1865, blacks were freed from slavery. Some whites, a lot of whites, refused to accept them as humans. For 100 years, blacks were starved, mistreated, attacked, their sons were lynched, their daughters were raped.

    Young men wanted to fight back. The older men told them, "Be patient. Our time will come. We can gain more by being civil and dignified." 100 years they tolerated this.

    I know a lot of people think Martin Luther King won civil rights for blacks. He definitely motivated blacks, but he did little to change the attitudes of whites. I know, because my family was/is horribly racist. and, I worked with people who laughed when white men broke little black kids arms and legs with baseball bats. And, cheered when that now convicted murderer bombed a black church and killed some little girls.

    MLK had no effect on them. When the Black Panthers armed themselves with automatic weapons, and announced a death sentence on whites who attacked blacks, the racist animals I knew started thinking it over, and started announcing, "Maybe we better keep our mouths shut. They might come and 'get' us." Yeah, no lie!

    The black leaders who urged civil discourse, and dignfied response to vicious attacks were wrong. I urge you, if you live in the US, think twice today before you attack a black person! Black leaders learned their lesson, just as the Jews learned their lesson.

    For forty years that I personally know of, men who speak out against the vicious things being dircted against men in the US, and other English speaking nations, are being told pretty much what you have said, that we can get more by being civil, etc., etc.

    Um, CL, men have been civil for 40 years, even if you were unaware of their work, since there was no pressure on lying, low-life mangina journalists to even report on our work. Civil, dignified conduct was not reported by the lying, low-life journalists.

    This is not an honest difference of opinion between you and I. This is a failure on your part to know the history of such pogroms, and the inevitable, historical result of trying to counter this sort of vicious attempt to destroy a group of people, with smiles and civil discourse. To repeat a plan that has failed since 1865 every time it has been tried can only be viewed only as mental illness. The fact that you mean well is no excuse for this level of ignorance of history.

    anonymous age 64

  4. Anon, I fully agree.

  5. Funny I just wrote a post that deals with managing relationships: particularly keeping a woman from cheating on you in the first place.

    This kind of thing makes me sick, and yes the sick woman is in the wrong. We all owe it to ourselves as men to educate ourselves on how to handle these situations BEFORE they become so violent.