Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You must be deluded

I've been noticing a new trend lately in the insults hurled at most Men's Rights Activists. Most people who are opposed to men's rights still use the age-old insults - living in mom's basement, virgin, psycho, etc, but there's something I noticed in the FSTDT website comments section. Of course, most of the posters were extremely biased against one of my commenters because of his age, but still. Idiots or not, we still have to deal with them.

The insult I'm talking about is "deluded" - as in "You must be sick and deluded if you think that women falsely accuse men of rape."

"You must be deluded if you think that women are gathering round a table to discuss ways in which we can demean men in the media and scheme to keep dads away from their babies." When women talk about it, its called a patriarchy and they can join NOW about it, and when men talk about it, they are deluded conspiracy theorists.

"What a sick deluded fuck."

The objective here is to make the reader think that the men who disagree with feminism and female supremacy are not only crazy, but living in another dimension. As if misandry is not readily apparent in the media, as if NOW has not stated that its completely against a father's rights to his child, as if leading feminists have not said that its their goal to break up families and kill/disfigure/mutilate men.

The most effective tactic against this insult, as with pretty much any insult, is to "throw facts at them." Show them studies that prove a majority of rape accusations are false, that a majority of child abuse is committed by females, that women are more violent than men in intimate relationships, and that fatherlessness is the leading indicator of whether a child will turn out antisocial or criminal.

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  1. Yesterday when I enabled the comment settings where I would allow anomoys people to post. I would hate to have people like Anon 64 not being able to make comments because they help enhance a blog making it a better quality one to read.

    Ironically I already received my first piece of hate mail with an our of letting anonymous people post.

    The stance I will be taking in the future is to stay on course and most of the time reject comments made by radical feminists and Pams. Although I made a blog entry about my first piece of hate mail, I won't be in the future.

    They can't stand your message and they hate not having their voice heard. The best way to go about is stay on topic and ignore their comments meaning not to publish them and this will piss them off more while you get to conserve your time and energy.

  2. What feminists are really afraid of is those who thrive and grow in the face of name-calling and insults. My son calls me a 'throwback to the Celtic'.

    I can tell you, I have been called every name in the book since 1978, a lot of it by manginas, and it makes me stronger and more determined. I am not the only one; we have today some real tough MRA bloggers.

    Also, as a practical matter, you can tell when they turn the heat on, you are hitting close to home.

    Anonymous age 64