Thursday, January 04, 2007

There may be some justice in the world

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I saw this news article from CNN just now.

Mom arrested after toddler wanders onto highway

Story Highlights
• NEW: Mom whose toddler wandered onto highway is charged with neglect
• Motorists saw Damon Dyer, 3, barefoot, wearing diaper, T-shirt
• Police say mom, Nancy Dyer, was asleep in nearby apartment
• Her kids were taken into protective custody, authorities said
This case is strange because not only was the cow charged with neglect for letting a 3 year old kid (a boy, incidentally) go wandering off, her other kids were taken from her. Of course, its debatable whether "protective custody" is any safer than an apathetic mom, but of course they couldn't hand the kid to his father, now that would be a far far worse crime!!!!

Stunned motorists found Damon Dyer, barefoot and wearing only a diaper and T-shirt, early Saturday while his mother slept in a nearby apartment on Indianapolis' west side, police said.

At least half a dozen cars and a semitrailer swerved into other lanes on I-465 to avoid the child, who was not hurt, authorities said.

Drivers pulled over and took care of him until officers arrived. (Watch how a motorist plucked the boy from traffic Video)

Nancy Dyer, 30, whose son and a 2-year-old daughter were taken into protective custody, was charged with four counts of felony neglect.

"A couple of the charges are related to the condition of the home and another child that was still in the apartment," said Helen Marchal, a deputy Marion County prosecutor.

I didn't watch the video because I have a slow connection, but I'm betting that it was a man who rescued the boy. The judge also set the bail at a pathetically low $3500, but hey, its not like a female could actually be punished by the court system, right? She should have just killed them all, they would let her off scot-free for that!


  1. It isn't often I defend a fiend. And, I am not exactly defending this woman.

    However, once in a while a kid in a two parent family goes to the door, opens it, and wanders out into the world while the parents are asleep. Some years ago, we had a kid from a two parent family wandering around half naked in sub-zero weather. This time of year in that city it is cold, not quite that cold, though.

    The two parent family is also going to face review in such cases. Assuming the lesbian social worker who does the review is sane -- not an assumption I am willing to make -- if it is decided it was an unfortunate accident and the care is good, the kids will not be taken.

    If a review of the family care shows other neglect -- which was the case here -- then the parent(s) are in a heap of trouble. This is not a real good time for one of your kids to have fallen in the playground and have bruises, nor to be growing pot in your basement. Nor for Mommy to be in bed with her Bad Boy sleeping the sleep of the sated. Nor for the cupbosrds to be bare of nutritious food.

    There are reasons the human race has two genders, which is a strong indication that it was intended there be two parents. People go through a sleep cycle in the night, sometimes very deep sleep; sometimes light sleep; with occasional wake-ups. The more adults in a house the more likely one of them will be sleeping lightly and hear a door open.

    Having said that, if I had my way all kids would automatically go to the father unless he is a serial murderer or otherwise extremely dangerous.

    My personal observation (if you don't live in a prison town as I did in my youth, google for The Garbage Generation by Professor Daniel Amneus online, and read it) is that maternal custody is abuse.

    Yes, O.J.'s kids are doing fine with him, and that is pretty extreme. I don't know why so many manginas assume the desire to kill your ex-wife who is conspiring to destroy you means you will harm your kids.

  2. I did it again. First comment is by Anonymous age 64, sorry.

  3. Anon, I totally understand. Hell, even I was not under the watchful eye of my parents 24/7, and my mom was a housewife. The only entity that can provide 24/7 surveillance is the government or some kind of round-the-clock daycare.

    But that's irrelevant. If this was a a man he would have been basically burned at the stake for this. That is why this is newsworthy - and we still don't know what will actually happen in the trial, I'm guessing she'll get off with minimal punishment.

  4. I think single mothers should be under the watchful eye. If women want to establish and advocate to have parental rights over the father in the family court system then those women should be watched. It's like this, if you want the responsibility you need to be responsible, and in this case this mother wasn't being responsible. If I want to be the Exec. of a company you better bet your bottom dollar that someone's watching me. You're right Pete, if that was a father his bail would be 250k also.

  5. Pete- I heard this song/video and it reminded me of you, tell me what you think.

  6. Hi Anon, thanks for posting that link. That's a pretty cool song. I'm not really into country music, but it usually does have a message, unlike the vapid cunts who dominate pop music today, singing about nothing and being totally inconsequential.

    I especially liked the line, "I'll worry about me, you just worry about you." I think that could be a good saying for the MGTOW movement.

  7. Pete, you are correct. I mentioned the two parent family case of the kid wandering around. If it were a custodial father, or visitiation case, the decision to take away parental rights would be made BEFORE the investigation, which would be evidence gathering to support the decision. IN the case of the single mom, the decision would be made after the investigation.

    Anonymous age 64

  8. Pfft...what was she thinking???

    How can you let a three year old out of the house?

    A few years ago feminist brainwashing would have allowed her to blame her husband for her BS. My how times have changed!!!

  9. I agree. The courts are getting way too biased in the favor of the woman. My father is a public defender, and I hear all kinds of stories from him. I promote equality. Equality does not mean biased towards women, blacks , etc. Equality is equality, not affirmative action, reparations or any of that crap.

    The problem with todays women is that too many of them want all of the same rights that men do (which is good), but they want none of the responsibilities (which is bad).