Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fundies say the darndest things LOL!

Here's a comment I saw on a website discussing our awesome commenter, Anonymous age 64:

"Age 64...might be a little late to educate him in such practises as "tact" and 'decency'"

"I would like to toss anonymous into prison for a few months and see if his attitudes towards rape don't change."

"This guy is 64, which explains quite a lot. Yaweh, please, LOOK FOR REAL FUNDIES, NOT FOR GRUMPY ALZEIHMER GUYS."

"Die in a fire before you see 65."

"I hope, even at the age of 64 that you learn all about what rape really prison."

"You're an asshole. Maybe a stint in prison with your cellmate, "horny Bubba," would help you understand rape a little better."

Now, this website is full of self-categorized liberals - I never considered myself a conservative, but I guess here I am, being quoted on a website that purports to making fun of conservatives so I guess me and Anon age 64 should just accept the pigeonholing and stereotyping eh? How about that Anon, the very people who claimed to be for all groups are the quickest to demean them on the basis of age and whatnot. Next you'll be telling me the white members of the NAACP are the quickest to use the term "nigger" behind closed doors!

Nevermind that the majority of prositutes are not the "Hollywood stripper" portrayed in popular culture media.

Most prostitutes were sexually abused as children and have low self-worth, drug addictions because of it. They often get into prostitution because they are poor, lack education, or are forced into by a pimp who often threatens them with violence. The woman's lack of education and self-esteem are used against her, as well as the threat of being thrown in jail and being ostracized by society.

Sorry to ruin your "porn fantasy" image of prostitutes, but what I described is the sad reality. So the rape of prostitute is not "less" damaging or traumatizing than the rape or anyone else.

Misogynist fuckwit.

Check out how, in the last comment, Ms. Demenor has a ready-made excuse for women behaving badly - they were sexually abused (fault of a man), addicted to drugs (those damn male pushers), oh and here's a good one, forced into it by a pimp with violence. Yeah ok. I can tell you why most prostitutes go a-prostitutin', and its all about the money. The EXACT SAME REASON men go into high-risk, high-pay occupations - because of money.

But that's anathema to a keyboard fucker who can only excuse women for their behavior.

Here are the links where I got these comments:


  1. Archangel_LuciferJanuary 11, 2007 3:39 PM

    Urrgh I can't believe you called anon age 64 an "awesome commenter"

    You people are just disgusting. Grow up out of your childish fantasies already.

  2. If you agreed with him or if he was in your little clique, you'd probably call him an awesome commenter too. You need to do some growing up, not me.

  3. If he was in "our" little group and he'd say that raping a woman wasn't a bad thing we'd tell him of to. Just because you visit the same site and have some similar opinions doesn't mean that you have to agree with him/her on all points. I know I wouldn't call someone a "great poster" after claiming that having nonconsentual sex with your wife is allowed because "well, we're married." Rape=Rape=Rape. Which part of nonconsentual is it that you guys do not understand?

  4. If someone is in "my little group" and says something horrible, I let him know... I don't just agree with him because of peer pressure and the fear of not being accepted.
    Rape is always wrong, and horrible in a marriage situation where you're supposed to be able to TRUST your partner, not fear him (and still be forced to live with the bastard every day.)

  5. [quote]I can tell you why most prostitutes go a-prostitutin', and its all about the money. The EXACT SAME REASON men go into high-risk, high-pay occupations - because of money.[/quote]

    Christ on crutches! You really do live in your own little fantasy world, don't you? Prostitution is not a high-paying occupation for the vast majority of prostitutes. Do you think the women who walk the streets at night go home to four bedroom houses and BMWs in the driveway like stock brokers or doctors?

    I must admit, I'm completely incapable of understanding your attitude toward women and rape. And the persecution complex raging on this site is a little perplexing too. You guys make it sound like women spend all their time trying to figure out ways to trap men into sex and then accuse them of rape, and yet I've never met a single man who's been accused of rape. Possibly it's because you're all here having one massive circle jerk.

  6. I, and some others on that site, agree that the Alzheimer's comment was ageist and out of line.

    However, I'll have to second the rest of the comments: anon is a disgusting rape apologist, and the world would probably be a better place if he were either dead, or in prison learning what rape is firsthand.

  7. "If he was in "our" little group and he'd say that raping a woman wasn't a bad thing we'd tell him of to."

    You'd tell her off too? Sorry, I know that's patently false. I'm not talking about a single blog, I'm talking about the movement known as feminism. What if a woman advocated killing/castrating men? She'd be lauded and would become a household name, what about if a frankly repulsive creature said All men are rapists? She would be applauded and be offered a position with the New York Times.

    Feminism doesn't throw out women when they say man-hating things, so you can bloody well put a sock in it when it comes to talking about my commenters.

    The fact is that the definition of rape has become all-encompassing - while you may have the classical definition of rape in mind when you say that marital rape can and does happen, feminists and judges have an altogether different definition of rape in mind when they make or execute laws that sentence men to years in jail.

    I agree that wives should be able to say No while in a marriage, but the man should also be able to say No to the money-grab that happens in marriage and of course divorce.

    If I marry, I don't have any rights to my wallet anymore - VAWA 2005 says that this is "financial DV" so if she has all the rights to my wallet why don't I have the right to expect sex to be freely given? If I marry why do I have to support her in the manner to which she has become accustomed when nobody gives two shits about my needs? and before you say anything about marriage being an equal partnership, bla bla, face the fact that the vast majority of women everywhere, yes that includes the US and other evolved nations, "marry up" to a man with more power or more money.

  8. "Christ on crutches! You really do live in your own little fantasy world, don't you? Prostitution is not a high-paying occupation for the vast majority of prostitutes. Do you think the women who walk the streets at night go home to four bedroom houses and BMWs in the driveway like stock brokers or doctors?

    Thanks for putting up that strawman, I'm sure you had fun knocking it down.

    I'm sure a night of stripping or prostituting pays handsomely, better than a night of working at a 24-hour Burger King, and you'd need about an equal education for those.

    And yes, I am damn sure that the well-paid exclusive call girls in big cities do in fact have a high income, its another thing whether they have the financial acumen to save it for a big house or they're waiting for a knight in shining armor to provide them with one.

  9. "If you agreed with him or if he was in your little clique, you'd probably call him an awesome commenter too."

    You obviously haven't spent much time on the FSTDT forums. Members of our "little clique" often have heated discussions on a variety of issues, and we are not above telling each other off, if we think the other is full of it.

    And as long as I'm here:

    FSTDT isn't about making fun of conservatives (nor are all FSDTD members liberals). It's about making fun of extremists, most specifically religious fundamentalists, but also extremists of other colors. We even have the occasional secular or liberal fundie (I personally started a thread in the forum about extremist libertarianism, for example).

    It is also missing the point to take the comments to quotes posted on FSTDT with any degree of seriousness. Comments are most often meant to mock, rather than inform, and mock in the harshest possible terms, which inevitably involves exaggeration, sarcasm, and all manner of dirty verbal tactics that would not be suitable for a reasoned debate. Not the most noble of past times, I'll grant you, but one that should be taken in context (and not taken too seriously).

  10. I agree that stripping should be legal, just like in Nevada and Germany. Prostitution is merely sex that gets paid for. BUT, I do not support rape of a prostitute. Rape is force, and is rightfully outlawed, as a felony.

  11. I'm sorry, I meant to say that Prostitution should be legal. I originally said that stripping should be legal when I meant prostitution. But don't get me wrong. Stripping should be legal too.

  12. Lol! What is it with all the femnags attacking the MRM blogs over the last couple of day? Fred has a bunch of harpies whinging away on his blog too!

    Ah, it's all good fun though. Nothing convinces more people to join the MRM than reading the supremacist rantings of a feminist trying to shame and blame men.

    What is they say? 1st they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win. Who wants to wager the MRM is moving into the being fought stage?

    Way to go fembots! Lol! You are fucked. Doing nothing means you will eventually lose while shreaking your hateful bile at men all over the internet will cause more men to hate you. It's a lose-lose for feminism.

    Welcome to equality. It's a dog eat dog world and we're all wearing milkbone underwear.

    Lol! All the fucking raaaaaaype harping by the feminutsies! You know that forced sex, aka rape, is a top female fantasy, don't you?

    Hmmm... why doesn't this get studied and discussed more? I mean, does anyone masturbate to the thought of getting beaten up, or does anyone get the crotch tingles thinking about having their car stolen?

    Hmmm...a top sexual fantasy for women is being taken... being freed from taboos by having someone take control and making them do things they would not otherwise do... AKA Raaaaaaaype!

    Cripes thats odd!

    I mean men might fantasize about 3-somes or something, but we don't fantasize about acts being done to us which results in the other party spending a considerable portion of their lives behind bars.

    Don't believe me? Read women's porn, I mean, a romance novel. The guys in those books go WAY over the lines of rape and sexual harassment laws, yet this is what women read to get themselves off.

    BTW, I think Anonymous 64 is a fucking genius and I read his posts thoroughly whenever I come across them.

    Keep it up Anonymous 64!

  13. Yeah, I would agree that sexual harassment laws have gone way too far. Check this out:

  14. I am not a feminist. In fact, I've got a minor degree of what most FSTDTers would term "Stockholm Syndrome" - I *don't* particularly like women being in authority, and I *really* don't like women who act as though they are just superior to men (saying men are pigs, rapists, liars, etc.).
    I'm also not a liberal. I'm an extreme conservative - the kind who still believes government should be small and taxes should be low.
    Guess what? Rape is still wrong.
    Your moralizing about prostitutes not being "good women" is irrelevant to the point that if a person forces another person into sexual intercourse, the rapist should be punished. It is the act itself that is repugnant, regardless of the morality of the victim.

  15. "I'm also not a liberal. I'm an extreme conservative - the kind who still believes government should be small and taxes should be low."

    Whoa Angel, hold on a second there. Libertarians also fit into that category too, and they are QUITE different from conservatives, at least in social aspects. In fact there are socialists who also favor small government. Remember, big government does not equal liberalism or even socialism. The idea that socialism=big government is a lie.

  16. I agree that wives should be able to say No while in a marriage, but the man should also be able to say No to the money-grab that happens in marriage and of course divorce.

    So this is what it's all about, Pete Poorhouse, money? Your profile lists you as a consultant, and if you're anything like the consultants I know then you have the knowledge and skills to hide your cash in dubious investments and offshore schemes so that when your wife finally does divorce you after enduring years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, you can deny her and the children any real quality of life by claiming limited assets and a meagre income. But I doubt you're that sophisticated; something tells me you're just a mid level paper pusher whose job has been made into a consultant position to save head office on insurance and pensions benefits.

    Ultimately, if a man is too stupid to hide his cash, or unable to do so, he'll have to do the right thing and take responsibility for his little crotch maggots, ensuring that they're educated, fed, clothed and housed. He'll also have to ensure that marital assets are divided equally between a spouse who's had the advantage of a work history uninterrupted by child rearing and one whose work history is peppered with long stretches out of the workforce or low paying, part time jobs arranged around school hours and likely to remain that way until the children are old enough to walk themselves home from school. It's an unfortunate situation for both sides; raising children is expensive and poverty can't be any fun. Don't like it? Get the snip or make sure that you have the education to find a good, well paying job that supports both you and your children.

    All I see is another angry little pleb, his worth devalued in a global economy that places education, intelligence and flexible morals (hey, you got one out three!) above all else. I love the bitterness here, the nasty names for capable women, the ranting at laws that allow a woman equality in the workplace and her womb, and the sycophantic commenters parroting your posts back to you and hoping desperately for a little approval from someone, anyone! You're not original but you sure are funny. I dig it, Pete Poorhouse; you've made my bookmarks list and I'll pay you a visit the next time I need a laugh at some poor schmuck's expense.

    *Hopefully not a double post- my wireless keeps playing up.

  17. Hey, cool. I got some man-haters riled, huh? Neat.

    I do not now and never did support rape by anyone at any time.

    However, we have a bunch of absolute female lunatics who are unable to define rape. Here a rape; there a rape; everywhere a rape; rape; E-I-E-I-O

    Look at that original article and its almost infinite list of what the nuts think is rape. These fiends think rape is supposed to be exactly whatever a woman thinks it is. No respect at all for laws. Nope, her f*****g Royal Majesty gets to make her own rules any time she feels like it, and we boorish males are supposed to accept their insane ideas.

    Further more, around 60% of all rape charges made by females are totally false. This has been known for at least 5,000 years. In the Hebrew Holy Book aka known as the Christian Old Testament, Hebrew law recognized both the existence of men who rape women, and women who file false charges of rape.

    If a man was accused by a woman of raping her in the country where she could not expect anyone to respond to her cries for help, her word was to be taken, and he was to be punished. Look up that punishment, if you man-haters are capable or reading.

    If she accused a man of raping her in the town where her cries were likely to be heard, and no one heard her cries for help, SHE GOT THE SAME TREATMENT SHE EXPECTED FOR HIM.

    I can imagine there could be cases on both sides where there might be an injustice, but at least they attempted to protect women from rape, and men from false rape charges. Today, you man-hating fiends have developed the false sexual abuse charge to a fine art, up to 85% of sex abuse charges during divorce are known to be false, yet you fiends demand nothing be done to the false accusers.

    Not only does this mistreat men, but it also makes it impossible for protection agency employees to deal with real sex abuse when it occurs. THUS, YOU FIENDS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR A LOT OF SEXUAL ABUSE OF YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS.

    However, I am going to tell you when I decided I didn't care how many women get raped, as long as it isn't my wife or daughter. (The way I protect them, is they aren't out wandering around half naked at night, they aren't going into the apartments of Bad boys by themselves.)

    I was taught this by women -- wonderful, caring, compassionate women like yourselves.

    Fiends like yourselves some years ago had a big campaign on, trying to convince society that rape was an epidemic. Well, I came from a prison town, and I pointed out a fact that is virtually unknown, that the majority of rape victims in the US are men, not women. Our prisons are filled with the blood curdling screams of men being gang raped by fellow prisoners, and nothing is done about it by the prison guards.

    Every woman I told this to, looked thoughtful for a moment, then started to laugh as if this were the funniest thing they ever heard. Not just a chuckle or giggle, but a laugh that shook their entire body, and in some cases they laughed so hard they shed tears of laughter.

    So, you vicious man-hating fiends taught me well. Rape is funny. Hee, hee. If rape of a man is funny, rape of a woman is funny.

    Let me tell you just how funny this gang-raping of men can be. Remember some years ago, a man in Texas tied a black man to a pickup and dragged him to death? That man who did it had been gang-raped by black men in prison. No one did anything to protect him. He came out as an extremely dangerous individual. Well, laugh some more.

    Remember Renendez, the Mexican serial murderer a few years ago who traveled around the US a few years ago, by freight train, jumping off here and there to murder people at random? He also had been gang-raped in prison and also came out as an extremely dangerous individual. Well, laugh some more.

    So, learning from my great teachers, no, I don't especially care about women being raped, because you don't deserve male sympathy if you are raped, since you don't care if men are raped. Your gender is the wonderful, caring, compassionate gender which believes in sucking out brains of living, feeling, third trimester babies.

    Anonymous age 64

  18. Lol! Hairbrain, thanks for the laugh.

    Dingdongs like you yammering on about the rights to your womb obviously believe that it is also your right to have a man subsidize your womb with his earnings, regardless of the man's own rights to his children or the children's needs for a father.

    Your womb, your choice = your kids = use your fucking money. That seems justice to me.

    Woman marries man with more money than her, increases her standard of living because of hubby, then decides to break a legal contract, then claims that she "helped" hubby make more money - and since she helped him and is leaving, she deserves EVERYTHING and he should be forced to subsidize her, you supremacists. Even if she actually did contribute to his earning power, if she is leaving, won't that hurt his earning power - and yet he is forced to subsidize the destruction of his family and erosion his higher earnings.(by fact of every feminist ranting of "her contribution"), for NO FAULT OF HIS OWN! Yes, women who believe in doing this filth are supremacist little cunts. Onto an iceflow with the likes of you!

    The past 40 years has made a concerted effort to destroy families and remove men from children's lives. Now women have a right to have children BUT MEN DON'T... yet men are required to financially support children to which they have no rights. Hey, read up on feminism, why don't you? Women's Studies will get you reading books which encourage a "man tax" to subsidize women's expense, while not allowing men to have any rights to their own progeny. Fucking supremacist bitches.

    Lol! And for all the straw arguments about rape. Jesus Christ already! Everyone in the world agrees that violently forcing someone (ie real rape) is wrong... but if all of the harpies are going to water-down the definition of rape to a drunk woman having sex = rape (even if the man is also drunk), then I say RAPE, RAPE, RAPE AWAY!

    When women reign in all the harpies and attention whores using an ever expanding definition of RAAAAAAYPE!

    We don't give a shit about Domestic Violence anymore either, get it? Since the definition of Abuse is no longer physically beating someone, but rather has become arguing, shouting, arguing over money OR EVEN CRITICIZING CLOTHING... then why the fuck should we care - hell, I say abuse the hell out of women!

    Feminists made the definitions of abuse and rape watered down to mean almost anything they wanted, and women said nothing to stop them. Therefore, rape and abuse away, I say!

    Feminists are pathetic. Pathetic little supremacists. Not even realizing how stupid the things they demand are... like fucking sheep, one feminist wails and all the women in the land wail until they get their way.

    Your 15 minutes are up, femi-supremacists. Get lost.

  19. Archangel_LuciferJanuary 11, 2007 9:05 PM

    Oh man fucks like you make my skin crawl.
    For your information I am a man and so is mad dog and a lot of the posters at FSTDT.
    We all think you guys are disgusting regardless of gender.

    Anyways keep up the good work ill be checking in here everytime I need a laugh.

  20. No. It's Christ on a rubber cruch in a polio ward!

  21. 'Nother dude, here.

    I know it's pointless to try and talk any sense into you folks, so I won't spend too much time here. I'd just like to note that the frenzied, desperate, reactionary attitudes of the handful of men like yourselves towards feminism are just causing frenzied, desperate, reactionary attitudes in the handful of women who are makin' life difficult for you. The sooner you accept that times have changed, the 50's aren't coming back, and the best thing to do is just accept that women have taken their place as your equals, the sooner the admittedly over-zealous sexual harassment and, yes, rape laws in this country can start easing up. Until then, the ladies have you by the balls, they will continue to squeeze, and the rest of us guys are just going to sit back, and watch, and wait for you to get the message.

  22. Lol! What a bunch of harpie little mangina trolls.

    No-one is asking for the 50's back, Ed. Where is someone asking for the 50's?

    Use a fucking real argument instead of retarded insults, you "guys." God!

    If you support that woman is too fragile to be held accountable for her own actions when she is drinking (and making her a "lesser' human being) - therefore the man is a rapist..., what part of evil don't you see in that? Do you think she should be held liable for actions if she drives drunk? Yes or No? Manginas. Quit insulting and show some fucking logic to your viewpoints.

    Do you believe that men should have equal rights to their own children? Since when did a man demanding his right to be a real part of his child's life to be pining away for the 50's? Are you manginas smoking dope? Christ, get a clue already!

    Do you really believe that a man should be classified as an abuser and recieve legal reprocussions based soley on a woman's word, without a jury? If you do, then you're fucked in the head.

    Why don't you manginas state your point of view on these issues, rather than being a public pussy and trying to impress on-line feminists with your sensitivities.

    All men are manginas until feminism turns them into misogynists. ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING BLIND?

    Do you think that a woman who hits a man should be held EQUALLY liable to a man? If not, then YOU are degrading a woman by saying she is too frail in her mind to be treated equal in all things.

    Have you EVER had sex with a woman after being out at the bar with her? She probably had a few drinks - therefore YOU, YES YOU, MANGINA, ARE A RAPIST! Fuck, do you have ADHD or something? Didn't learn to read in the feminized boy-hating school system, eh?

    The only thing us men hate more than feminists are cringing little manginas like you fucktards.

    Makes your skin crawl! Fuck, manginas are an embarassment to men from ancient times to the present.

  23. I have read Anonymous 64s comments here and on other blogs and I have to say, he has it right. Oh I know, you guys will always stick up for each other, BULLSHIT! I HAVE read his posts, many of them, and although I have never disagreed with him on any, if I did I would let him know. Oh yea, I cant remember him saying anything about supporting rape, and I have read a lot of his posts.
    Listen to the name people, all that I have heard regarding feminism is it started about 40 years ago. 40 years ago, this guy would be 24, a young man. He has seen this shit since day one, with a track record like that, Im going to give him the benifet of the doubt and listen to what he has to say. Anon 64, dont stop and dont change, we need to hear from you old-timers, hell most of us here were born after this crap had taken hold. You abrasive, hard-assed old goat, you sir have my respect.

    Pete, Your 5:24 pm comment was beautiful, way to go, you brought in the heavy weapons.

    Oh and heres some for those that deserve it, Sanechick your nuts, Hairband the music you take your name from is a terrible as you are, Archangel_Lucifer go ahead and keep laughing, when you wake up dont call us, and Ed sorry but your a fucking prime example of a mangina with that post.


  24. Looks like Archangel_Lucifer can't stop laughing, who opened the gates to the insane, oops Mentally Hilarious asylum?

  25. Archangel_LuciferJanuary 12, 2007 12:03 AM

    Look guys i think you are taking things way overboard.
    One question. Should women have equal rights to those of men?

  26. Fuck, do you have a 10 IQ Archangel?

    What "equal" right DON't women have?


    Because, the only thing I can think of where they are not equal is prison population, recipients of violence and the military draft.

    For EVERYTHING else they fully have EQUALITY! Do tell, dumb fuck, what you are whinging about?

    Filthy manginas like you talk equality but you don't answer the questions like; should a woman be punished equally for violence against men, and should men be considered equal in parenthood?

    And don't tell me $0.76 for every $1.00, or I will throw 500 links at you proving that is feminist lie which serves as front to promote cultural marxism. Only dumb fucks don't realize that equality in pay was made LAW in 1963. Why do people even hire men then, if women do the same job for $0.76 on the dollar. Fuck are feminists & manginas stupid. They are lobbying to pass laws that have already been law for over 40 years.

    Hey, for your next project, you might campaign to make murder illegal. FUCK!

    Has it ever occurred to you the blatant sexism that occurs when feminists yap on about women being capable of having CEO jobs, yet men are incapable of being adequate parents?

    How about you put some intelligence behind your name, fuckwad. Good God, are you on social welfare or something? How could an ignorant cum stain like you earn a living otherwise?

    Why don't you fuck off, you low intelligence piece of mangina shit. You are way outgunned here.

  27. BTW, nice age discriminatory comments you "enlightened ones" made on your fstdt site. I love how the bigoted are the first to point out another's bigotry. I'm sure that google will cache your comments and associate you with age discrimination. Kudos to the new bigots I met today!

    Yup, this is how it goes in the age of encroaching cultural marxism.

    I hope that a lot baby-boomers, who are now in their sixties, and gave the world the filthy tripe you cum-stains are parroting, read how bigoted your statements are against people in their 60's.

    BTW, Anonymous 64 could probably shag 10 times the women in a month as you BECAUSE he is 64! Lol! You just don't get it, do you, manginas? Women's Bartholin Glands go hyper-active over male wealth, not male youth.

    If you would actually read what is written on blogs such as this, you wouldn't look like such stupid fuck.

  28. Oh Fuck, Archangel, there is nothing that annoys me more than people parroding their silly fucking degrees around as a sign of intelligence.

    Most men that post here could talk a Women's Studies prof into the dirt and they took one university course. Get off your high-horse and answer the fucking questions that were asked of you.

    I won't back off. You came here to be a cunt, now you've done the being a cunt thing, but you won't answer the questions. Why not, mangina, with a pseudo degree in cosmology, what the fuck is that anyway?

    And how could you be in a 3rd year of a BSc in the year 2007 and expect to get a Ph D in 2009? Are you so fucking retarded to think that we don't know what it takes to get a Ph D? You're a lying sack of shit! It will take you until 2008 to just get a BSc & then another 2 to 3 to get a Masters and then another 2 to 3 to get a Ph D. What fucking school are you going to? The one on Sesame Street?

    Quit lying!

    Put up or shut up, you filthy lying piece of shit!

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Hello, Retard Archangel... tap, tap... is this thing on?

    Re-read this thread, dipshit.

    How are you going to write a thesis if you are this stupid?

  31. I have a question, why are family courts biased against men. And why can a single rape allegation ruin a man when about 30% are false allegations?

  32. Women should have equal rights. Few people dispute that. But with those equal rights should go equal responsibilities and the maturity not to try to get preferential treatment in law, court, or society, or to screw over men at every opportunity. Unfortunately, all too many women are scheming, greedy, shortsighted, and vindictive—all signs of immaturity, to say the least, and that is what Pete's blog is about. Many of us have seen firsthand how divorce, custody, and abuse accusation issues grossly favor women. We've also seen firsthand how the definitions of "rape", "abuse", and "harassment" have been watered down to include almost anything the woman says is included among all three. On one hand, women are "fragile" and require "protection"; on the other hand, women are "strong" and "independent" and must be treated as "equals". Which is it? Or do women pick and choose the ploy that benefits them the most at any given time? Isn't that another sign of immaturity?

    Anyway, the question of whether women should have equal rights to men has little or nothing to do with the preferentialism in the above named areas that benefits women. When it comes to rape, yeah, no one should ever advocate forcing sex on women, but Anonymous Age 64's points about prostitutes need some consideration. If a john refuses to pay (because, for example, the sex wasn't that good) or doesn't pay "enough", it is all too easy to the prostitute to cry "rape". Juries have wised up in many areas of the US and treat rape charges in the absence of injuries or evidence that force was used as simply a he said-she said issue and generally vote to acquit.

    Concerning Anonymous Age 64's comments on the marriage issue, the Bible does say that women are generally supposed to submit to their husbands; ask any real minister. That doesn't mean the husband should force sex, especially if the wife is ill, etc. Common sense has to come into play. But it does mean that the all-too-common practice of wives not putting out at all, or giving sex only when the husband buys her something really expensive, is contrary to Bible-based wedding vows. But women, as we've seen with the divorce situation, don't take vows seriously—another sign of immaturity. And to come full circle, sex for expensive goodies is just another form of prostitution.

    And considering prostitutes again, women do have to share some of the responsibility (oh! that ugly word again) when wearing revealing or sexy clothing and then some randy male reacts sexually. It's the same as if you park your car in a bad neighborhood with the keys left in it, and then you blubber about the theft after it's stolen. This is a partial response to one issue brought up on the threads that Pete Patriarch links. By the way, in the latter situation, if your insurance company finds out about your leaving the keys in the ignition, it might well refuse to pay you for the value of your car because of your contributory negligence. The cops will take a report, but since you left the keys in the car, they won't bother looking too hard; ask any cop, especially in urban areas. They'll figure you might even have wanted the car stolen. The same principle should apply for the scantily clad woman who complains about some male with raging hormones having his way with her.

    By the way, women commonly get much more lenient sentences for vicious and violent crimes by claiming the hormone/PMS defense; would we allow men to do so for rape? ("My hormones were raging. I just had to rape her." Lotsa luck with that defense, horny boy.) This is one of many examples of women getting over with preferential treatment. Another is the ongoing scandals in the US and in Britain of female school teachers having sex with young male students and then getting little or no punishment, where a male teacher having sex with a female student the same age would face decades in prison. Still want to talk about rape?

    I don't have the figures handy, but I worked in corrections for 10 years and can tell you that more men are raped by other men in prison than women are raped by men in the US. Contrary to the post above deriding "prison guards", though, correctional officers make every attempt to prevent and stop this activity, but we can't watch everyone at once. Active "punks" who have sex in exchange for whatever, and true rapists preying on genuine victims, all have ways of hiding their activities in prison. Just as with cops on the street, too few officers have to watch too many people. And I don't find men being raped funny—but many women do seem to, I've noticed.

    It's hard to take rape seriously because of the downgrading of what is considered rape. Feminists have long said that all men are rapists, childbirth is rape, etc., but men who criticize these comments are labeled right-wing loons. Now Anonymous Age 64 has made observations about rape and sex in marriage and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to condemn him. Sounds as if he hit too close to the truth to me. All together now: Waaaaaaah! Anonymous Age 64 hurt my widdle mangina/feminazi fewwings!

  33. Oh how can you say prositutes have to share some of the responsibility for there actions. that saying men are machines who cant control themselves.

    Sure they know the risk and make a decision. But in the end it comes down to the fact that, we need to stop it happening again and the best way of doing this is prosecuting the few men who rape prostitutes.

  34. Anonymous 1:01 AM who ever you are that was a great post.

  35. aernaut,

    You are right, you CAN skip the Master's on your way to a Ph D IF you go in front of a board from the university and can prove that you are particularly talented, in th 99% percentile, and can convince them that you are not a fucking ding dong - something which the people from ftstd should not count on happening for them.

    Archangel, you are just being an ignorant little cunt, so answer or fuck off.

  36. I am anonymous 1:01 am. One further comment about prison rape:

    Often I hear women (mostly; seldom men) say that men who are raped in prison "deserve it". Some months ago a letter to the editor in the local paper expressed this sentiment, and yes, a woman wrote it. Suppose these were women in prison being raped? Would they "deserve it", too?

    The picture these women seem to have is of sex offenders taking it up the rear involuntarily, satisfying these women's immature concepts of vindictiveness and, of course, sticking it (literally!) to some man. Reality No. 1 is that rapists and especially child molesters are targets for death or injury in prison, not rape, because other inmates generally despise them. Reality No. 2 is that prison rapists are generally the worst of the violent offenders and their victims (not including punks who voluntarily put out) are almost invariably nonviolent offenders. The murderer will rape the guy who is in prison for passing bad checks, or the gang member in prison for attempted murder will rape the guy who's in for failure to pay child support, as examples.

    The latter case probably plays into the hands of a lot of feminazis, who have managed to get all noncustodial fathers labeled as deadbeat dads anyway.

    The rape issue depends on whose ox is being gored. But many women do seem to think that the concept of men as victims of prison rape is funny or simply just. Yet they don't attempt to understand the points of the comments Anonymous Age 64 made.

  37. You two little fuckwits, archangel and aernaut! Don't pull the little stunt that you are some egalitarians! Here are some of your posts from fsstd (fucking students with std's):


    1/11/2007 8:37:16 PM

    Go look at the site, He's noticed us.
    Everybody wave to the retarded Misogynist fuckwits!



    1/11/2007 8:51:21 PM

    The thing I'll never understand is why you are proud of being a sexist asshole.


    Here's to wishing that feminism gives you two little cunts the education you really need!

  38. To be fair anon 1:01 just because some woman are feminist cunts, doesnt mean the ones who are getting raped are.
    Just like the fact that a few high up people are men it doesnt mean men are in control of the world! Those people do not represent men, and are not normal men - they are supersmart etc

  39. So, aernaut, how can you flip flop on the issues, just like a woman?

    You are obviously friends with Archangel... so you must agree... yet you flip flop from despicable mangina-ness to anti-feminism...

    I think you two are disgusting little fucks who are deserving a good false rape allegation and a paternity suit - or both.

  40. Archangel_LuciferJanuary 12, 2007 1:50 AM

    What? if you look at the excerpt on FSTDT he's does come off as an asshole. Is it too much to ask that you believe me when I say I AGREE with you on several issues like for example women getting custody of children and men being "financially raped."

    And men in prison whatever the crime deserve humane treatment just like everyone else. Good posts anon 1.01. Were the last two sentences really necessary in your original post? All it does is drive people away and cement their opinions of you.

  41. Haha I'm pretty sure I dont have a mangina.

    It probobly seems as tho im flip flopping because you can't catoragise my position easily. You see elements of more than one veiw point you are familier with and assume im deciding using my ovaries. But catoragising other people is for the lazy. My position is well defined.

  42. Oh fuck, you two little dipshits.

    Why don't you answer to what you posted on the STD forum, archangel, and then go on convincing others here of your moral superiority, you arrogant little shit.

    And, btw, LOL, there are a lot of people that hang around here who have far more than a paltry junior's status in education... you two are illustrating classical academia disease...

    Ever notice that when you were a freshmen, everyone looked down on you? Now you are juniors, and you look down on freshman & sophomores, but seniors still look down on you? Lol! And yet grad & phd students still think you are stupid fucks?

    Welcome to the fucked up world of academia, boys... er... manginas.

    And it might interest you to know that out here in the real world, we don't even think those with Ph D's match up to us, because they don't.

    Get a life, dipshits.

  43. Archangel_Lucifer and Aernaut why are you here?

  44. How come women that murder their husbands ALWAYS claim insanity but yet feminists will argue her insanity until their blue in the face? But yet the same people supporting women like that are the same one's that advocate laws that are against men?

  45. How can someone spew forth a passage like this...

    "You'd tell her off too? Sorry, I know that's patently false. I'm not talking about a single blog, I'm talking about the movement known as feminism. What if a woman advocated killing/castrating men? She'd be lauded and would become a household name, what about if a frankly repulsive creature said All men are rapists? She would be applauded and be offered a position with the New York Times."

    ...and then have the nerve to dismiss a "strawman" in his very next post? I REALLY hope you were being intentionally ironic with that one. Otherwise... wow.

  46. OK I cleaned up the comments page a little bit and removed a few of TardAngel's and his buttbuddy's comments.

    dcn, I know you don't really want to debate from your comments at FSTDT, you just want to rile me up, so just fuck off.

  47. You kids play rough. And like most kids, you forget where the argument started and just try to out-nasty each other. This goes out to both the Patriarch here, and the FSTDT crew, from which I came. Nothing bugs me more than people attacking a close-minded viewpoint with a different close-minded viewpoint, particularly when they use their 'opponent's' myopism as an argument. I've read through most of these comments, as much as I could before everybody just started repeating, and came to the conclusion above. Now, far be it for me to think a quiet voice of reason would ever be heard above the ranting, but seriously, read through your own posts before setting them out there. First, if you're going to complain about the last poster degenerating into insults and childish comebacks, try and refrain from doing so yourself. Second, bouncing back against an extremist point of view so hard that you yourself become extreme just makes you both look crazy. Lastly, try and read a comment thoroughly and, if you want to be taken seriously and sound adult, don't let stupid little insults nettle you. When somebody tells you they'd rather bend all women over and rape them they're probably just fucking with you (tastelessly, but nevertheless). When somebody tells you how much of a lowlife you are according to their superior intelligence, they're just trying to be witty and cutting (unimpressively, again, but nevertheless).

    Onto the actual topics that brought forth this vile boil, rape is wrong. Using a country's paranoia about rape to get somebody else jailed is also wrong. People have a right to their own bodies that has nothing to do with a Constitution, and this goes for both women and men. And either side of this pointless argument grouping the other into a single term like 'fundies' or 'manginas' is just as blatantly idiotic and short-sighted as the other.

  48. If a prostitute with five brands of semen in her vagina, none of which came from her accused rapists, can destroy the lives of three males from affluent families just on her say so alone, not to mention the other lacrosse team players, I think this equality thing has overshot its mark by a wide margin.

    The mere accusation of rape can destroy a man's life, whether he is convicted or not, and with the continued and ludicrous expansion of the definition of rape, every single man is vulnerable. Yes, you too, manginas.

    If you truly believe in equality of the sexes, then by all means stop pandering to women out of your misguided sense of chivalry and/or desire to get laid, and start standing up for your rights. Because chances are good that one of those lovely ladies will someday hand you your head on a platter, whether through divorce court, domestic violence charges, sexual harrasment charges, or even a false accusation of rape.

    And really, why should we feel the need to be civil to our own worst enemies? We're sick to death of it. Wake the hell up.

  49. In your opinion, boy -- and I do mean boy. Many men are fighting for their lives -- and a lot are losing that fight -- and you come on with all these lofty, superior mangina principles. Enough already.

    Second part. In the first part, I pointed out that I learned not to care about women being raped from women who think it's totally hilarious for men to be gang raped. I will go further and say that when anyone shows caring, compassion, and empathy for other groups of people who do not reciprocate with the same caring, compassion, and empathy , thisis AN ACT OF TOTAL SELF-DESTRUCTION. In a phrase, this is not good for you. Maybe it makes you feel really noble, but in the end it drags you down. Don't be nice to women who want to destroy you.

    Now, what do I think should be done with REAL rapists, and I mean male or female? While I don't really care much about women being raped, since they don't care at all what happens to men, doesn't mean I think rape should go unpunished.

    I think Devil's Island should be opened again, and when vicious criminals prove they are not going to live in peace with their fellow citizens, nor follow the laws of the land, we should tell them, "Since you refuse to live in peace with your fellow man, refuse to follow the rules of civilizations, and choose to prey on your fellow citizens, we are going to send you to a place where there are no rules or law, no civilization. The bad news is you are likely going to be prey for those who are stronger and meaner than you are. Good luck."

    (Devil's Island was a good concept. The problem was the French government started sending people there for minor or political offenses, and eventually this abuse resulted in shutting it down. Just as abuses by the rape crisis nuts has resulted in a backlash against our rape laws.)

    And men who rape should undergo modern safe surgery to change there male bodies to usable female bodies, and send them to Devil's Island, where they can experience the delights of being used by the sexually frustrated men there for honeys. The rapists can still have sex; it will just be a totally different experience.

    The difference is, conviction would have to be beyond any reasonable doubt. No "he said; she said". No conviction only on the unsupported word of the accuser. No testimony accepted from women who have previously filed false charges.

    Also, any nut who comes into court with a long list of professional titles behind his or her name, and says 'women never lie about rape" would instantly be sent there as well.

    Need I say anyone convicted of false rape charges, or abetting false rape charges, would be sent there. Rules of evidence also beyond any reasonable doubt.

    In some cases, the issue is not if something is 'rape'. The issue is, do the taxpayers get involved? Do the citizens send a man to prison for many years in a stupid case? In many of the examples given by the rape nuts, the obvious answer is, NO WE DON'T!

    When a woman claims marital rape, the correct taxpayer response is: "You knew when you got married, in exchange for becoming owner of much of your husband's salary and future earnings, you had to shovel his ashes. Clearly, you have committed a fraud on the marriage system. And, since you have reneged on the marriage contract, your "now ex-" husband is hereby exempt from any duties and obligations toward you. If you can't take care of the kids without his help, he had best have them."

    I can think of two historical cases. One involved a woman who popped her drawers in front of a bunch of drunks in a bar and gave sex to a man right there on the floor, and the other drunks joined in the fun. The rape nuts went even crazier then normal. She should have been told, "You admit you popped your drawers in front of a bunch of drunks, and want us to spend millions of dollars prosecuting them and jailing them? That will be two years in prison for indecent conduct."

    About that time, there was another non-rape case. A woman was in bed, naked, with a man, for a couple hours, fondling each other. Once she got her aahes shoveled, she told him, "That's it. No more." He ended up in jail. I discussed it with my teen-age daughter, so she would have a sane perspective on such issues. I told her if she ever went to bed naked with a man, and they fondled each other for two hours, then she claimed she was raped, I would personally contribute to his defense fund. She married at age 29, and was almost certainly still a virgin. She has said how glad she waited.

    Since chemical tests show that most claims of date rape drugs are actually a woman who drank too much, conviction on this charge would require timely blood analysis, period, too bad for you. Lack of valid blood drug test would mean no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Is any of this going to happen? No, of course not. The nuts are too much in charge of this nation, and are incapable of regaining their sanity.

    I can't tell you exactly what is going to happen. I can give you the short list of options.

    1. Over a billion barbarians who treat their women much worse then we EVER did, want to kill us, and if they win, a lot of women are going to be raped and killed. Since George Bush is one of the few people in this country who understands we are in WWIII and should be fighting for our lives, we are going to lose WWIII. I expect we will have a city nuked in the next 6 years, maybe sooner if Israel doesn't nuke Iran first to stop Iran's threat of bombing Israel

    2. One woman at a time is figuring out feminist extremists are just as insane as I think they are. Even Germaine Greer, one of the original feminist nuts, has admitted her decision not to have kids to achieve true feminist Nirvana, was the biggest mistake of her life, and also the greatest tragedy. The current generation of women who expect to meet Mr. Right any day now, are going to be forced to listen to men explain why millions of them have sworn never to marry. Men can't organize to fight feminism, but angry, disillusioned lonely women can. Men as a group can't hit women, but angry women can.

    3. If the barbarians don't get us first, high divorce rates, low marriage rates, low birth rates, guarantee in the next generation the women of our nation will, on average, pass child-bearing age with no children, and this nation will began to die, just as Russia is dying, and Germany would be dying, but has opened the gates to immigrants. Those immigrants are heavily skewed towards the Muslims, who have been known to chop off the heads of adulterous women, not give them the house, the kids, the car, child support and alimony.

    You know what? I really don't care what happens to you, any of you, whether you are a nut or a mangina, nor even a nice guy. I am not there any more. I am in a society where women who commit the same crimes as men get exactly the same sentence. There is no free shot for a woman who claims she only committed a hocrime because she only committed a horrid crime because she was abused by her hsuband. Here, she does the crime, she does the time.

    My best friend was 'county police examiner' for 22 years. A while back, I told him that 60% of the rape charges in the US are lies. He was surprised, that is the same percentage he found here, since for that 22 years, he had to interrogate rape accusers. He helped send a lot of rapists to prison, but he also helped free falsely accused men.

    And, I am looking on my computer screen at a computer background photo of a 14 year old girl, cute and sweet, that I accidentally learned a few weeks ago is in love with me. She is not a skinny, gawky kid; I would describe her as somewaht Partonesque, but she is old-fashioned and innocent. Madonna has played no role in her life. No, I am not going to commit adultery with her, but it's not hard to love a place where a 64 year old man can learn a cute, intelligent, mentally healthy 14 year old girl is in love with him. I get all goose-bumpy just thnking about it. I definitely freaked out when I learned this. A woman friend in her late 40's told me this is not uncommon, she did the same thing at the same age, and not to panic, she will outgrow it eventually if I treat her no different, but she is learning what sort of man she wants to marry, instead of making a hormone based decision like most women do. But, my friend said, she will never forget me as long as she lives. I think that's so sweet.

    In the meantime, you guys are putting up with the 'all men are rapist crew', false rape charges, 50% divorce rate, refused visitation, male-bashing 24/7; child support payments made to adulterous women. What a great life!!!! Please carry on.

    Let me point out, though, that even the most ignorant, primitive, uneducated 'Negro' slave headed to Canada the first chance he or she got. So, what is you guy's problem? (Not Canada today; they only took in black slaves, not white ones.)

    Need I say Anonymous age 64?

  50. Hey, Anonoymous 64, the feminazis want you to stop being chivalrous too.

  51. I need a drink.

  52. My goodness, what a very clever play on my handle, anonymous. I never saw that one coming!

    Your points are, as usual, solid at the core, but surrounded by anger and the stupidity that breeds. You repeat what I said, with different handles, and then add something angry on the end of it to make it your own. Should women be allowed to ruin men, because rape has been loosely defined? No. Is it wrong for a woman to treat every man as though he is a crazed sex-fiend, or at least to speak of him that way? Yes. Is it wrong for a man to call all women who seek recognition of equal rights feminazis? Yes. Should anybody be allowed to pressure, cajole, intimidate, drug, inflict violence upon or threaten to inflict violence upon their spouses (or anybody else) to get sex?The "correct taxpayer response" is: No!

    If you don't care what happens to us, if my "noble attitude" (because God forbid I act like a civilized, rational adult) doesn't matter, why do you need to spew your hatred all over a public board? And good luck, us being invaded and taken over by these mythical barbarians, by the way.

    Oh, and just because my daughter didn't need to lie about her virginity doesn't make me any younger, dumber, or less able to articulate an opinion than you.

  53. Boy:

    So, you should not be _allowed_ to even cajole your WIFE into sex? OMFG call the swat team! We got a cajoler! Put down the flowers right now!! SLOWLY! You have the right to remain silent, any flattering remarks or charming arguments you make could be held against you...

    Do you even read what you write?

    _Allowed_ to pressure your Wife for sex? What the hell does that even mean? What is defined as pressure? Getting pissed after months of forced celibacy? Making one too many passes one night? Refusing to clean the bathroom, or buy her something she wants? And you should be prevented from doing that by the full force of law?

    You already covered intimidation, drugging, and violence in the same sentence, which I agree with, but what the hell do you mean with the rest?

    Am I reading this right? Cuz if so I'm gonna have to ask you to nut yourself, buy a loincloth and a big feather fan, and start waving it somewhere else.

  54. On second thought I don't even agree with a law against intimidation, unless there is concrete proof. With violence, there's proof, with drugs, there's evidence. With the availability of recording devices it shouldn't be hard to provide proof of threats or intimidation. NOTHING ON HER SAY SO ALONE.

  55. Ease off the caffeine, hot shot. I'm saying it's wrong to expect somebody to fuck just because somebody else says so. How this gets covered in the law is not such an easy answer, though I'm sure you've got it all figured out.

    Socially, it's pretty simple. If they've said "no", or if you've made it impossible for them to say "no", it's probably rape if you do it anyway. Of course, you've already said that you don't think a woman should be able to expect monetary support in a marriage, but neither do you want a woman who's strong-minded enough to seek her own career, so apparently what you actually want is somebody who's either completely devoid of self-esteem, catatonic, or made of plastic. In any of those cases, I'm sure they won't complain no matter how much you insist on having your way.

  56. Boy, does it take effort to be stupid, or does it just come naturally?

    You dipshits from FSSTD are really way out in left field they way you revise everything. Are you nitwits actually trying to discuss something or are you just here to be obtuse?

    No one says that women shouldn't excpect monetary support in marriage. EVERYONE says that a woman shouldn't be financially rewarded for breaking a LEGAL contract.

    This is a pretty simple concept. Are you simple, too?

    Why do you go on the internet? Do you little dipshits from FS-STD get your jollies from not actually discussing an issue, but from just seeing how much an annoying fuck you can be?

    Your lack of intelligence is so astounding that you must just be playing some little game. Do you masturbate to the screen when you see how stupid your comments are, or something? What's your motivation for being such a purposeful airhead - all of you STD'ers.

    Get a life already.

  57. Seriously, can't you be a little more original than 'mangina'? Are you even trying?

  58. Fuck Pete, just ban these morons. They are not even trying to discuss anything, but rather just are competing with eachother to see which is the biggest fucking moron on the web.

    There's no shame in not letting these cumstains have their say, because they have nothing to say.

  59. Boy:

    Well, you've backpedaled away from you previous position. I'm not sure how else to take "should not be allowed" other than in a legal sense. That's fine. It was a ludicrous position.

    Whether something is morally distasteful is a side issue, but it seems even some anti-fundies are ready and willing to legislate their version of morality these days.

    How do you make it _impossible_ for her to say no, short of using physical force? A woman, being the equal of a man, can always find a job and get the hell out of a situation. Hell, even if she has to sleep under a bridge it will only be another blow struck for women's equality in a male dominated profession, that of being homeless.

    Sure, in cases of actual violence there should be emergency shelters (for men and women alike), but in cases of feewing twapped wike i cyan't say no, tough shit. It's not in any way, shape or form rape. Distasteful, unfeeling, crumby, but not rape.

    Nobody said women shouldn't have a career, just observed that career women generally make worse wives. Statistical fact.

    Nobody balked at supporting a wife and mother who actually values her family and does the best she can. We just balk at subsidizing the ever increasing number who break up their families over trifles so they can "find themselves" at the expense of their husbands and children.

    Fifty Fifty custody, no need for alimony or child support. That simple.

    What's best for the children? Intact families. What does our family court system currently create by incentive? Broken homes. You can check this stat but I believe we're up to 2/3rds of all children being raised in single parent homes. Feminists and their supporters should be proud.

    Bah humbug.

  60. I'll give you that one, my phrasing was poor. And yes, I was in fact referring to physical force or the like in the "impossible to say no", although it is possible to frighten somebody enough without actually inflicting bodily harm on them.

    It's still rape, son--just because it isn't backed by physical evidence doesn't mean sex wasn't forced on them. Confronted by a seven-foot man (or woman) with a gun to your head can scare you into doing just about anything, as a for instance, without them actually shooting you. If you hand over your wallet, is it still robbery? If they have you take down your pants and do you like a monkey, is it still rape? You betcha.

    The legal system is trying to work out a means to solidify something that can have little physical evidence. I don't envy them the task. Are crazy-ass feminists helping matters? Not at all, and no more than people who say "hey, I'll rape anybody I want to!" As I said in my first post, I don't agree with either extreme, it's stupid and ugly.

    Moving onto the topic you brought up, I agree. 50/50 split, and full joint custody regardless of gender, unless either of them have a history of neglect or violence. Women who needlessly break up families are just exactly as shitty as men who do the same, and it's tragic that the court, and people in general, tend to side with the woman. Tragic and, often, disasterous.

  61. Boy:

    You seem determined to misrepresent my position. Brandishing a weapon is already a criminal act of violence. Threat of deadly force is legally equivalent to the USE of non-deadly force and of course that situation would be rape. Never said it wasn't.

    Not sure how the height plays into that scenario. If it were a two-foot tall dwarf holding a .44 Magnum to your head, you wouldn't start feeling lucky... well, would ya, punk?

    As for the legal system trying to work things out, hah. As it stands now, any woman can falsely accuse any man and destroy his life, even if he isn't convicted. The Duke three have had their lives turned upside down by a stripper/call-girl. Lucky for them they come from wealthy families who can afford a protracted legal battle against the state. Imagine the fate of a blue-collar guy in the same predicament -- up shit's creek.

    Ask yourself this. Who suffers worse? The actual female rape victim or the man falsely convicted of rape.

    Her ordeal will be over in minutes or hours, in extreme cases days. Certainly she may have some psychological problems that will haunt her for years.

    His ordeal will continue for years and years in prison, an experience that will likely include several beatings and rapes, and when he gets out he'll be identified as a sexual predator for the rest of his life, an unemployable social pariah hounded from pillar to post for the rest of his days. He might also develop some psychological problems.

    Weighing that, it's clear to my an accuser should face a pretty high bar, higher than it is currently.

  62. Hey Pete,

    Here's a page you may find interesting,it's when Lucifer calls the rest of his infernal forces against you here.

  63. And you seem to ignore me when I say I agree, so I have to assume I'm missing something in what you're saying. As it stands? Yes, it's ugly. It's a piss-poor thing for a woman to do, accusing an innocent man of rape. But you know, there's also quite a lot of men out there who aren't accused or are acquitted, because there wasn't sufficient physical evidence or a girl was afraid to testify. I'm glad women feel more capable of standing up and saying something if they've been raped, and I wish there was a lot less social stigma attached to a man standing up for the same thing. You've mentioned several times about coming from a prison town, and that's certainly a point. But there's plenty of cases outside of that in which a man's been forcibly coerced into sex, and talk about not having physical evidence, and being laughed down for calling it rape.

    Asking who suffers worse between a raped woman and a falsely accused male is like asking who suffers worse between an amputee and an head trauma victim. It's two completely different things, and it's belittling to both to try and draw parallels. It's also entirely unrelated to the subject of what is wrong with the legal system, unless you're suggesting that a raped person should not have legal recourse at all to stop the possibility of accusation. Besides the fact that your representation of a woman's rape ordeal is entirely innaccurate, the labelling of any person is unfortunate.

    As for an earlier comment, you said that the morality was a side issue, which is blatantly false. Legal systems are based on morals, on what's right and wrong. It's trying to prove it to a judge and/or jury that muddles it, and not just in rape/accused rape or even male vs. female cases. It's an imperfect system, and people get lost in it, and it's horrible. But until people stop being assholes and robbing, murdering, raping, or falsely accussing people of all three, we need something. If people choose to be immoral, then society has to enforce morality upon them, and unfortunately most of the enforcers are as morally bankrupt as the accused.

  64. Sup Masculist Man, I saw that thread a long time ago. I was following it actually, and that's where I got the notion that Archangel_Lucifer and the other guy weren't here to share thoughts, just to troll.

    Even when they were claiming to be on our side, that was to get Rob et al to stop attacking them and kinda try to paint a caricature of what a fundie is, not because they were actually interested in debate.

    And he gives himself too much credit for being disruptive. It took just a few minutes to get rid of all the blog entries, takes a lot less time to click "Delete" than it does to type up all the ravings he came up with. ;-)

  65. Boy:

    You're taking what I said out of context. The remark I made about morality was in re to a very specific situation in a marriage about pressuring one's wife for sex -- that though it might be ethically abhorent it shouldn't be a matter for law enforcement because it involves no physical force. I thought we saw eye to eye on that.

    I disagree that you cannot compare a rape victim to a falsely convicted man. I fall on the side of the falsely convicted man's lot being the very much worse one, for reasons I've already clearly stated.

    Women have been doing this for years: elevating feelings over facts and emotion over reason, claiming that men cannot possibly understand their unimaginable level of suffering -- all the while diminishing mens' suffering.

    You refuse to make the comparison, but it is a time honored principle to seek out the lesser of two evils, especially on thorny issues like this one. These issues have to be faced if we're expecting to accomplish anything more than hand-wringing.

    I've agreed with a plenty of what you've said, just haven't felt the need to point it out. For instance, violent rape sucks. Anything I haven't picked on specifically go ahead and consider you have my provisional agreement.

  66. "Seriously, can't you be a little more original than 'mangina'? Are you even trying? "

    Hey if the shoe fits.


  67. Wow, looks like I stepped in Usenet bitterness over here!

    I'm struck by what a truly moronic conversation this is, not that it isn't valuable, but more that we should realize that this whole thing is very easily fixed: Men, start staying way the hell away from women. Oh wait! I didn't realize it, but avoiding women at all costs will soon no doubt be added the the ever-expanding definition of rape, or maybe "sexual harassment" since even the mighty feminist pretzel-logic might have a hard time trying to figure out how to include avoiding sex, actually means forcing sex. They might actually have to settle for avoidance as part of the ever-expanding definition of sexual harassment.

    Seriously, it's out of control. A husbands affection for his wife is now considered coercion. Guys, it's time to pack our bags and refuse to get involved with women. Probably, one of two things will happen: baby-rabies will eventually vindicate us, as women turn on feminism for the way that feminism tried to ruin heterosexual relationships for everybody, or I will laugh my ass off when the Sharia law is adopted in North America, and I get to watch adulterous, child murdering feminists being beheaded live on TV. Heck maybe I'll get to see an occasional side dish of public floggings of feminists for lesser offenses. Normally I'd be willing to put on a uniform to try prevent the latter option, the floggings and beheadings, but the more these guys post, the more I see insane feminist indoctrination, the more I want to say "Screw it, I'm getting a prayer-rug. How does that Muslim pledge go? Isn't it, there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet?" Yeah there you go.

    With all due respect to anon 64, I'm a happily married 25, so I'm probably going to witness the takeover by our Islamic masters, and I intend to survive it.

  68. Well, thanks for having a mostly-reasonable discussion with me on this. I agree with a lot of what you say, particularly about the inequality of men's representation, I just disagree with what you think should be done about it. I also disagree with what you see as a man's rights to his wife, but since me and mine have a rich and full sexual life and she's not a crazy bitch out for my money or sanity (if I had any), I suppose I haven't had the chance to build up a real good supply of vitriol.

    Sorry for cluttering up your page, Pete, though I still think you're a bit of a mad fucker.

  69. Hello Rob, I have a question for you: in what case is rape or domestic abuse warranted? I'm just trying to see things from your perspective.


  70. I'm pretty sure that Rob is not advocating either domestic violence or rape. Where do you see him saying that it is warranted in some cases?

    The problem comes when domestic violence includes controlling the money and rape includes making love after two glasses of wine. Oh and the Duluth model, which says that the man is always the perpetrator and the woman is always the victim.

  71. Pete, do you really think so? This is what made me wonder:

    "We don't give a shit about Domestic Violence anymore either, get it? Since the definition of Abuse is no longer physically beating someone, but rather has become arguing, shouting, arguing over money OR EVEN CRITICIZING CLOTHING... then why the fuck should we care - hell, I say abuse the hell out of women!

    Feminists made the definitions of abuse and rape watered down to mean almost anything they wanted, and women said nothing to stop them. Therefore, rape and abuse away, I say!"
    --Rob Fedders

    How is this NOT a promotion of--or at the very least, sympathy for-- rape and/or domestic violence?

  72. In your mind, where the slightest criticism of women is misogyny, he is condoning horrific abuses on the level of Dachau and the Holocaust.

    To the rest of us, he is saying "Continue to argue with women since arguing is not domestic violence to any sane person" and "Continue to entice and seduce women, since seducing is not rape."

    But if you're not interested in our viewpoint, only in arguing, you won't see the logic.

    I also sort of agree with this: "Feminists made the definitions of abuse and rape watered down to mean almost anything they wanted, and women said nothing to stop them. Therefore, rape and abuse away, I say!"

    If women didn't give men the common courtesy of not having them booked for "crimes" of this nature, why should men give women the courtesy of not raping and abusing? Because they have the pussy?

  73. OK, Pete...

    First, I don't appreciate being told what constitutes misogyny in my mind. You are not a mind-probe.

    Second, if a man criticizes the way I dress, the way I speak, the way I brush my hair, etc., I don't think it's verbal abuse. I don't need a man's approval to feel good about myself, so why should I even care?

    Now, if the same man comes up to me, says, "yo, bitch, I don't like that skirt," and proceeds to beat me over the head with a, ch'yeah, THAT is abuse and I'm going to tell the cops (or mash him in the nads first, then tell the cops if I haven't been knocked out).

    Third, I agree, seduction is not rape. If I'm dumb enough to let a man I don't like into my pants voluntarily, then that's my problem. However, if I end up pregnant as a result, you'd better believe I will have him paying child support (notice I said CHILD SUPPORT, not ALIMONY).

    However, if Stapler Man proceeds to rape me after beating me unconcious, I will not hesitate to tell the cops (if my fiance doesn't castrate him first).

  74. Why should a man have to pay for the bastard spawn that solely you decide to have and raise? Why should he have to give 400+ hours of his sweat and toil per year for eighteen years because of your unilateral decision? That kinda time makes a few hours of labor and childbirth look like a cakewalk in comparison. What about his body, his choice?

    It's nothing more than slavery. Women have all the options, men get all the responsibilites, as usual.

  75. Hi Anonymous,

    I have been nothing but polite in my posts, is this really the kind of response I deserve? Oh well, moving right along...

    Hmm, did you read the part of my previous reply in which I said, "Child support, not alimony"? I work for a living, it's not as if I would (hypothetically) be sitting around all day while the man funds our child singlehandedly. In the real world, a man typically doesn't walk up to a woman and say, "hey sexy, wanna go halfies on bastard spawn?" Indeed, it does take two to tango. If a man does half the work to make a baby, I see no reason why he should not pay half the cost of raising his child. That is really the bare minimum of what he should do for his kid, too: one should ideally want to be an active part of his son or daughter's life. For all the complaining we hear from the Right Wing about how "a child needs a mother AND a father," simply paying child support and nothing more really shouldn't be sufficient.

    Of course, I do think that the child's mom and dad should agree on whether or not to keep the child (as opposed to letting a financially, mentally, emotionally, etc. stable couple adopt him or her). However, this does not always happen. What do you think of divorced couples in which the mother is awarded custody of the youngsters? Should their father be required to pay child support then? After all, the children of a married couple are not usually "bastard spawn."

    Likewise, if the father raises the children, I think the mother should have to, at the very least, pay child support. Compromise goes both ways, and I think I am being perfectly reasonable here.

    Fortunately, however, I will be married relatively shortly and do not have to worry about getting knocked up by a random guy.

  76. MJ,

    What can I say to someone who comes her with the intention of being obtuse in the face of plain logic.

    You cannot flip flop between all the various forms of DV and rape.

    Log into a government sponsored DV site and read their definitions of abuse. It labels ALL responsibility on men and it now includes such broad definitions such as arguing over finance, criticisms of clothing, psychological abuse and even contracting an std. Yes, various forms of these things in their MOST EXTREME could constitute abuse - but any reasonable person would acknowledge that in the vast majority of cases, THIS IS NOT ABUSE. And furthermore, women are just as responsible for it as men are - yet the "official line" is that men are doing it to maintain women's oppression. What fucking nonsense. They make it seem that all these women are abused physically by a psycho male when in fact only a small portion of "abuse" cases are actually like this - and an even smaller percentage are done out of pure maliciousness, as it is proven BEYOND A DOUBT that women initiate physical violence slightly more than men. And even out "physical abuse", out of "reported" abuse - physical abuse is miniscule given the ever expanding definition of abuse.

    What's next? Sending men to prison for MURDERING a bug? It's killing isn't it? I won't take murder seriously either if they water it down that much - would you?

    By your coming here and spouting your obtuse bullshit, YOU are complicit in allowing the TRUE victims of DV to go unheard, because they are drowned out by the shrill screaching of your ilk who feel that any unpleasantness in normal heterosexual relationships can be viewed as abuse, if you look hard enough. This mentality exists only to get more funding for those in the DV INDUSTRY, not for the benefit of women OR men. You, MJ, are just another useful idiot who bought into the lies out of your own desire to believe in victimology.

    Grow up.

    And for rape, if women like you refuse to acknowledge the injustice of charging men with rape that sleep with women who've been drinking - while also refusing to acknowledge the lack of rape laws should the genders be reversed... well fuck you too! YOU are responsible for allowing REAL rape victims going unnoticed.

    And don't go off with the "well if a woman is passed out, it is rape" argument. What fucking nonsense arguments people like you come up with. Of course that would be wrong. But people LIKE YOU never speak up, nor care, that feminists and the law refuse to clearly state just how many drinks constitutes too many... they purposefully leave it open so that a man has the potential to be charged with rape for sleeping with a woman who has had perhaps 4 or 5 drinks - something which occurs constantly and IS DEFINETELY CONSENTUAL - except if it goes to court.

    The same woman would be charged with drunk driving and held responsible, but in cases of sex she no longer responsible AND THE MAN IS CHARGED WITH RAPE AND LIABLE FOR THE AVERAGE DOZEN FUCKING YEARS IN PRISON A RAPIST SERVES!

    What fucking part of that don't you understand, MJ? Women like you being purposefully dense about these issues are harming REAL victims far more than the "Patriarchy" and at the same time you are proving that men were right for all of those thousands of previous years with their assumptions that women cannot handle abstract concepts such as justice.

    Prove men wrong, I dare you.

    As for your thoroughly sexist and male bashing ranting and raving about child support and the like, I will refer you to Angry Harry's article on the subject of which you ignorantly speak, for I quickly tire of people like you:

    Grow the fuck up, MJ. If you don't call women on stupid and watered down cases of DV and Rape, then don't expect men to take DV and Rape seriously - and certainly don't expect me to take you seriously. Why, I might just give you yet another form of DV by telling you to FUCK OFF!

  77. I need to grow up? Your post consisted of insults and pure hatred, absolutely nothing scholarly or mature about that. Not that I particularly care, I tend not to get too worked up over intenet clowns like yourself. I never said 90% of the things you accuse me of saying. If you're too flat-out ignorant to see how asinine you are being, it isn't my problem.

    Tell me, why do you think that ANYTHING that you've said has a mite of meaning to me? You're a clown. If you hate women so much, get neutered. We all win that way.

  78. MJ,

    No-one forced you to come here and spew your ignorant sexist bile at us and then complain that we are of little meaning to you.

    Victomology and low intelligence spews from morons like you, and quite frankly I can't be bothered to present un-motivated idiots like you with the mounds of evidence that is out there proving what a pack of filthy lies you believe in.

    Ever heard of Google? Use it!

    Keep walking, you ignorant clown.

  79. MJ: I said nothing about alimony or children born in wedlock. You said " --you'd better believe I will have him paying child support (notice I said CHILD SUPPORT, not ALIMONY)." Basicly you said that you'd entrap a guy over a one night stand to foot the bill for a baby YOU ALONE decided to have, a baby he never wanted, a decision impacting his life for the next 18 years and affecting his ability to raise children he actually WANTS in a real family. You have choice, he has none. Where's the equality?

    Either men should be able to opt out or women should not be allowed to have abortions. You play you pay right? Either option would be more equal than it is now.

  80. Sup Masculist Man, I saw that thread a long time ago. I was following it actually, and that's where I got the notion that Archangel_Lucifer and the other guy weren't here to share thoughts, just to troll.

    How's it going,Pete? I really got to say I like a lot of what you're saying here and especially for what anonymous 64 has to say since it mirrors a lot of what I've said for a long time on the net.

    This is back when other "MRA's?" wanted to play nice to feminists (never mind these same feminists would have no problems see those "MRA's?" dead) so they label me an extremist,an embarassment to the movement and they even accused me of being a NOW plant. Their insulting me did little but point out who the manginas are in the movement. The moderates can play "diplomacy" when the war is over and our rights are restored until then it's going to be the militants who get these freedoms restored.

  81. she's not a crazy bitch out for my money or sanity (if I had any), I suppose I haven't had the chance to build up a real good supply of vitriol.

    As long as she's wearing that strap-on and going up your ass you're happy but the rest of us are not like that and the only way you're ever going to get a girl pregnant is if you fart your boyfriend's sperm into her pussy. You,archangel loserfer and aerahead all seem to be of the same mangina stuff and you all seem to be taking it in the backdoor "mangina" too.

  82. How is this NOT a promotion of--or at the very least, sympathy for-- rape and/or domestic violence?


    Do you critisize the women who laughingly make castration jokes,engaging in actual castration or engage in anti-male domestic violence or do you just come here to bust our balls hoping to impress some feminists into giving it up to you?

    Let me ask you this:

    Did they offer to give it up in the past in exchange for support (and this is the same crowd that is against prostitution and the legalization of it. :rolls eyes: )?


    Did they deliever on this?


    What makes you think this is any different? Damn it dude look at their trackrecord and open your eyes. If they lied to you about that they'll lie to you about anything.

    Quit fucking being a mangina.

  83. To the rest of us, he is saying "Continue to argue with women since arguing is not domestic violence to any sane person" and "Continue to entice and seduce women, since seducing is not rape."

    This reminds me about a few years ago about one of the articles in some woman's magazine,where it was titled (I believe) "When seduction turns to rape". I just had to lmao after reading that. This article is chick "logic?" in action.

  84. MJ,

    You're a woman,not a mangina,my bad. So instead of hearing these promises you probably made them.

    How many manginas did you hook with them?

  85. You don't have to be a fundie to be on fstdt. You can also be racist or sexist.

    "We don't give a shit about Domestic Violence anymore either, get it? Since the definition of Abuse is no longer physically beating someone, but rather has become arguing, shouting, arguing over money OR EVEN CRITICIZING CLOTHING... then why the fuck should we care - hell, I say abuse the hell out of women! "

    There are more types of abuse than physical abuse. Anything that is negative can be considered abuse. such as, "you're stupid", "you're ugly", etc...

  86. To the poster above, what was the point in posting an ambiguous comment a year after the discussion ended.

    Your post may be interpreted two ways:
    1. You are saying that Abuse can be anything that has negative affects. If this is so, then how are we to make laws about such abstract, undefinable and unenforceable concepts. And how is a person supposed to not abuse another on this loose definition. One person's compliment may be another's criticism.

    However, if your comment was to show the absurdity of the term abuse, and how it has been reduced to an almost meaningless abstraction, then I cannot but agree more.

  87. You like rape so much moron? Go visit prison. I'm sure you would love it.

  88. Oh look, its That Guy. Two years late to the discussion.

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