Friday, January 26, 2007

Why Men Are The Way They Are

I just got this book from the library after a two-month wait. I'll be reading it avidly, I've gone through the preface and I like what I see so far. If anyone wants to read books about the men's movement, be sure to look at your local library if you don't want to buy. Membership is most likely free, and a lot of libraries seem to have these books - at least Warren Farrell's most famous ones.

I think Dr. Farrell is a really great writer for the MRA movement. He is tempered, even and I think his style of writing appeals to women a lot, so his writing is good for recommending to others who are interested in listening to our message.

While there is a place for more anger-fuelled and vitriolic writing, the more toned down version is great for reaching a wider audience. Unfortunately, misandry sells a lot more than reasoned debate, which is why pretty much any book relating to gender or relationships written by a feminazi (which included Warren Farrell before he "turned") is so full of man-hating and man-blaming, and leads to a lot of man-blaming and man-shaming. Says something about women doesn't it, when pretty much any trinket, card or book that sells itself on the basis of hating an entire sex pretty much has a guaranteed audience... its sickening, just how much misandry is instilled in people - both men and women.

I've also been meaning to read the two books by Christina Hoff Sommers and one by Judith Levine that I have, hopefully I will get around to those soon.

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  1. I know it's true for me, and I suspect for a lot of men, that the vitriol is actually good therapy for US. To heck with what man-haters and manginas think about us. They hate us either way.

    It is very demeaning and depressing for any human being to have to smile submissively as he is called every name in the book and has every imaginable insult cast at him. Ask an old black man who lived in Mississippi in the Fifties if you don't believe me -- or any intelligent male under 40 years old who lives in an English speaking country.

    From plenty of personal experience, I assure you it is great therapy to write something that translates into two middle fingers pointed towards the sky.

    I, too, was often told I had no credibility with my vitriolic comments. I realized, of course, that as a white male in the US, nothing I could possibly say would be granted credibility except for 100% agreement with those who want to see us all dead. That gave me a feeling of absolutely nothing to lose, so I simply fired away. I referred openly, in letters to the editor, to the local newspaper as the Daily Feminist, and at times used the terms 'liars' when they lied.

    I read in the Fifties that in Russian culture is the belief that 'when you have taken away everything a man has, you have set him free.' I believe it.

    If you want to write vitriol, fire away, unless it can cost you your employment, (I am retired), you can't be any more hated than you are now, and it will be good for your soul to fire back.

    I can not disagree with your comments about Farrell, but he has been writing for a long time, and things have only worsened for men. He does his thing and I do mine. He earns money, and I feel good about myself; it doesn't get any better than that.

    Anonymous age 64