Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rape Rape Rape

Sarah just left a comment on the Rapist checklist article here. Since this article is a couple of days old, I thought I'd make a new post instead of commenting on an older one.

You know, I have a big problem with "If you are [x] then you must act like [z]." Really gets my goat. I'll act how I bloody well want bitch, why do women try to control how we should act by saying, "Well you're a good boy and good boys don't act like that do they now?"

Well hon, guess what. I was the sort of nice guy who'd prefer not to place my orgasm over the risk of raping someone, whatever the hell that means. Loony sentence fragment anyone? Now I just am not so sure. Who knows? Maybe someday I will put my orgasm over the risk of raping someone! Unpredictable! Exciting! I'm such a badboy!

Maybe I am sexist against men! Maybe I'm a MHMRA - Man Hating Men's Rights Activist! Look at my blog, its clear that I hate men!

In short, I don't need your laundry list of admonishments. I'll rape whoever I want, whenever I want, however I want.

And I have lots of friends who rape, in fact that's what we do on Friday nights, the whole Patriarchy dresses up and rapes the town red!

Who have you raped today?

Sarah, make up your mind.

Sleep/unconsciousness is not consent, though prior arrangement in the context of an ongoing relationship is obviously an exception.
Consent to previous sexual activity does not entitle one to future sexual activity.

So which is it, Princess Want-it-All?

This bit is great, "Yes after extensive nagging and duress is not true consent." So when the girlfriend nags me into an engagement ring, and then nags me into a marriage, what does that make the marriage contract, that agreement to provide for her through sickness and health? Null and void, right?

NOT. (Borat)

Oh wait, I bet the only thing that counts in your mind is the woman, and since she controls the sex, that's what you'll latch on to. Men who are beaten and mugged, err falsely accused of rape can learn through the experience, right?

No sane man has anything against rape the way it is clasically defined. Get that into your thick skull, which is probably filled with used motor oil and dead chipmunks. In fact, the only reason men are so quiet about the ongoing criminalizing of basically any sexual contact is because they are giving women the benefit of the doubt.
Lord knows that any man who is not a rich frat boy is thinking over and over with his new squeeze, man I hope this one doesn't turn on me, I'd be like a gerbil in a cobra's cage.

"May I squeeze your breastesses ma'am?"



  1. If your girlfriend nags you into an engagement ring and into a marriage in such a way that you feel pressured into obedience that's more than just 'no pussy forever' (physical strength, economic circumstances, social pressure--anything that she's got on her side making you go along with her), then you are in an abusive relationship. I extend you my sympathies and sincerely hope that you're able to find help. (Because this is probably going to come up, women's shelters were started by women and the majority of abusers are male--I'm all for male and unisex shelters, but I think it's fair enough that some women want to restrict their shelters for that reason. Good for MRAs who choose to spend their resources on shelters rather than attacking women.)

    Women lie about rape in a not dissimilar fashion to women and men who lie about any other crime. There's a stigma attached to it--how would you like to tell a court of law precisely what were you doing before your girlfriend shoved her strapon into you against your will, and had you previously enjoyed anal penetration, and why did you let her?--that makes it difficult for women to report, and feminists choose to be supportive of women pressing rape charges because of this. (Please note that "I believe you were raped until proven otherwise" does not mean the same thing as "I believe you were raped and were 100% correct in the identity parade".)

    Re:sleepsex, I was thinking about the preference I've seen some people express for being woken up by sex. If that's your thing and you agree on it with the other person, great! But generally speaking a long-term partnership doesn't mean one party's entitled to sex when the other isn't in the mood/too unconscious/too drunk (usual exceptions of yes-because-I-care-about-you, do-me-in-my-sleep, let's-both-get-really-drunk-for-fun).

  2. I believe it was Erin Pizzey who founded the first domestic violence shelter. She said right from the beginning that women were just as violent and sometimes more so than their partners. Guess what happened? She was harassed by feminists, bomb scares and death threats were made, it got so bad that her and her family actually moved to another country. There have been numerous studies since then saying the same thing. Women do commit abuse and they commit it at the same rates as men. Funny how those studies get swept under the rug in todays society.

  3. Damn Pete, there should be a law against escaped mental patients accessing the internet. They never have anything senseible to say.


  4. Yeah, Panzer, see my comments on the previous rape posting. I am convinced after a lot of time outside the US feminist bloc that truly virtually ALL American women are clinically insane. Some are less so than others, but they are all nuts.

    Let's sing a lullaby to the sweet and lovable Sarah.

    Old Mcdonald had a rape.E-I-E-I-O.
    Here a rape; there a rape; everywhere a rape; rape; E-I-E-I-O.

    The really interesting thing about marital rape laws is, they took away the only remaining benefit men receive from marriage. LET ME SPELL THIS OUT FOR SIMPLE SARAH. THERE IS NO BENEFIT FOR MEN TO MARRY. NONE!

    Women pretend they don't care to marry because they don't want anyone to know how desperate they are to marry. But, I see in the stores by the cash register magazines with cover headlines, HOW TO GET HIM TO MAKE A COMMITMENT. And, the women look around to see if anyone is looking, and if they don't see me looking they slide that thing into the pile of purchases.

    For five thousand years, women have understood when they married a man, they give blanket consent to sex. Sleeping; bad mood; whatever. At times they don't want sex, but if their husband takes it while they sleep, they never thought it was rape - until you fiends told them it was. They might complain, but they never once thought it was a felony because they understood when they married he had the legal right to sex.

    Do you think most men are desperate to marry so they can give you fiends all their money and receive ABSOLUTE FRIGGIN' ZERO in exchange? That is the current status of modern women looking for husbands.

    Anonymous age 64

  5. For a long time Erin Pizzey's book, PRONE TO VIOLENCE, was online since the lovely feminists such as Sarah, threatened to kill her and her kids for telling the truth about female role in domestic violence. then, a few years ago, her book was allowed to be distributed.

    They ran out of published copies, and if you google, you can again find the entire text online.

    While fiends like Sarah believe women are saints, Pizzey dicovered of the first 100 women who came to her first DV center, 50 were the most violent people she had ever met.

    Anonymous age 64.

  6. Anonymous age 64, you are a misogynist fuck who doesn't pay attention to what people actually say. Sarah admitted to women being capable of abuse, in case you hadn't noticed, and in no way ever said that women were saints. She just realizes what rape and coercion are.

    You, on the other hand, think that marriage robs women of the right to be able to consent. Hello? No means no, in ANY context. Do you think it goes both ways? Is the wife allowed to have sex if the husband doesn't want to? Did he also give up that right to consent? If not, then why should the woman have to have sex if she doesn't want to? Rape is rape, whether you are married or a prostitute, because PEOPLE ARE NOT PROPERTY. And even men can be raped, but it is not talked about nearly as much because it is not as common. If a man is raped, the woman (or man) who did it should receive the same punishment as a man who rapes a woman.

  7. I agree. The definition of 'rape' has been greatly enlarged to the point that full discretion is given to the woman. The problem is that there are so many false accusations, is that a woman is effectively given an unfair advantage. There have even been documented cases in which the woman actually had fully consensual sex with the man, but then had a dispute with him afterward, but then the woman falsely accuses him of rape.

    Justice should be blind, not female leaning, nor male leaning. That is true equality, because a tilt in either direction is tyranny.

  8. Hey Shanleigh, if you ever come back here, read Maddogs 4:14pm post, thats what were fighting against.


  9. Hey Mad Dog, you have stairs in your house too??

  10. Hey shanlayonherback,
    "Rape is rape, whether you are married or a prostitute, because PEOPLE ARE NOT PROPERTY."

    Tell that to the divorce courts and child support enforcement. They don't seem to have any problem treating men like workhorses to be used and discarded or thrown in jail for non-payment of arbitrary, crippling child support.

  11. i agree mad dog, it is unfair that some women can abuse the law. it makes women who have been raped for real less likely to be believed by other people

    the problem is as i see it, is a lot of people burned by the laws, only see it from their view point and never see the good they do.

    as a society who do we favor more in people? aggression and compition or non-aggression and working together?
    i would say aggression, who's more aggressive men or women? i think everyone can anwer this

    the leaning toward women in the law is trying to balance out the fact that most of the time men are considered more than women, some variables differ depending on what the context is, but men tend to have a leg up on women, because of whos in charge

    the rape laws are held over men because men rape woman and commit violence more than women do, and you can't rape a man really, you can sexually abuse them though.

    i agree justice should be blind,but people are not, there is too much socal stigma for claiming to be raped, most of the time women are not believed, its changing though,

    it has tipped to the otherside though, i hope someday it will balance out where each side will not be given unfair treatment

    as for pete, i only see one problem with what you say, if the parents wanted to stay together the man would still have to pay to raise the child, and for some mothers they really do need it
    from your virol you seem to have been burned by this law?

    the laws are not that old as far as i know, so it may need some checks and balances
    but its not arbitrary and if the dad cared enough he would pay on his own, but since there are problems with doing so, he can't

    but he helped make this child and he should take care of it or find someone who would, but since the law only says he can, well there you go

  12. shanleigh,

    Marriage means the wife cannot ration sex while her husband cannot ration protection and provision.

    If married men don't have any right to sex, married women don't have any right to be protected or provided for for men. By the way, this means that government handouts and police are off limits because they are either male creations or manned almost exclusively by men. Never mind the fact that almost every standing structure around you is MAN-made....

    Ironically, your refusal to submit to the occasional needs of a man necessarily exposes you to the danger of being raped, without protection or support from any man.



    Women are becoming fucking ridiculous. Who gives a shit what they say, 94% of them have no problem lying anyway...

  15. the rape laws are held over men because men rape woman and commit violence more than women do, and you can't rape a man really, you can sexually abuse them though.

    Bullshit,men can be raped and it has been documented as well.

  16. I just came back here by google, and was curious to see this again. Hotshot Shanleigh seems to be 14 years old, and in her opinion is filled with the wisdom of the ages. She called me a misogynist fuck, her words, because I don't agree with her stupid, insane definition of rape. She, a prime misandrist fiend, is an example for those who for unknown reasons believe younger women are better than their misandrist older sisters.

    Okay, stupid, let me say this again. When a woman marries, she well knows she is giving blanket consent to sex, or she is committing fraud.

    This flippant broad definition of rape to include marital sex if the man forgets to say SIMON SAYS belittles the suffering of women who have experienced real rape.

    Don't marry in the US, guys, and don't bring a foreign woman to the States. These fiends are insane. Let this misandrist fiend wallow in her STD's and enjoy her cats.

    Anonymous age 65