Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why do I find these things?

Why do I find these things? - this was the name of a blog entry I found recently, discussing li'l ol' me, of all people. Here's the link. Well dear, you better deal with the fact that you'll be "finding" a lot more men like me who refuse to bow to the feminist juggernaut and are going their own way and blasting feminism and feminist laws and the women who use/abuse them.

Now we know these stupid cat herding feminazis can't stomach a contrary opinion no matter what, and the comments section proves that with the very first comment.

2007-01-10 10:12 am UTC (link)
Dreadful link. I hope its still up to be admitted in his trial.
Ooooh, a feminazi kangaroo court is going to try me for remote control trolling and castrate, draw and quarter me!! Ooh, I'm so scared!!

But wait, I thought I hated men too??! What now? Oh, now come the predictable fembot bingo game - I'm a loser who sits in his mother's basement (never the father's basement, probably because I'm a product of a feminazi domineering mother who divorced as soon as she felt she could get the maximum reward), I have a small penis, et cetera.

And its scary to like children if you're a man, because you obviously are going to molest and abuse them.

Go away you goddamn troll. Oh, and I put a comment on her site, let's see if the bitch posts it.

EDIT: No, not only has she not posted it, she has also IP-banned me from the site as evidenced in the comments. I didn't expect too much of feminists like her in this regard and she delivered, in spades.

Anyway, here's another comment: "Why do they think it's so funny to joke about violence against women (hey, it's not like it's common compared to female violence against men!) and at the same time shame women for reporting it?"

Hey, its not like DV against men is underreported and underacknowledged! Its not like mandatory arrest laws ensure that the man gets a rap sheet no matter if he's bleeding, missing vital organs or body parts! As long as there's a female and a male in the situation, its clear who will get hauled to prison. Its not like feminazis like her would be the first to say "loser, no balls, pansy" if the man actually went to the police to report his SO's physical, mental and verbal abuse (hitting and nagging). And here's the strawman of shaming women who report rape. Needless to say, just like anything that comes out of a feminist's mouth, this is pretty much the truth turned 180° - i.e. the complete opposite of the truth, which is that females shame men who report rape.

" That's the thing that gets me about the, "Can't you take a joke?" thing. Um, rape is funny, huh? Bend over, let's see."
I won't bend over, rape is making me bend over. See, this is why false rape accusations are so common - consent is taken to mean rape by females.

"They (sound like) they're really hoping to be able to rape someone, only they don't wanna call it that"
Like I said, I'll rape whoever I want, whenever I want, however I want! So how many women do we rape this Friday night, Patriarchy? Let's make it a game! Instead of cooperating, we'll compete, because that's what males do, am I right? I really hope I can rape a few bitches and get a good score, man!


  1. Don't worry. :) I never said you were a rapist, and I never mentioned your penis. (God, I don't even want to.) Is there some Freudian reason why you interpret my words as that?

    Also, going now! You presumably have my IP address; feel free to do the same to me as I've done on my blog--ban.


  2. Hey Pete this is getting juicy! Oh not her mangina, I mean this Here's a good link for you Sarah!

  3. Also, going now! You presumably have my IP address; feel free to do the same to me as I've done on my blog--ban.

    I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you that a feminazi would ban, censor and generally act like a Stalin wannabe when confronted with an opinion that doesn't completely agree with her.

  4. Congratulations on being condemned by the feminist ogres, Pete. I'm envious.

    No-one kicks a dead dog.

  5. "I never said you were a rapist, and I never mentioned your penis. (God, I don't even want to.)"

    What other meaning does "trying to overcompensate for something" have? I naturally assumed the worst, because you're a feminist and we can only expect the most hateful bile to spew forth from your every orifice.

  6. Rob man, no worries. We all have our dog days.