Saturday, February 10, 2007


I was going through the Eternal Bachelor, and reading the comments on A Trio of Articles, I came across a comment by Anonymous age 64, in which he says that:

is why I have always taken issue with those men who claim that you have a better chance when marrying foreign women.


Sure you do, but you gotta' be smarter than a rock. Using the example of two dummies who married women from two of the most screwed up nations in the world tells us nothing about women in other countries.

Also, just because the further you get from the English speaking and European countries your odds go up, doesn't mean you can simply marry the first attractive woman you see and expect success. AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT MOST MEN DO.

And, yes, if you marry women from very poor nations and bring them to the States, there is a good chance you are marrying a woman because she wants her papers.

This got me thinking... One area where men get a lot of schtick is that they are very sex minded, or to put it less politely, complete horn dogs. Men have only one thing on their mind, they only think about one thing, millions of fathers warn their daughters that their boyfriend is after only one thing, etc etc.

Men are hard-wired for lots of hot sex with hot bitches.

Men as a whole go through a lot of vilification for the simple fact that they need sex. Its like scolding a dog for panting. Those who understand dogs know that they don't do it to be rude, they do it because they need to - if they don't pant, they will die of heat stroke. Men don't die because of a lack of sex, but it sure as hell makes life less worth living. And no woman is going to shame me into saying otherwise. Wanting sex does not make you shallow. Wanting sex with a beautiful, attractive, pretty, cute woman does not make you shallow. It is instinct. Pure and simple. And no, we are not "above" it just because of the fact that we live in brick houses and have lazy pets which do nothing but lounge about all day.

The problem is that like so many other things, the sex issue has also been female-normalized. So a female sex drive (that is to say easily controllable or negligible to an outside point of view) is considered normal, whereas a male sex drive, which is more obvious and weighs more heavily on the brain of the man, is considered abnormal. Men think about sex more often because of the simple fact that if they collectively didn't, the species would die out. We don't make a conscious decision, but the good old instincts and hard-wiring come into play here.

I know this is a tangent and not really related to anonymous's comment, but I'm going to leave it up there since that's what started me off.


  1. Women are idiots. lol
    It's true, of course men want to sleep with lots of hot babes. It's genetics. The dissemination of our seed through the female population for successful expansion of our DNA into the gene pool.

    Now, women don't like it for this reason: A woman wants to be able to control the man, the only ways she can is sex and/ or emotional warfare. The more sex a man has, the less power women have over him. They want to try and force men into being like women (without the extra rights and biased laws obviously) so we can be controlled.

    Fuck them, literally lol

  2. You should get the book called "The Hedonist". I got a link to it under my link section called books for bachelors.

    It tells you great information about the top 20 destinations in the world for a bachelor to go in order to get great sex from young beatiful women.

    Of course you would be an idiot if you were to try to bring them back but if your just looking for a vacation and have some bachelor fun, this book should be considered your bible.

    There aren't any destinations in the United States or Canada and only two happen to be located in Europe. The other 18 happen to be located in Latin America, South America, and Asia.

  3. So the destinations recommended by Outcast Superstar's bible are all in areas of relatively high poverty. What does that tell you about why women there might have sex with fat relatively rich Americans, Canadians and Europeans? Some bible!
    Padraig O'Morain

  4. Men wanting sex from women = pervert,
    Women shagging men for their money = acceptable because da da da da...

    Here is my version:

    Men wanting sex from women = Women would die without that sex, as sex equals affection and showing desire for the woman, and these two are like bread and water for the woman.

    Women shagging men for their money = Legalized prostitution contract, in which the man is bound to pay with money, energy, stability of mind, time, power, a lifetime sentence to the contract, EVEN if the sex is withdrawn.

    Now talk about perversion.

  5. Yes, of course the phenomenon I mentioned is caused by our sex drive. You are exactly right. We have to learn ASAP to let our Big Head do the thinking. Many if not most of our problems with women, local or foreign, happen because we let the little head do the thinking.

    And, when you meet some of the exotically beautiful foreign women, I guarantee you it is hard for the Big Head to keep in charge. They are lovely.

    Yet, if you are going to be destroyed by a woman after marrying her, it matters not much where she was born.

    We need more discussion on how to at least have a fighting chance of the woman you are thinking of bringing into your life, being sane and having the potential of being a faithful, loving wife.

    There are things to look for. And, I guarantee you, beauty and great body aren't even on the list of good characteristics in a woman.

    Just a short taste:

    1. Has she ever done anything for anyone but herself?

    2. Does she recognize an external authority, other than her emotion of the moment? (e.g. -- Religious beliefs, or respect for traditions and the needs of people around her.)

    Most women in most nations fail these two simple questions, and fail them so badly that any man whose Big Head is in charge can tell if in a few minutes.

    However, there is much more to learn about this.

    Anonymous age 64

  6. This book "The Hedonist" tells the readers about many of the best regulated Termes and brothels in the world. One can enjoy getting protected sex from a beautiful 18-20 foreign women without the hideous commitment.

  7. After some thought, I just posted a brief description of 12 women who live in this Third World village where I spend most of my time, on, in the expat section. These 12 women range from pure evil to absolutely wonderful. I did this to show that not all women are perfect in other nations, you can find some truly great women, but as I said you gotta' be smarter than a rock.

    I do point out that the 12 women mostly wash clothes by hand, take it for granted they must, expect to cook every meal for their families, and don't understand the concept of marital rape. Though they vary a lot, that acceptance of domestic and wifely responsibilities as a norm is a dramatic difference, even for the nastiest ones.

    Anonymous age 64

  8. So the destinations recommended by Outcast Superstar's bible are all in areas of relatively high poverty. What does that tell you about why women there might have sex with fat relatively rich Americans, Canadians and Europeans? Some bible!
    Padraig O'Morain

    February 10, 2007 7:01 PM

    And you still couldn't get laid. I guess these women do have some standards and wouldn't stick their fingers up the crust filled asshole of some mangina who misses his boyfriend and what his boyfriend does to his back door.