Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Drunken sluts all over campus? Men's fault of course

We all know that women can get really really drunk - they don't have to worry about being beaten up by some other drunk guy, they know that they'll have a posse of friends, both male and female, to protect them from harm if they do get drunk, and anyone who teabags them will suffer the consequences.

College girls can drink like guys, but with more consequences

I'm not even going to go into why there was a study that specifically studied females and not male college students. Repeat after the feminists: Boys can never ever come to harm as a result of alcohol, period.

But apparently, fragile little strong independent womyn suffer the consequences of drinking as much or more than men, like "missing class, having unprotected sex, and undergoing changes in personality" - isn't that last one something that is pretty much a foregone conclusion at college, hell, in that age range anyway?

According to researchers, they also drink for different reasons. While men drink "out of competitiveness," says Loyola University psychology professor and study co-author Joseph LaBrie, women drink out of social pressure from male students. "A woman who plays drinking games and puts down many drinks is held in high esteem by males," says Eric R. Pedersen, another co-author of the study.

Of course, the fact that a man who can drink you under the table is held in high regard by all is left out. What else is the competitiveness about? There has to be some point to competition, and that is to be the last to fall in a drinking game.

A woman who drinks a lot is held in high regard because she's likely to be a heavy partier and more likely to sleep with you, and if you hold her in high regard other girls are going to want to emulate her and become sluttier. Its an awesome situation for a guy to be in. I bet a girl's football team member isn't welcomed at any party, no matter how many drinks she could put down.

The study analyzed the drinking habits of 105 college students — 35 males and 70 females, averaging 18.84 years in age — over a three-month period of time, monitoring every drinking event attended and quantity of alcohol consumed.

Contrary to what previous studies have claimed, the results revealed a higher drinking rate in women than in men. Sixty-four percent of the study's female students and 57 percent of the male students participated in at least one drinking game over the course of the three months. (Might be because just having a hot body can get you into a roaring party whereas you have to have a lot to offer to get into a party that's trying its hardest to have more girls than guys) Female students participated in a total of 915 drinking events, 187 of which involved drinking games, and male students participated in a total of 469 drinking events, 84 of which involved drinking games.

Researchers speculate that men and women have different motivations for engaging in drinking games. "Men do it out of competitiveness, to get the other person drunk," said study co-author, Loyola Marymount University psychology professor and Heads Up! Program Director Joseph LaBrie. "Women drink for social reasons because they want to enhance, find or build relationships."

Again with the "men do it for wrong, women do it for right" bullshit. Men do it to hurt other people, and females do it to build relationships and shit. Oh fuck off you goddamn biased researchers. This is either pure conjecture or they're listening to the shit these girls spewed forth, and we all know how likely females are to tell the truth.

However, researchers dispute the effectiveness of women playing drinking games as a means of winning respect or positive attention from men. "Women, in general, are not getting their needs met by doing what they're doing," LaBrie said.

She also thought, "I'm intelligent and these dumb blondes aren't, these bimbos are obviously dumber than a box of bricks and I'm the one who can tell them what they want and how to get their needs met. Now where did I keep that 'Become lesbian NOW propaganda...'"

Anyway, go to webshots or photobucket or facebook and search for "beirut" or "beer pong" or something. You'll find images of college girls in various stages of undress, many bending over and pushing their boobs together to distract the guys on the other side of the table with their cleavage, some flashing their tits, all in the name of winning. And these communists are saying that women don't have any power, only men are competitive, and that these sluts do it in thrall of the Patriarchy and whatnot. What absolute bullshit.

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  1. Actually, I saw a show a few months back where a group did a study and came to the conclusion that women cannot break down alchohol as fast as men, therefore, they can get drunker on less alchohol (I think the comparison was for every drink a woman has it's comparable to three for a man).