Thursday, February 22, 2007

Protecting the sluts

On an unrelated note to the story about the 13 year old pregnant female, I was looking at rape law in Italy, I happened across this:

18. Any person inducing a pregnancy termination without the consent of the woman shall be liable to from four to eight years' imprisonment. Consent extracted by violence or threats or under false pretences shall be deemed not to have been granted.

The same penalty shall be applicable to any person who brings about a pregnancy termination by actions designed to injure the woman.

This penalty shall be reduced by one-half if the injuries result in the hastening of childbirth.

If the woman dies as a result of the acts referred to in the first and second paragraphs, the penalty shall be from eight to 16 years' imprisonment; where very grave personal injury is the result, the penalty shall be from six to 12 years' imprisonment; where grave personal injury is the result, the latter penalty shall be reduced.

The penalties laid down under the preceding paragraphs shall be increased if the woman is under 18 years of age.
So if you lie to your girlfriend and get her to get an abortion, it is not ok. So not ok, in fact, that they'll put you in jail for it, because in the law's words, she did not give consent. I won't speak about the violence/threats bit, but I think its clear which sex has the monopoly on cajoling, threatening and acceptable violence in society.

Compare this to the rights men have - how much truth and how many lies can we expect from our women.
If she lies about using birth control, that's A-OK.
If she lies about not being able to get pregnant, that's A-OK.
If she lies about whose baby it is, that's A-OK.
If she's a fatty and lies about not being pregnant, that's A-OK.
If she lies about getting an abortion and then has the baby anyway, that's A-OK.

The man can do jack-fucking-shit if the woman lies to him at any stage in the relationship, whether she's pregnant or not, whether he's the father or not.

And if you lie to her to have her get an abortion, basically putting your own two cents in, in a situation where its all about her, you will be put into prison. Wonderful. What sense of equality? What sense of balance and fairness?

Oh, and I simply love the double standard used in pregnant woman murder cases - its a life if she deems it so, its a useless parasitic bit of tissue if she deems it so, but if anyone causes it harm, its murder.

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