Saturday, February 24, 2007

Housework reduces risk of breast cancer? Must be patriarchal oppression!

I saw this article on one of Engadget's sister blogs and decided to check it out.

Housework reduces risk of breast cancer - That's Fit

Apparently, women who do housework are less likely to develop tit cancer.

A new study of more than 200,000 women suggests that doing household chores like dusting, mopping and vacuuming was significantly more cancer protective than playing sports, or having a physical job.

The article ends with the simpering apologist comment, "This isn't to say that there's something inherently cancer protective about the act of mopping itself, but rather that moderate physical activity, like housework, may be more effective in reducing a woman's risk of breast cancer than more rigorous, but less frequent exercise."

The comments on the article were hilarious and depressing at the same time.

The very first comment: Ok, what man conducted this study??

Sorry to say, but this doesn't make any sense. I personally know of women who have been housewives for years and they still got breast cancer. Please readers, don't get swayed by this one study. (This "health chick" is talking as if the article is telling you to drink your own pee or something. What is so bloody offensive about doing a little housework anyway? Women these days are dirty and filthy - they dress up and smell nice to bag a rich guy and because their entire sense of self-worth is based on how many glances they can get from the men around them, they're slobs when no one is looking. And she was so incensed by the idea of doing a little housework that she posted the same comment twice)

STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!! (This is the entire comment)

Maybe the article about housework/breast cancer link was written by a man - probably one whose wife does not keep a clean house

and he wants to motivate her. Not funny buddy!!! (No, you dumb broad, only feminists do biased studies with already decided outcomes. Men would be fired if they did that. Women would just sue the company for "not taking the emotional female-centric view, discriminating against the female way of thinking" or something equally ridiculous)

I've heard it all now. I can't see anyone taking this article seriously. How stupid do you think women are? (Really really fucking stupid)

This is such a CROCK! Then how do men get breast cancer? By not doing enough housework??? I'm a very active person and I still got breast cancer. It's these kind of articles that need to be shredded BEFORE they ever make it to print! (Ah, the old standby - CENSOR CENSOR CENSOR!!! Men don't have breasts honey, I don't know what kind of confused you are, but men rarely get breast cancer. You're a bad woman, that's why you got breast cancer)

Right on Jan--had to have been conducted by men. By the way, most men DON"T do housework and precious few men ever get

breast cancer. So what gives??? (Most men don't sit on their ass all day watching Oprah and eating bonbons, waiting for the hubby darling to come home to the "Honey Do (not counted as Housework) list" either)

Does that mean that if men started to do clean the house, there would be a reduction in prostate cancer too?? (No, that means if MEN held marches and collections for prostate cancer, fewer men would die of it. If men earmarked some of that breast cancer money for their own gender, fewer men would die of it. But you're a heartless bitch who only gives a fuck about her own gender, so men suffer)

If that's the truth, why aren't men keeling over from breast cancer? (MEN DON'T HAVE TITS YOU IDIOT)

It continues, there's a shitload of "LOL this study was conducted by a man" (most studies are conducted by men you cunts, women are too stupid to do studies that aren't biased and have an outcome defined - ie feminist studies) and loads of anecdotes of the "Oh I knew this virgin and she died of AIDS so I should fuck as many men as I can while hubby pays the bills and child support" variety.


  1. Obviously moderate physical activity is healthy, and beats sitting all day in an office. You can easily substitute housework with "walk an hour each day".

  2. It actually makes sense. Many studies over the years have shown that a person's attitude correlates highly with their health patterns.

    Next, be aware that around ten years ago, a poll showed that almost exactly 2/3 of working mothers said they'd rather be home with their kids.

    And ten thousand years of history show this to be generally true.

    So, we can theorize that women are biologically, emotionally, psychologically suited for being mothers and housewives. I realize a lot of femi-fiends are going to call me names for this statement, but it was the women whom 2/3 said they'd rather be a housewife/mom, not me.

    Okay, let us note that women in the US have the highest rate mental and emotional illness in the world. This is also scientific fact.

    Still with me? Not sure I am saying this right.

    Osteopathy is a system of medical practice which believes the body has the capacity to heal itself, with some help. Don't get me wrong. D.O.'s do prescribe antibiotics, and they do surgery, but they believe proper diet and exercise are the first defenses. And, that the entire body, including the brain works together for health.

    Next, there is some evidence that breast cancer is linked to hormone balances.

    Women, as I said, are by nature, nest builders and moms. So is it not possible when a woman is doing housework there is a hormonal shift caused by the psychology of nest building which tends to resist breast cancer?

    One way to find out is to study men who spend the same amount of time each week, hunting and fishing, and see if they have fewer prostate problems. Seriously.

    Anonymous age 64

  3. I think the article indicated the housework provided more protection than sports or a job with exercise, so that would seem to preclude a walk being the same.

    I am reminded of an impromptu study I did in the mid to late 70's. There was another of those feminist campaigns designed to make men think we owe so much to the skanks. It said men should be paying women tens of thousands of dollars a year for all the housework they did, with gigantic claims of how many hours a week they struggled and slaved in the home after they returned from work.

    I trotted around, and asked all the unmarried men just how many hours a week, they worked on cooking; cleaning; and scrubbing; etc. I well knew, I wasn't married again at that time, that I sure wasn't spending much time on those chores. I was using my superior male brain to get those chores done as efficiently as I could. And, visistors often commented how tidy my place was.

    I don't remember the figures any more, after thirty years, but it was less than an hour a day, and they all claimed they were satisfied with their houses.

    I realized women must be pigs. A man alone works less than an hour a day, to cook, clean, and scrub his place (yes, that includes the laundry, I had a stack job in my mobile home, and when I came in the house, I'd start a load, around 30 seconds, and when it was done, another 30 seconds to pop in the dryer, then when it was dry, a minute or two to fold and put away

    But, when a hog moves in, suddenly it's supposed to be so much work men are supposed to pay tens of thousands of dollars? What a pack of lies!

    However, I didn't stop there. I trotted around (either when the boss wasn't looking or I was temporarily out of work, I don't exactly remember :) and asked the women about their favorite TV shows. I discovered most of these hogs spent most of their evenings in front of the TV, not doing housework.

    About this time is when they first claimed that women spent like 10 or 15 hours more a week, work and household chores. Of course, they only asked the women, and I guarantee you most women won't admit their husbands get out of bed and go to work in the morning.

    Later unbiased studies showed that travel to work; work; and household chores, men actually spent nearly 8 hours more a week. Of course, on this study, they asked women how many hours for them, and asked the men how many hours they spent. so the results were a bit more accurate.

    Anonymous age 64


    National Cancer Institute does say men have around 1% of the breast cancer.

    Anonymous age 64