Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fawcett society wants equal outcome for less work

Two NOW members in a passionate embrace

A female supremacist organization wants women to receive money and benefits disproportionate to what they pay in. What else is new? This is what feminism is about - it has been about ME ME ME, US US US, WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN since day one.

This is just the latest episode, like an angry pig who starts whining and oinking when she is led away from the feeding trough even though she is full and its the other animals' turn to feed.

Now they want women to get retirement benefits equal to men, even though women don't contribute as much as men because of their propensity for taking the easy jobs, for retiring earlier, and taking long career breaks to "find themselves" and having babies.

Credit goes to neonsamurai on SYG for this piece:

For example, the Fawcett Society is currently campaigning for equal pensions for women. "For every pound of income received by men in a pensioner couple, women receive less than 32 pence." They claim that this is unfair and are campaigning to prevent female OAP's living in poverty.

What they forget to mention is that most pensions in the UK are based on how much you contribute to them and also the fact that the retirement age for men is 65 and for women 60. Men in the UK work an average of 14 years more in their (shorter) life times than the average woman and contribute far more to the countries GDP. That's bearing in mind that the average Briton works around 39 years of their life.

So what the Fawcett Society want is an 'equal' outcome for less work. They're not pushing for women to work longer and contribute more, they're just picking bits of 'equality' and demanding they have it.

You either have equality or special treatment. You can't have one and claim it's the other.

You know, its the same as the fuss over the earnings gap - women make the choices that lead to them earning less, they save less because they are sure that a white knight is going to fight off the evil debt collectors for them in return for a chance to fuck that used up soggy pussy, and they retire earlier even though they live longer.

And then they have the fucking gall to say that women are oppressed into not saving as much and into not earning as much. Fucking bullshit.


  1. I can smell this one coming. They will require men to keep paying the same, but male pensions will be reduced to increase pensions for women who worked at easier jobs and thus paid in less.

    I think it's called man-tax.

    Anonymous age 65

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