Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Perfectly OK to be a slacker if you're the right sex

While researching my last post about the Juggling Act, I happened across this article: 'Beta Moms' drop the juggling act. Looks like there's a fucking epidemic of lazy bitches all over the media - I also found this MSNBC article.

So, now, if you're a member of the royal sex, its perfectly alright to be lazy, proudly call yourself a slacker and neglect your duties.

But sociologists, including Melinda Forthofer of the Institute for Families in Society at the University of South Carolina-Columbia, say there's no evidence Alphas are actually better mothers.

And now an anti-Alpha movement is taking hold. Those moms have it together sometimes. They may forget to send back permission slips or lose track of their turn for team snacks. They don't necessarily have the catchy name, though some call themselves Beta Moms or even Slacker Moms as they urge their peers to chill.

When women hold the power of divorce, of child support, of being able to perform extra-late-term abortions and not having to answer to anybody, you tend to start wallowing in your own shit. It becomes a Lord of the Flies situation - one tends to become barbaric when the reward-punishment system is broken, when the civilizing effect of societal judgement is removed.

Of course they urge their peers to chill! This is what the entire herd mentality thing is all about - some women start thinking a certain way, and if its good, the rest of the herd follows like drooling cows. This is why NOW is so successful and this is why female supremacists constantly talk about the Patriarchy, because they just can't imagine that men wouldn't be just as evil as them if given the chance.

And of course their fathers wouldn't say anything would they? Half of them are petrified of being thrown out of their house with the clothes on their back, the others are too busy licking their wife's boots, seeking approval like a fucking puppy dog.

This is a really long article. Really fucking long article trying to justify lazy females, because obviously it was written by a woman (how many fluff pieces aren't?), picking out other women who back up the claim.

Woman, 39, a somehow important but largely irrelevant person, says that other women are, in fact, right. News at 11.

You know, if you do a Google image search for slacker, I bet you're mostly going to find men. After all, its not men who stay home and live off another person's hard work and claim to be worth $140,000 a year.


  1. Women never wanted to work hard. After years of denial, they make a lifestyle out of their laziness.

    In any case the media celebrates women: when they are trying to have carers and now when they are lazy.

    Women are empowered by everything they do.

  2. "Women are empowered by everything they do."

    I really miss reading the Eternal Bachelor. :(

  3. I don't see why guys put up with this sort of shit. Honestly, there is no need to allow yourself to be put under some womans thumb. You can date, have sex, and enjoy a womans company without ever handing her the power of life and death over your future. There are just 2 simple things you have to do to achieve this:

    1) Get a vasectomy. You do *not* want to accidentally get some woman pregnant. Condoms break and women sometimes 'forget' to take the pill - especially when their biological clock is ticking. You can freeze some sperm for later if you think you may someday want kids of your own.

    2) Never marry. Marriage is just not a good idea. You will gain nothing from it. Any man who doesn't know that by now isn't paying attention. If your girlfriend is pressuring you to get married - or even worse - issues you some kind of marriage ultimatum then just dump her and move on. You will have lost nothing and will have saved yourself from a potential hell on earth.

    Any man who does these two things can live his whole life without ever having to worry about whether or not his woman is going to drop a bomb on him from out of the blue and ruin his life. Then, you're in control. If you're woman turns into a lazy bitch (or worse) you can just walk away into a better life that doesn't include her.

    I'm not just talking shit, either. I was married once, but we got divorced before we had any kids - thank god! I found out she was cheating and that was it, I filed immediately. She wanted to 'work it out' but I got a lawyer and did it anyway. We didn't even have to go in front of a judge. We split our joint property and went our separate ways. If we'd have had kids (which she was really pushing for), then I would have been her slave for the next 20 years paying her child support - possibly for another mans child!

    I realized how close I came to getting screwed. It scared the shit out of me. I learned my lesson. I got a vasectomy and swore that I would never marry again. That was 13 years ago, and I don't regret my decision in the least. It was a turning point in my life. I love the fact that I *know* that I will never have to worry about staring down the barrel of that gun again.

    Just get a vasectomy and say 'no' to marriage. Then you don't have to worry about divorce and child support. It's just that simple.