Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Males should be restricted to a total of 10% of the population"

Here is an excellent post by malerightsnetwork, an MRA from Ireland who has a few thoughts on what the future could hold for men in a feminist state.


This is exactly what is going to create what Arnold Toynbee has called horizontal schism: you can compare it to a mirror, broken in two pieces, horizontally. Then with the incoming flux of external and hostile forces, such as Islam, creating a vertical schism, you have all the necessary elements to complete the destruction, or deconstruction of a society.

I agree with you up to where you spoke of the "incoming flux" of people of from Islamic backgrounds. I've said before that the Islam issue is hugely overstated. As one poster said in another thread, the morals of Muslim women will degrade just as those of Western women has, with the availability of the whoring Pill and pro-female educational and divorce systems.

Take even a country like Ireland. Fifty years ago it would have been quite isolationalist - culturally and economically. We would have taken the Catholic doctrine as serious - or perhaps even more so - than most Muslim Middle Eastern countries take their religious doctrine. Since the economic boom of the 1980s and 1990s, our relativist, secular, hedonistic culture is practically indistinguishable from that of Britain or the US, who have sustained such a culture for decades longer. It is not very difficult to break down a morally conservative country or society. It is very easy to instill a liberal culture, which invariably in the West, becomes a Matriarchal culture.

I agree with you that society is undergoing "destruction and deconstruction", and society is already very advanced in that direction. Though one could argue that it the traditional Patriarchal Western culture that is being destroyed, more than any general downfall. It is only when the economy collapses - and I do not predict it will - that chaos really occurs. Nothing brings a society to its knees like economic collapse.

I don't agree entirely with this:


we will be watching it all come down while sipping our cognac and smoking our cigar

If by "we", you mean, the male members of society, I don't think we will have such a comfortable vantage point. Rather, it's more likely that we'll be rotting in the ballooning State prisons (friendly Gulags): already, 1 in every 100 American males are in prison. Or, it's possible we are homeless and destitute as degrees become a necessity as the decline of the manufacturing industry and the rise of services continues. It's possible that employers (which will be either headed by a female, or have a dominant pro-female culture) will openly discriminate against men.

Already, Allied Irish Banks, one of Ireland's top 2 banks has a female-to-male employee ratio of 67:33. This would be quite representative of the financial services sector.

It's possible too that we are sent to die by the millions in wars "manufactured" by the Feminist Government to get rid of the male population. The right of men to own property could be completely withrawn; men could be ordered to work for nothing. (Of course, Divorce Law will have stripped away most of male wealth by then anyway.) Men could be quite literally, slaves.

The female proportion of the population could be 60 or 70% in a couple of decades time, especially in the larger cities. Millions of men have already died by suicide. There could be a preference towards female children and a trend to "abort the males".. There could be a biochemical mass sterilisation of men.

I see all of these things as a possibility. Men are not the preffered gender in society, and women are and will be in control - all socio-economic trends ensure this - so anything can happen. All it will take is one loony female (and there are certainly lots of them) to become leader and convert feminist fantasy to feminist reality.

I'm not so optimistic that we will be able to comfortably observe the vast defacing and re-structuring of Western society. Rather, I think men could well be bearing the brunt of such change.

You know, that stuff sent a chill down my spine. As irlandes would back me up, ordinary men are too busy putting their nose to the grindstone and seeking women's approval to do anything for themselves or their fellow men.

The only way feminism will be defeated is when it doesn't serve women's purpose any longer, or our culture has been taken over by one which hasn't been infected by female supremacism. All this stuff sounds fatalist, alarmist and extreme, but you know, female supremacists have been advocating for male extermination for a long time. It only takes one Hillary to come into power - who knows how much things will change by the end of eight years?


  1. FYI, irlandes is Spanish for 'Irish'.

    anonymous age 65

  2. If Hillary becomes president of USA expect terrible times ahead. I give 1-2 years max before things become unbearable.

  3. The up tick is that some weak societies are always taken over by strong societies. Sure the west will kill most of its men by sending them to war with islam or to the mines to fund it but in the end. When there are too few western men left to protect them, eastern men will take over.

    And what will they do then with a society full of whorish women? The few, the very few, who are either young enough or religious enough to have kept their virginity will be taken as wives and the rest will be exterminated.