Monday, June 11, 2007

Another man who got a divorce and is now against marriage

Don't get Married! - by Marc Perkel

It's a Lie - It's a Trap

Marriage isn't what you think it is. It's a license you give the government that allows greedy opportunistic lawyers to steal everything you own. Here in America there are a lot of people making a lot of money splitting up relationships hunting for people like you to suck you dry.

You think it can't happen to you. That's what I thought. I am Marc Perkel and when I tell you my story you're going to think, "This is America, the can't do that!" Well, they can and they do. If you are considering marriage, run from it as fast as you can.

If you want to be in a relationship, do it. Buy her a ring, live happily ever after. But a contract with the government doesn't add to the relationship. In fact, because of todays laws, marriage actually hurts the relationship and you are more likely to stay together if you don't get married.

I am in the process of losing everything I own. I am under a court order to pay more money than I have. If I manage to borrow the money, she will get more than 100% of everything. You're thinking "No way, that's not possible!" I'm going through it and I can't believe it. But it's true!

Read on and see why marriage is a bad idea, written by someone who got run through the wringer for no-fault of his own. I saw this website last year and it really helped me understand that the Family court system is not about fairness and justice, not at all.


  1. I can relate to this poor guy. Been through it myself in the UK. My Ex told me she could take nearly every asset i own, also take my kids and have me pay for the privledge. She had been told this bu a friend who had done the same thing to her ex husband. I also didn't believe the family court would let her do this, guess what?

    Don't get married. Don't have kids.

    (Unless you like having your nuts in a vice)

  2. Very sorry to hear that madmat. I only weep for those who get wrung out by the system and don't find the budding MRA/FRA groups on the web.

  3. He wonders plaintively if the fact he was her third husband might have been a clue?

    Well, maybe, huh???

    Anonymous age 65

  4. Seriously.

    "Well this rattlesnake is rattling its cute little rattle and grinning at me, I wonder if its friendly?"