Saturday, June 02, 2007

Don't hire male babysitters, says "expert"

Look at the blatant misandry - the blatant attempt to paint all men with the same brush. Note the fact that she is actively saying that 48% of the population can't control their thoughts and is likely to fuck children if given the chance.

PARENTS should not use teenage boys to babysit, a child abuse expert says.

University of South Australia child abuse expert Professor Freda Briggs has told male adolescents can pose a risk with young children.
"Teenage boys are sexually inquisitive ... if they don't have any opportunity for sexual release," she said.
"Their hormones are pumping and they are curious."

"If there is a choice, choose girls without their boyfriends to babysit your children,” she said.

Just listen to the bitch. Now imagine, could a man say anything even remotely similar about women? Even grown women? That maybe with all the female teachers raping young boys and girls, we should screen them or refuse to hire them on the basis of their sex? Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue at the slightest hint that women aren't angels?

Prof Briggs said most sex offenders were abused as children. Many of the pedophiles she interviewed said they didn't tell anyone about the abuse because they thought no-one would believe them or they weren't sure that it was wrong.

At least she is aware that most child abusers were abused by their parents, with far more likelihood that they were abused by their mom acting alone or in concert with her latest thug boyfriend. But according to her, the buck stops at the man. To trace the abuse back to the mother would go against everything she stands for. To blame men is in her blood.

Prof Briggs also said parents should be aware of the grooming process pedophiles used to trick them into providing access to their children.

"In the interviews with child sex offenders we found they target families deliberately and particularly single mothers," Prof Briggs said.

"If you think people are too good to be true then they probably are. Sex abusers appear to be kind and generous. They befriend parents and children and don’t make demands .

"Children love them because they behave like big kids offering rough and tumble play and tickling. They flatter and boost boys' egos, filling a need for attention and approval."

Is it any wonder that men are leaving the teaching and child-caring professions in droves? How about some affirmative action there you equality-hating privileged cunts?

When a kind and gentle man who genuinely likes kids is looked at with more hate and suspicion than the gangster boyfriend of the mother, is it really any wonder that men are being forced to withdraw from the next generation? 


  1. Most child abuse is committed by women. At my primary school a teacher was gotten rid of because she was physically assaulting and screaming at the students. My sister's teacher in fact. Yep, it was a female. All they did was send her to a school somewhere else. She had done it in her previous school as well. I don't know how many kids she abused and the department covered it up.

  2. You know, I'm against what passes for feminism in most instances these days...

    but I have to agree that a teenage boy babysitting young girls will lead to trouble often enough that it isn't worth it.

    I agree that banning them from babysitting boys goes a bit too far.

    Even if the teenaged boy acts above reproach, there's always the possibility of a false accusation too. Little princess didn't like being put to bed early? Fill in the rest.


    A mother is upset after a 14-year-old babysitter engaged in sexual conduct with her eight-year-old boy, and the eight-year-old was charged with lewd conduct.

    The sexual conduct occurred during a game of “truth or dare”...

    ... while the babysitter initiated the contact, the young boy was a willing participant.

    “She dared my son to touch her breasts,” says Michelle Grosbeck, the boy’s mother.

  4. so where is Peter Del Valle with his usual rant about all sex offenders needing to be shipped off to a colony?

  5. Listen u dump azz bitch I don't know who the hell u think u is trying 2 say all men are mean and a sexual conduct with little kids I been babysitting all my life and I never hit her or had sexual conduct wit her 2 think that somebody will think that just base on sex bitch get yo fucking story right if yo ugly ass got something else 2 say about just remember 1 thing if all men are abuseive and sexual conduct that means your father is and your husband is BITCH

  6. Though I'm not all for the swearing and cussing, some comments on here I do agree, with, and some I do not not, so it's a 50/50 chance of what people seem to believe these days. Its like having 25 RED marbles and only 1 BLUE marble. What stands out? The ONE BLUE Marble! The same with society, 25 nannies, and only 1 manny. What stands out? I think you get the picture. What do we call it? JUDGEMENTAL! I'm 19, I have been babysitting for over 4 years now! I have references (Family, friends, co-workers, associates, employers). I have a background (Lived in Utah for 14 years, held 3-4 jobs, graduated from Layton High, etc). I babysat because I enjoyed doing it (I enjoyed playing games the kids liked playing! I enjoyed watching shows the kids liked watching! I enjoyed eating treats the kids liked eating! I enjoyed BEING paid for BEING responsible!) So what's my point? Parents hire babysitters when the following is covered: 1) EXPERIENCE 2) REFERENCES 3) BACKGROUND 4) WHY BABYSIT. Here's the question... Why SOULDN'T (Not being allowed to, but can) guys be ABLE(Having the ability to) to BABAYSIT (Watch/Look after or to take care of)? Males have just as every right as women do, so what's the problem? ...? TRUST, Past historical events, and Gender issues! We rely on the past to shape our present, but what can we do for the present to shape a better future? My favorite moments in babysitting were the aftermath of the first night. The parents would come home and when I had left, they would ask their kids if they had a good time, what we did, and if I should babysit them again. Kids aren't stupid! They know if something doesn't feel right about a care-giver and they'll immediately tell the parents! I nannied two kids alone a little while back and they were both GIRLS!! Oh my goodness! What a horrible sin! God looks down on me in shame! .... Come on! Let's get realistic here! I was a first-time live-in nanny, BUT I had HAD 3 previous years of childcare experience with BOTH genders of kids! I had refernces, background, and an explanation of why I babysat! I was hired and started working THAT day because of trust and experience! The girls told their mother ALL about me! (What I was like and what we did minute by minute!) And I kept my job! Plain and simple! Parents are skeptical, and it's true! So how can they prevent Rapist from Realisitc? Here's a hint, if your not sure, HAVE an interview over at the BAYASITTER'S house! (This prevents them from knowing where you live, and helps you to get to know if you can trust this person personally) PARENTS! JUST FROM MY EXPERIENCE OF BABYSITTING, PLEASE TAKE THE ALL THE TIME YOU CAN TO INTERVIEW A BABYSITTER! Do some research, CALL the references (Friends and prieviously held jobs)! If you'd like, Pre-hire ahead of time having the babysitter at your home while YOUR there, and watch how they interact with your children at all time! After the person has left, TALK to your children! Ask them how they feel about the person! This is a really great way to know if you can trust this person or not! Not trying to affend any religious views, but PLEASE hire someone with the same or close religious views as yours! It makes matters so much more easier! After 2-3 days of pre-working the babysitting, you should know if your canidate will be chosen! I hope this kind of eases the stress between the Parents and Sitters both. I understand both sides of the situation because I've had the experience and know what to expect. If anyone needs any more advice, here's my email: and webpage, (


  7. This author comes across sexist even though their views are right, and the use of swears just makes it seem juvenile