Saturday, June 23, 2007

Eternal Bachelor - out but not down?

Today is a very sad day. Today, one of the most famous bloggers in MRA-land has hung up his socks. Eternal Bachelor is no longer writing, saying that since he moved to a new country and the blog is taking up too much time of his, he is going to discontinue it.

I have no clue why he went and deleted all the material from his site. I sure hope he wasn't Ilkka-fied. He had some excellent stuff there, and it would have been good reference material for budding MRA's to check out. I spent many a day going through his archives when I first discovered his blog.

Well, after almost two-years of typing and posting away, and a fairly impressive 700,000 hits or so, it's time to close this blog. It's been fun but there's only so many times I can rant and rage before repeating myself. Plus as well as running out of things to post about, the blog was taking up quite a bit of time and I've just moved to a new country and need to concentrate on sorting stuff out.

Not that I have any intention to stop being an bachelor, naturally.

I'll probably see some of you on the various forums out there anyway.

Farewell Eternal Bachelor, may we see you again.


  1. His blog post may be cached.

  2. Mmmm.very strange to leave like that.A post of his from last year spoke about what he would do if he closed down...but the link is dead.Even the cached link has gone..very tidy job-whoever...
    Shame about the excellent and varied,sometimes scurrilous, comment not being archived.
    Maybe our soldier will do a debrief- one day?
    On the other hand.....

  3. Tis a sad day for all of us in the MRA community. EB was the guy who got me started and he shall be missed.

    Best of luck to him in all his future endeavours.

  4. EB- 23Sept05
    Anyway, friend readers and fellow refugees from the Matriarchy, on the off-chance I should ever voluntarily close the Eternal Bachelor Blog, I shall leave a clear note of such action and I sure as hell won't apologise for anything I've ever said about feminist filth. If, however, you should ever find that this blog has just shut down without any warning and cannot be found, it'll be because feminists have shut me up, and in such a scenario you'll probably find me at the forums of either Nice Guy, Karl Mathews or CT4M ranting and raving about it.

  5. Certainly was a good blog, went there every other day. Sad day.


  7. Good news! Go to and put in:

    A couple years' posts are there for posterity. Perhaps more will come online in time. A pity, but it doesn't seem that user comments are there.

  8. Check the comments on Captain Zarmband's blog post about EB on

    Many of us smell a rat, myself included. Some other commenters and I think Duncan was coerced into shutting down EB. Certainly his blog was one of the most visible—and effective—antifeminist opinion sites.

  9. I have to say, it was VERY suspect to see all his posts disappear, his blog with a different theme when he hasn't changed it for years, and everything wiped.

    Eish, I hope everything is OK for him.

  10. Now it seems the Capt'n is dickered also !!
    Where next ??