Saturday, June 02, 2007

What was that about compliments again?

Remember the article a few weeks back that claimed men don't give women enough compliments? That women should get a minimum recommended amount of compliments per day?

Well, this is why. This is exactly why women don't get many compliments anymore. Not that they deserve many of course.

When Tom Pacholke spotted a co-worker wearing her prom dress on her way into the Nino Salvaggio market where he was working, he let out a whistle to get her attention. Twenty minutes later, he was called into the manager's office and fired.

His parents protested the April 27 firing, but the store held firm, even though the co-worker didn't complain and wasn't offended.

Pacholke's former co-worker backed up his version of the incident , adding: "It was no big deal." She didn't want to be identified because she's afraid of losing her job, too.

Long live PC and zero-tolerance!

Have you seen some of the high school senior age women (17-18) in their prom dress? They're the hottest they'll ever be, they know it, and the dresses are meant to accentuate that. Slits going up to the thigh, no bra, cleavage pushed up, backless, strapless, plunging neckline, and they do it all under the auspices of their parents who are also slaves to the culture that sexualizes children from infants to teenagers. The same culture that punishes men for even looking at a teen that's dressed like a hooker.

But enough of that. I'm not going to defend this guy, but rest assured that even if he had made a polite compliment, it could still have been taken as sexual harassment and led to his firing. Of course, the opposite is hardly true - if a woman was fired for complimenting a man, she would be the one suing for sexual harassment.

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