Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wake up and smell the misandry

More and more men are waking up... I saw this comment on Glenn Sacks's blog.
bretgarrison Says:
January 25th, 2007 at 12:59 pm

Dear Glenn,

After reading your recent column in the Chicago Tribune “Women don’t want men??….HA!!” I just had to track you down and thank you for speaking on behalf of all men and helping to share the WHOLE TRUTH and tell the WHOLE STORY. Personally, I’m getting tired of hearing only one half of the story….The woman’s side.

Your article was right on target. I am 47-years old and have been listening to women blabber on endlessly about how sorely deficient the men are in their lives. This has been told so many times before that I swear this has become an accepted truth in our culture. In order to verify this, all you have to do is look at any TV sitcom and/or movie and see how the men-of-today are portrayed as compared to the woman. The men are now the thoughtless, bumbling, fools and the woman are smart and sexy and tolerant of their men. The truth is, men don’t stick up for themselves because up till now they have hardly cared about the static noise going on around them. In my mind, this static noise is now becoming much too harsh and unfair and frequent. As you have pointed out on your web-page, if this negative image had been reversed, women would be enraged and extremely vocal about it. The double standard against men does now exist and in my mind, needs to be corrected. I can’t thank you enough for doing your part to educate men (and woman) about this double standard and telling our side of the story and telling the WHOLE TRUTH.

I can think of plenty of female leaders who are doing their part in educating woman about “the double standard” that exists in our world today. And I greatly respect that women do support each other. Having smart, capable, enlightened woman in our lives is good for all of us.
But this said, it is becoming over-due that men start becoming aware of the “double standard” that exists in our world today as well. And that is, woman have gone too far with their male bashing. Just like you, (and Jeff Leving), I see it more-n-more that men are getting the short end of the stick. And from what I can see, it’s solely because woman whine, bitch, moan, complain, cry about their plight. In other words, the squeaky wheel is getting all the spare oil. Thank you so much for counter balancing some of this wrongful female rhetoric. When I hear the words, “You go girl”…I am now starting to think…”yeah..go!!…please go!!”. Us men have PLENTY of our own to tolerate in woman. There is no bad-guy or good-girl in the Battle of the Sexes. To me, it’s clearly half-n-half. But the simple fact remains, men do NOT get nearly the air-time that woman do.

In writing this, please do NOT think for one minute that I hate women. On the contrary, I adore women and firmly believe that they are God’s gift to man. In fact, because I am single, most of my spare time is spent with women. But this said, I’ll be damn if I am going to give one single shred of my dignity and self respect and self image just because they feel they have been slighted and are therefore waging a smear campaign against men. I can easily think of a equal number of woman, (as men) who are thoughtless, self-centered, manipulative, cunning, etc, etc. It serves no purpose to portray men this way and/or take careful aim at each other. But if this is the war they want….I say bring it on!!! The work you are doing is much appreciated by me. Thanks again for being our general.

Best Regards,
Bret Garrison

You know, I think there are plenty of men out there (yes, even on FSTDT, even on Pandagon, even on heilhillary.com) who are aware of how much men are being short-changed in our society. Its extremely politically incorrect to speak about how men can be victims too, especially in leftist circles when half your "friends" are feminists, women-firsters who would sooner burn you alive than admit that Clara Harris committed murder or that male circumcision is also genital mutilation.

When I was young(er), there was nothing for a man who had a nagging feeling that maybe the world wasn't quite as it was made out to be - that maybe women were not really oppressed by "having" to stay home and clean up, maybe saying that men and women are equal and then turning around and claiming that women are better parents was hypocritical, maybe the wage gap was a lie.

But there was nothing to support me. If I had said this to my mother, I would have earned a slap or a disappointed look, if I had said this to my father, he would probably give me a lecture on what it means to be a man (all responsibilities, all obligations, no rights), and if I had said this to my friends, I would have been labeled a woman-hater and lost friendship because to them, pussy was above all else - the pursuit of a lay was the overriding impetus for their actions. And of course for most of my own. Can you imagine a 14 year old boy, even today, admitting to his peers that he was sexually abused by his teacher? He knows how they would react and he either keeps his mouth shut or talks about it in bragging tones.

Now, websites and blogs for men's rights are springing up all over. Governments are of course panicking, and we have legislation coming up from the birthplace of the Nazi and fascist movements to restrict freedom of speech online. But to the point, someone who browses the Internet today is far more likely to encounter an anti-feminist or men's rights blog than someone who searched two years ago, even someone who searched one year ago.

And I'm happy to do my part. :-)

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  1. If you haven't read it, a great book on the subject is "Legalizing misandry"