Monday, April 30, 2007

How to destroy a family

I saw this post today on a forum I frequent...

Family troubles

Character introduction:
  • Me - 22 years old
  • "Ashley" - My older younger sister, 20 years old
  • "Megan" - The slut in question, 16 years old
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Stepmom
  • And then of course the handful of guys who bang Megan

My background:

Mom and Dad divorced when i was 12. Was a nice experience, because that meant no more fighting, throwing stuff etc.

I lived with my mom up until i was 17, where i caught 90% of the blame for every argument occurring in that household, even if i wasn't involved. The usual case would be Megan would do something completely bullshit, Ashley and I would call her on it, then my mom would take sides with Megan because "you 2 are always picking on her." Mom being the authority figure, Megan would get her way, and that would be that. The final straw for me moving out was when my mom started renting my room out to traveling missionaries, christian singers, or whoever the church had by, when i was spending that weekend with my dad. I came home one weekend, yelled at my mom about it, she told me it'd be best if i just left, so i did.

It was a tough move, since my dad was extremely more strict than my mom, but it had to be done. I lived with him for about 2 years, after which he moved in with my (now) stepmom.

Ashley's background:

After i left she became the new "source" of the family troubles. I don't know much of what happened, but i know she too was kicked out in much the same fashion i was. I think what occurred was M decided one day that Ashley's bedroom furniture would look better in her room, so while Ashley was at school Megan and mom switched their rooms (I got the switch pulled on me too, came home with half my poo poo in the hall and the rest in Megan's room, because Megan needs the bigger room because well she's a girl).

Ashley now lives with my grandmother (dad's mom) across town.

Dad is a complex subject because of mom. I love him a lot, he's a great guy, everyone likes him. Sometimes it feels like half the town knows him. At face there's literally nothing wrong with the man, until you talk to mom. They were married for about 15 years and dated about 4, so she's spent some time around the guy. Around the time of the divorce up to today she's told me with conviction that he's a gay whore mongering pedophile. She's not a very mentally stable woman at all, she's been in and out of clinics and is almost constantly medicated in some way. But still, the assertion raises doubts.

So, to the heart of it. All signs point to my sister being not just a sexually active girl, but one of if not the one of the biggest sluts at her school.

My mom has put her on birth control, since she has admitted to having sex with one of her boyfriends. Almost every time i go over there, which isn't often, maybe once a week or 2 for an hour, i get to meet a new guy.

We also get to hear rumors, which are usually directly from her closest friends, about her recent activities.

The latest of which i've just been informed of by my sister Ashley, which was having sex with 2 black guys one night at the "informant"'s house (Yeah, the first question that popped in my mind was "at the same time?" too, but that information is kind of arbitrary at this point). I can't see any motivation for this guy to make anything up, as I'm pretty sure he's a friend to her (lives down the street).

And before we get into any racial argument, you need to understand two things. The first is that I'm not opposed to interracial couples at all. It's all just a matter of preference to me.

Second, i live in the middle of Alabama. The culture here is a bit extreme. She is also in time and place which falls most victim to these radical points of view, high school. It wasn't long since i was there, and any girl sleeping with black guys is instantly labeled a whore unworthy of mere conversation let alone anything else. And what's worse is that people tend to fall into the character that others stereotype them into. If Megan becomes cast out from most of society, she is going to fulfill her role as class slut and only hang around the only people who will hang around her who are only hanging around her for one thing.

As for me, i don't get into the whole big brother "i'm gonna whoop some rear end" way of thinking. It's her life, whatever. Hell, i don't even like her. Only a few years ago it took everything i had not to beat her face in (did i tell you she had the habit of throwing heavy objects at my face, at the best times, like in the middle of chewing up my dinner? Oh, and she received literally ZERO punishment for doing this, nothing more than a sharp "Megan!" from my mother followed by Megan saying something like "I fucking HATE ALL OF YOU" and running to her room and locking the door, waiting for my mom to go fill up on pills and be too drugged up to do anything, God i just need to die my hair black and cut myself, but yeah. And i know you're thinking that i did something to warrant this, but it'd all be because of something trivial that i'd say, that most would take as a joke. Like for instance, Megan would go shopping with mom, while me and Ashley were too old to go do that. Megan would make sure to take every snack food and every sweet she convinced mom to buy and hide it somewhere in her room. Then one day Megan would scream across the house "Mom we're out of food go buy some!" and i'd say something like "did you check your room?" eliciting a giggle out of Ashley and myself. About 15 seconds later WAM candlestick to the face, etc)

But i'm close to Ashley. She's a great girl, and for some reason whenever my mother has to go to the hospital or Megan gets gang-banged or w/e she gets all emotional and takes it on herself to do something about it.

So i'm thinking about what to do. I'm sure i wouldn't even have to explain the situation to my dad, maybe just utter the word "black guys" and he'd be fighting for custody, which i'm pretty sure he could get. As you can tell by now my mom isn't the most responsible person. She also has almost no income and gets all her bills paid by griefing one of her parents (they're divorced) to pay for them.

My mom is in probably the worst psychological state i've seen her in in a while. I'm thinking getting Megan taken away may be good for her. On the other hand though, it may be removing her closest "friend" and leaving her a lonely old woman (well, late 40's).

Of course Megan doesn't want to go, hell she'd probably fake suicide attempts if it ever came down to it.

But aha, here's the rub.

My mom tonight has reiterated her assertion that my dad is a pedophile. I know for a fact that he's never even come close to doing anything to me. But Ashley is having second thoughts about sending her down there, because she said that my dad would quite often fall asleep in her room, which later on, after the divorce, has commonly been her and Megan's room. Ashley said that he's come close to all out spooning Megan on a number of occasions. Now, it's not so weird that he slept in our rooms when he and mom were married (indeed, it's the only time he's ever slept in the same room as me), but he did so even when he was living with my (now) stepmom, the last occurrence being 2 years ago i think.

I remember when i was really young he'd fall asleep next to me. He'd never touch me or anything, just crash. He's a hard working guy, so i can understand it. And like i said he has a heart of gold.

But between Ashley's testimony and Mom's i'm getting a little iffy about trying to get her sent down there. Ashley is extremely torn over the subject. I'm definitely leaning towards her moving to my dad's, because the chance that he is a pedophile, coupled with the chance that my stepmom would allow it (she seems to be extremely nice etc as well), is really small, while the chance of her becoming, if not already being, a huge slut is pretty substantial.

And like i said, i probably wouldn't even care. I'd let her fuck her little life up and hope dad could stay blissfully ignorant as long as possible if it wasn't for Ashley calling me near tears about how she can't sleep etc.

And if we follow through on Megan's moving to my dad's, I'm also thinking about approaching my stepmom and saying something to the extent of "hey, i know this is going to sound silly, but my mom is bent on the idea that my dad is a pedophile and she's been telling us this for years, so even though it's a bit of an crazy request, just keep an eye on him please"

There's a big chance she'd just tell him what i said in a "lol you'll never guess what your son told me today" fashion, but at least if there *is* a danger he'd at least know other people know and might keep it to himself. If there's not, he'll probably just roll his eyes and wish for the 107,376th time in his life that he'd never met my mom.

You know, fuck everything. If you don't show affection, you're labeled a cold-hearted monster who doesn't love anyone and you are probably a serial killer waiting to break free. If you do show affection, you are a fucking child molester.

This is why I don't want to fucking marry, this is why I don't want to fucking have kids, and this is why I'm staying as fucking far away as I can from any western woman.

You might say, "Well Pete, you get crazies everywhere, why pick on these poor wikkly oppressed white wimmens??"

To that I say, hopefully the country where I do marry will not have man-hating laws that enable women to take a man for all he's worth. I accept that petty thieves and crooks are everywhere, but I draw the line at state-sponsored highway robbery.

Just the fact that his own children have been poisoned to the point that they can't trust their own father is reason enough to not have kids here. I wonder if they even know that their father has probably sacrificed his own life and his hard work for them, oh noooo I bet the cuntmom has told the kids that their father doesn't pay child support, he's a deadbeat and what not, while she's on the way to checking out her balance and making sure the child support is in so the check for the Prada handbag won't bounce.

Fuck everyone and peace out.


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  2. How utterly depressing. I remember crawling into my parents bed and falling asleep, or my dad or mom falling asleep in mine.

    There's nothing strange about it, and his father is probably a good man. Having to deal with a psychotic wife, a slut of a daughter and damaged children takes it toll, and you don't need to insult him further by calling him a pedophile because the wife went off meds for 10 minutes.