Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Female Hegemony

Some shaming language from a forum member from

You guys have a serious case of paranoia, it's getting kinda creepy here.

Afer reading a couple of threads on the forum this morning, I am strating to visualize you as a bunch of frustrated nerds with represses homosexual tendencies living in your parents home basement with nothing better to do than vent your frustrations out on a 'seduction' forum in a desperate attempt to reassess your manhood. Is that who you wanna be? If it is then fine, because that's what your posts point at.

I am active in the French community and things are quite different there. Guys exchanging seduction tips and having a laugh.

I have never seen topics such as "Ho's like to be choked" "How to punish a woman" or "My GF's crying makes me wanna laugh"

Guys, just let go. You drowning further and further in a dellusional world of hatred and resentment. I hope this will be a wake up call for at least one of you.
Saw this on a forum that linked to me. You know, ever since I started blogging and consequently stopped ranting about feminism anywhere I could (since I now had an outlet for my frustration and anger), I have pretty much stopped seeing these types of shaming tactics - and if I or another MRA blogger does receive blame and shame like this in the comments section, it is pretty much dissected and dried out by everyone else, exposed for the feeble tactic that it is.

So its a little strange to see all the boxes of feminist bingo checked - the frustrated nerds, homosexuals, living in a basement, trying to reclaim manhood, all of that is there. What a pile of cowshit.

But anyway, moving on...

Ever noticed that you usually can't tell who is defending feminism, whether its a man or a woman? Ever noticed that its pretty much equally likely that the shaming tactics will be coming from a fellow man as from a woman who sounds like she needs to go drown in a tub of Midol?

Ever noticed that every time someone is against feminism, its a man? The situation is very different for the Men's Rights Movement - back when feminism was the big thing, men and women were on the ground, marching - even though feminists hated men, they needed them to pass all the laws, to be their protectors and enablers. Most of the feminists would not have had time to write and be activists if their husbands hadn't set them up for life - if these cunts had not married up looking for a cushy life, as women are wont to do.

Those of you who have engaged people (both men and women) in debate about feminism will know what I'm talking about here - when there is any sort of slight against women or feminism, real or imagined, men and women will come to defend women/feminism.

However, when there are injustices committed against men, out comes the shaming language and outmoded notions like chivalry and men supporting women. Funny how that traditional stuff only works one way right? Only when it benefits women. Heaven forbid a woman should need to work for the free ride and the awesome job of raising a child, spending time with the child, making the child into a smaller version of herself with the husband's money.

Its a fine position to be in, a woman. A really sweet gig. Not only do you get to defend yourself and your sex, but you know that every woman out there will back you up without giving the man so much as a fair shake. An enviable position, to be sure.


  1. Gasp, I must be really deluded. I thought I was 65 years old, married for 31+ years to my Mexican wife, with a bunch of kids spread all over the US, which forces me to return to the Nation of Hell once in a while, and while back in the States have been playing with my adorable 8 month old grandson. But, in reality I'm still living in my mother's basement, engaged in autoeroticism? You would think the executors would have evicted me when she died 10 or 15 years ago. Where did I go wrong?

    Don't get married in the US or any nation under its influence, guys. And, don't give any genetic material to any woman in the same countries.

    By the way, autoeroticism can be much better than what you get from the Ameriskanks, and Rosie Palmer and her five lovely daughters do not have you arrested for rape. They also do not give you STDs, nor do they mock you to their friends nor does Rosie file for divorce and hide those daughters from you. It's amazing what a bit of K-Y NATURAL FEELING LIQUID, 5 oz for well under $10 at Wal-mart can do to motivate those sweet lovelies.

    It also works wonders for my 65 year old wife. Sometimes if I close my eyes, I fear statutory rape charges...

    Um, I think I might stop what I'm doing here, and interrupt my wife's sewing project. I just had a great idea. Please excuse me. It won't take long.

    Anonymous age 65

  2. Ewww your disgusting lol you old pervert

  3. Interesting. I've been posting on a board related to divorce for about two months now. I made it known in my first post that I was against feminism, how divorces favor women more than men, etc., but also give advice to others (mainly men) on what to expect and what they need to do. There was one woman there whose husband was divorced, and his ex is always running him thru the wringer, etc. She would usually stay nuetral on male/female topics, or even side with men on the disadvantages they have in marriage and, especially, divorce. She seemed to be one of those women who genuinely understood the male position on how society is going to crap these days, and who was to blame.

    Every now and then, though, I would get a sense that while she leaned slightly in favor of the male side, her female tendencies would allow her to make some subtle verbal stabs at men. Finally, I called her out on one such issue, and she exploded, calling me an "extremist" and "nutty" and so on.

    It just instilled in me the fact that even women who proclaim themselves to be on the side of men (or at least understand our position), usually are putting on a facade. Maybe not all, but a lot of them from what I can tell.

  4. Good post Pete

    I think your assessments are pretty spot on

    Enjoyed that


  5. "Ho's like to be choked"?

    "My GF's crying makes me wanna laugh"?

    Hey, where can I find these? Got links? I gotta see these! My kind of reading!

    Uh, just kidding, guys.

    Eternal Bachelor just had to censor some dimwit's post—I suspect a female provocateur masquerading as a male—hoping that the Virginia Tech shooter killed a bunch of sorority girls. I warned in one of the deleted responses to said dimwit that "his" kind of post is what would get EB and other antifeminist blogs removed from the Internet over hate speech and advocacy of violence. People would say in reaction, "Look who posts responses on these hateful blogs! They're dangerous!"

    Notice that the person who wrote what Pete has posted here seems to be trying to tie the MRA and MGTOW sites to abuse of women. That's an example of what we must watch for. Don't put it past fembots and their allies to post nasty responses to blogs and then use them as examples or straw men.

  6. K Dog, explain yourself with examples. You causing infighting is not appreciated. Who is extreme and how are they? I respect all the mra's and haven't found 1 that I would label extreme in the slightest.

  7. Anon 5:01AM, I don't think k-dog was causing infighting at all. He was just saying that...

    a) Some people post on MRA blogs masquerading as MRAs, and advocate violence or other such things against women, which could easily be taken by an oppressive government as hate speech.

    b) Some people, like the poster I quoted in this article, link the Men's Rights Movement with abusing women and children. These people are not MRAs, but they do it on neutral platforms.

    The point that pulls them together is that one person could easily make an Anonymous post on an MRA blog advocating violence and abuse, and then link to it on a neutral forum and say "See, this is what the MR movement is about! BURN THEM!!!"

  8. Adding onto that Pete- isn't it funny how well-known feminists have explicitly stated the slaughtering of men, yet are never condemned for doing so

    Yes- we are NOT the dominant bloc femcunts claim we are

    The bias is blatant

    And so is society's stupidity

  9. Anonymous 21 April 2007 5:01 am, Pete Patriarch's response explains what I was trying to say.

    Obviously you missed the relevant posts on Eternal Bachelor, as the one that started the stink—anonymous, of course—said "he" hoped that the Virginia Tech gunman had killed a bunch of "sorority fucks", or words to that effect. I suspected the post was from a provocateur and said so, as it didn't appear to be from one of the usual people who responds to Duncan's writings.

    That anonymous post advocated violence and was even hateful than most feminists, and the danger to EB and similar blogs should be obvious. EB (Duncan) has had to delete his own blog entries and certain responses to other entries recently because of fembot threats, so this isn't anything to take lightly.

    As Pete said, someone posing as a MRA posts such a response advocating violence against women. Then that person alerts fembots and politically correct busybodies who then use that post as an example of "hate speech", why MRAs are "dangerous", and why all these men's blogs "should" be shut down. Those of us who support the efforts of people such as Duncan and Pete should be wary of such stunts. Don't put any tactic past opponents of blogs such as this one.