Monday, April 02, 2007

Shock and Horror! A woman is actually held responsible!

Its pretty well-known that the untouchable sex is the female sex - the stereotypes have been with us for hundreds of years, leading to clich├ęs like "the fairer sex," "my better half," "the gentler sex" and so on. The stereotypes are so ingrained in us that even the upholders of justice refuse to arrest and prosecute women - either because they themselves are biased, or because they believe that the rest of the system is biased.

So I was quite surprised that a woman has actually been held responsible for once - check out the biased headline "Husband kills wife's lover; wife charged". The story is cut and dry -

• Caught with lover, the cunt cries rape; valiant husband shoots fleeing (consensual) lover
• Grand jury charges a member of the divine sex with manslaughter
• Luckily, Texas law exonerates those who believe their actions are justified at time
• The bitch has also been charged with making false report to tha police, a charge not nearly enough to encompass her black heart and heinous actions.

I'm sure that in any other set of circumstances, the woman in this case would have been let off scot-free. Hell, she probably would have claimed that her husband was abusive and made him go to jail so she could go off and enjoy her new lover in the marital bed.

However, do note that she has only been indicted - whatever that means, its apparently not very serious, since she hasn't even been arrested yet. Its a long way to conviction, and even if she is convicted, something tells me she'll get even less than the "two to twenty years" this charge carries. Let me guess, she'll get time off for all the years she spent in the marriage since she's a heroine for getting a lover, Bridges of Madison County style?


  1. So on theory, since she cried rape, her husband being the protector, shot her lover in the head? Hhahahahah........


  2. I certainly hope that husband is able to be angry at this wife for what is essentially double betrayal!

    It is hard to feel sorry for the deceased. If he hadn't been bangin' a married woman, he'd be alive today. I suspect we need a lot more risk for guys bangin' married women, not less.

    I forget if there were kids. Why do I assume if there are, not only won't she go to prison, but will get the kids and he will be the absent wage support slave?

    The good news is that in the last year or two there have been a number of false sex abuse cases so outrageous that they have made it past the left-wing mangina journalists, and have publicized the reality that much sex abuse charges are false, false, false. There have even been several women going to prison for false charges.

    Anonymous age 64

  3. It is hard to feel sorry for the deceased. If he hadn't been bangin' a married woman, he'd be alive today. I suspect we need a lot more risk for guys bangin' married women, not less.
    You know, anon 64, I have to disagree with you there.

    This is an entirely too simplistic view - the man wasn't banging her any more than she was banging him. She sent him the text message inviting him to come to her house so she could feel his "warm embrace" (hard cock) and she had total control over the whole transaction.

    We must remember that the man didn't come to the house and have sex with this female in a vacuum. He wasn't the only agent. If I could change history, I'd make sure that the bullet finds its way to the woman, since she is more guilty of committing adultery than the man she seduced.

  4. Maybe the C-U-Next-Tuesday lied to her lover and didn't tell him that she was married. Judging by how ethically impaired she is, I wouldn't put that past her.

  5. thank goodness this happened in Texas. Anywhere else, different result.

    Only one word to describe the charging in this case.


    The Geezer