Tuesday, April 10, 2007

UK News Roundup

I've been busy installing Ubuntu Linux on my home desktop after giving it a trial run on another computer. It worked fabulously on that other computer, but my main desktop has a blasted ATi video card which has little to no support on Linux.

You know, Linux has come a long way from when I first tried out Red Hat and later, Mandrake. A long long way. Now Live CDs are common, you can play games or surf the net while installing, and its generally very very easy as long as you stay away from installing stuff that is not supported, like Beryl. Oh Beryl. That sweet sweet 3D window manager that Vista and OS X can't hold a candle to. Why won't you run on my pithy little ATi Radeon 9600? Should I throw away the card and run the integrated nForce2 graphics? Will that make you happier?

On to the news...
UK Says No to Megan's Law.
The US law, named after Megan Kanka, 7, who was murdered by a convicted sex offender, gives parents access to names and addresses of known paedophiles.
Instead, the Home Office may allow parents to request information about people left unsupervised with children.

US readers will be familiar with Megan's Law - a male-demonizing crap law that treats fathers looking for some time with their children as worse than murderers and child rapists (female of course). Just recently, there was a huge manhunt launched for a father who kept his daughter for a longer time than the visitation allowed. Rather like a pimp beats up a john who keeps a whore longer than he paid for, police came in to arrest the man who dared to keep his daughter away from her mother - arrested him in a restaurant in full public view, in front of his own flesh and blood. Every time I see an Amber Alert on the highway, I pray that if it is not a criminal being hunted, he escapes persecution. Because it is never a woman. Nope, never. Even when they kidnap their children and the father reports it to the police, it is treated as a non-serious matter. Because after all, the mother is the true parent. The father is just a walking wallet. A mere ATM machine.

'Woman' bomber hits Iraq police.
A suicide bomber reported to be a woman has attacked a police recruiting centre in Iraq, leaving at least 14 dead.
About 20 people were reported to have been wounded in the attack on a large crowd of would-be officers at a centre in Muqdadiya, north-east of Baghdad.
Nothing out of the ordinary here, just an example of how they are 'woman' suicide bombers, not female suicide bombers.

Woman loses final embryo appeal
A woman left infertile after cancer therapy has lost her fight to use embryos fertilised by an ex-partner. Natallie Evans, from Trowbridge, Wilts, and Howard Johnston began IVF treatment in 2001 but he withdrew consent for the embryos to be used after they split up. She turned to the European courts after exhausting the UK legal process.
Ms Evans, 35, said she was "distraught" after the Grand Chamber of the European Court ruling, but Mr Johnston said "common sense had prevailed."
But she and Mr Johnston, who lives in Gloucester, split up in 2002 and he wrote to the clinic asking for the embryos to be destroyed.
Ms Evans took the case to the High Court in 2003 asking to be allowed to use them without Mr Johnston's permission. She has argued he had already consented to their creation, storage and use, and he should not be allowed to change his mind.
Current UK laws require both the man and woman to give consent, and allows either party to withdraw that consent up to the point where the embryos are implanted.

This is the most interesting bit today. So apparently this cunt doesn't want to admit that she waited too long and her disease-ridden body is no place for a baby to grow. Of course, she probably also wanted that sweet sweet child support and council home that is apparently given out free of charge to single mothers, to encourage broken families.

She has the gall to argue that he, being the man, should be held to a higher standard - that he shouldn't be allowed to change his mind - after all, he doesn't have a vagina! And we all know that changing her mind is the woman's prerogative. Fortunately, common sense prevailed. Its too late bitch, try again next life.

Also look at the pictures - the cunt is shown blubbering and emotional, while the man is shown stoic and unmoved - heartless beast, isn't he, you can almost hear the writer think. They even have a bloody video of her reaction!

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  1. The problem you are having with ATI you'll have with Nvidia. They both refuse to release the info necessary to write open source drivers. Their binary drivers are a crap shoot as to how/if they'll even work with your software setup. Start by checking x.org for X support. Then anything you run on top, like a 3D window manager, etc.

    I personally refuse to buy their products because of it. In fact I won't buy and AMD cpu anymore since they bought ATI. I do have the advantage though of not playing video games so 3D graphic support isn't a big deal to me.