Monday, April 30, 2007

Divorce and Child Support

Outcast Superstar has just finished four articles on Child Support and what he has summarized is very powerful. He is doing a series of summaries on the book From Courtship to Courtroom: What Divorce Law is Doing to Marriage by Jed Abraham. I'm almost happy he can only do one article every few days because if I were to pick up the book and start reading, I'd almost certainly develop ulcers.

Part 45

Part 44

Part 43

Part 42

Feminists, women and collaborationists invariably say that men are too attached to money when it comes to child support, as if money is just a passing thought in their ethereal lives, in their lives spent above the plane of human existence. Or they don't really give a fuck about other men's woes, since you'll notice they're not ascetics or beggars themselves. Noooo, they've instead made a career out of telling men that their hard-earned money is better when its transferred to the mother.

And the best part is, we're supposed to be embarassed when some bitch who is in a cushy job thanks to affirmative action says that money should not be all-important. They would know huh.

For hundreds of years men happily handed over their paychecks to their wives so that the home could be run smoothly. Men acted selflessly, and part of that was society's steadfast refusal to accept a man who was beholden to no one.

Now these vile cunts have the gall to say that men should transfer a sizeable after-tax amount of our paychecks to women because the bitch lied about being on birth control or is raising someone else's child on our money, and we're supposed to be happy about it?? FUCK THAT!

I'm pissed! Money is what I'm slaving away at my job for and ain't no lying bitch gonna take it away from me! If money is not that important, give me custody and have her give me child support! She'll learn in a jiffy what the value of a fucking dollar is when it doesn't "magically" appear in her bank accunt.

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  1. Thank for the publicity Pete

    The story which made my blood boil was the "Confession of a Feminazi" which I first read on August 17, 2006. After reading that story, nothing seems to shock me in terms of what is going on in the Feminazi court system.

    I'm not rich but because of this knowledge I learned at the young age of 23/24; I know I have saved myself hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future, many years of unnecessary stress and it may have even saved my life.

    I for one will not date in the United States and certainly will never get married. There was a time where I thought getting married was the think to do but once I have leard information like this I know not to touch marriage with a 1 million mile pole.

    At first I was very outraged but since I have moved into a peaceful peace stage of my life knowing it will be me who determines what success is and not an American Female. Since I no longer feel the need to win their approval I no longer ache for them and my stress level as dropped to an all time low.

    I know all I need to worry about is to finish up college (4 more weeks), get a stable job, find fun hobbies to do in the United States, and if getting laid is still important by the time I'm in my late 20's - early 30's, I can always take myself out on a very fun Bachelor vacation described in the book "The Hedonist".

    Just remember when a society like this one gives men responsibilities without any rights, they have liberated men beyond there wildest dreams. Thanks to MGTOW men no longer have to participate in playing societies game.

    There has never been a better time in history to be a dedicated life long bachelor than there is today.

    American women liberated themselves (18-24) and no longer feel "oppressed" for those 5 or 6 years, as a result they have liberated men to where they will no longer have to feel "oppressed" for the following 5 or 6 decades.

    "Because of Feminism a Man's paycheck is no longer enough to support a family. Because of MGTOW, it no longer has to."

    -Specter Den