Friday, April 13, 2007

Woman benefits from man's connections, man in trouble

The Chief of the World Bank has apparently arranged a job for a woman who had sex with him... now he has to lean on his sword because the relationship was found out. How much did the woman stand to benefit?

She stood to earn a cool $193,500 a year -$10,000 a year more than Condoleeza Rice.
WASHINGTON, April 12 — Paul D. Wolfowitz, the president of the World Bank, apologized today for his role in arranging a highly paid job at the State Department for a woman with whom he has a personal relationship.

“I made a mistake, for which I am sorry,” Mr. Wolfowitz said in a statement on the World Bank’s Web site. He said that in retrospect he should have “trusted my original instincts” and stayed out of the job negotiations involving the woman, Shaha Ali Riza.

Mr. Wolfowitz seemed to be throwing himself on the mercy of the World Bank board members, who are meeting today. “I will accept any remedies they propose,” he said in his statement. He had promised earlier to “cooperate fully” with the board’s review of the episode.

“I cannot speculate on what the board is going to decide,” Mr. Wolfowitz told The Associated Press.

But the World Bank’s staff association said today that Mr. Wolfowitz had “compromised the integrity and effectiveness” of the bank and “destroyed the staff’s trust in his leadership,” and so should resign, The A.P. said.

Mr. Wolfowitz, 63, has said that he arranged for Ms. Riza’s transfer because World Bank rules bar the institution’s employees from supervising anyone with whom they have a personal relationship, and that he consulted the bank’s executive board. But the transfer — and Ms. Riza’s salary, which the Government Accountability Project, an independent watchdog group, said is $193,500, about $10,000 more than Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s, even without tax breaks enjoyed by bank officials — only fueled more resentment among bank employees.
And how much is she being forced to apologize for using Wolfowitz to get her to this position? Oh wait, she's a member of the royal sex, and has no consequences attached to her actions! Wolfowitz was obviously using her for sex, oh and he abused her too I bet, that face looks like a batterer's face to me, and he even has the instruments of torture, oppression and harassment dangling between his legs!

Its really sickening how only the man's role in cases like this is considered - as if the woman was just a third-party who had nothing to lose or gain from this situation, and who was just like a leaf in the wind, blown every which way by the vagaries of men around her.

She should be sacked and have to pay reparations to the man she displaced and to Wolfowitz.

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