Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Key to Breaking Out

What is the key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty? What is the biggest reason why you can be upwardly mobile these days - going from a lower pay, lower glam-factor job to a higher paying job that puts you a few rungs higher on the social ladder? What is the reason why I'm a well-paid professional these days, from my humble beginnings in a third-world country?

I'm writing this after seeing what The Sharpened Pen wrote on the Honor Network. Saw this on the Honor Network.

The key to breaking out, the key to being upwardly mobile, the key to a life of success that you earn is education.

Today, men aren't being educated. Boys suffer lowered standards, less attention paid to them by teachers, a much higher rate of being labeled retarded, oops "learning disabled," and a higher risk of being put on crack err Ritalin, Adderall or other such drugs. All of this poisoining against boys in the K-12 school system leads to females on the express route to claim more than half of all university degrees - many men enter university with high hopes, but drop out - maybe their one-night stand got pregnant and now is claiming child support, maybe their girlfriend had an "accident" and now he has to provide for three instead of one, maybe he is demoralized by the feminized system of higher education, whatever the reason, men drop out a lot compared to women.

What this leads to is men being only qualified for low-skilled, low-pay jobs in a world where BSs and BAs are like high school diplomas. One group that suffers the most from this is black men - not only have they been fed the gangsta kool-aid, but "acting white" will almost certainly lead to ostracization and ridicule from his peers. Black women on the other hand, are making strides and its common, at least in movies, to see a professional black woman with a black thug. It is a fairly widely-held belief that the African-American population is a crucible for the changes that are going to come into American society as a whole - the welfare phenomenon, the fatherlessness and higher crime, all of these have come into the wider society after infecting the black population first.

Naturally, women want to marry up, and when there are not enough men to marry because all of them have low-paying or low-status jobs, the entire institution of marriage is undermined. Stable marriages are the bedrock of a stable society, and feminism is out to change that.

But forget feminism for a moment. Without an education, a man can not amass wealth easily - he can either get lucky with a business idea or stardom, or he can work hard and somehow break through, but to get a well-paying job, an education is a must. Even if you don't believe in working hard to provide for an ex-wife, you can't deny that money equals a higher quality of life in many ways. Being a college-educated male, you can get a job that is fairly comfortable, lets you work 8 hours a day, leaves you free on the weekends, and gives you enough money to enjoy the weekends and holidays.

With that, Saturday night is over and its time to relish the last day before another work-week. Happy Easter, everybody!


  1. Amen, brother! Much of what you say is true, Pete. However, not all men who skip college live in hovels and scrounge food from dumpsters.

    It takes a lot of ambition to work in the trades. The other day the man who came to my house to replace the motor capacitor on the a/c unit charged me $60/hr minimum charge labor for the few minutes it took him to do the job. The part was $9.75, and that included profit for him, too.

    Not everyone is suited to running a self-employed service business. But, those who do, can make out really well. If John only averages 5 hours billed a day, he will gross around $75,000 a year, and his van doesn't cost all that much to run. As far as other costs, they are added to his bill. But, whenever I need him, he is always swamped, which could well mean 8 hours billing a day ($540 billed.)

    I don't know exactly what you do, nor how much you make. But, for ambitious young men with the courage to start a business in the trades, they will actually do better NOT going to college. Sorry, but it's true.

    Those who go to college had better have a darned good idea how many men are employed in their chosen career. Business degrees, and accounting, today are not for men. Don't waste your time. You will wear out shoes trying to get past the panty ceiling.

    My son got a microbiology degree, and was virtually unemployable, since that is clean and reasonably well paid, so the dearies get all those jobs.

    He tested with manpower, and got hired at Rockwell International as a temp. He is VERY GOOD at it, like 90wpm typing, and very high admin skills, but every time he was offered a full-time job, HR fiends gave it to a white female. (He is a minority.)

    The last time, he filed a complaint with EEOC, but after a long-time which all involved unemployment, they ruled he was not qualified for the job he CREATED, because he did not have enough experience in the field. Note in the 80's the companies were forced to get rid of such artificial barriers to female employment, but once the fiends took over HR, they put them back to keep out the men.

    He moved to Texas with a sister, then got a job as a jailer, because the dearies don't want such scary jobs for the most part.

    Then, he got into medical school!!!!! He is seriously considering leaving the country when he gets his license, and live where the feminists aren't in charge. We have a terrible shortage of doctors in the US, because the feminist fiends sued to force at least half of med students be women, but at least 50% of them drop out of full-time practice within 10 years, to stay at home lounging around eating bonbons, and cussing out the maid.

    The real hazard is not lack of college. Many college graduates are unaware that trades people often make more than the college graduates.

    The really bad mix is not going to college, and working for others in trivial fields instead of being self employed in a business.

    Mostly, those guys work jobs like contruction (summer months only, and dangerous) or making hamburgers, and that is a good way to live badly.

    Electronic technicians, with two years of trade school, can make $35,000 and up. Few women work in high-tech electronic technology, at least where I worked. That's not big money, but a man can get by.

    Whether college or trade school, be sure to look for an area where few women care to go. And, jobs that at least pay enough for bachelor's to buy their Harley's, ala Christopher from Oregon.

    without trade school or college, and no real plan, you life is gonna' suck big-time.

    Anonymous age 65

  2. what the fuck is this shit, you men are going to be wasted when the sisters rise up, so fuck u whether u have a degree or no

  3. As Anon 65 (congrats on the bday!) said, unless you want to go down the same corporate slave route as most people, then college is NOT the answer. The key to financial independence IS education, but not the kind you get from earning a peice of paper after 4 years of waste. The key is becoming financially literate. Understand how people become rich by learning the ins-and-outs of money. THAT'S how to become wealthy.

  4. I must agree that the system in the states in anti-male. It is sad that black males buy into the tripe that BET and MTV sells them.
    But I do agree that ills that come into society affect black people first, look at the wave of mortgage foreclosures hitting the states; it hit black ppl first then moved onto everyone else.
    I do know there are many men without degrees making tonnes of money in the trades! They are just not very visible and are ignored when ppl see them in their uniform and with work tools.

  5. the black avengerApril 10, 2007 1:06 PM

    what feminism has done to the black community is why i ABSOLUTELY LOATHE FEMINISM. And the way blacks these days view intelligence is truly distressing. I am fortunate that I have NEVER EVER been said to be "acting white" for using proper language and for being intelligence. When I look back, I am totally shocked that I have NEVER received negative feedback from my black brothers and sisters. In fact, I usually get undo praise, and people sometimes think I am far smarter than I really am.

    But I agree, education is the KEY. the only question is what is education. Certainly, what passes for education in the schools is NOT that. More like propaganda, as well as molding the future workers to become docile slaves to the state and the corporate machine.

    i have my B.S. but I know I didn't receive an education. All of the education I receive is from reading books, researching on the internet, and speaking/interacting with other individuals.

    One doesn't necessarily need a diploma BUT education is absolutely essential, however one gains it.

  6. the black avengerApril 10, 2007 1:15 PM

    Anon 65, great advice. I only wish that I read Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" when I was in HS and NOT during my junior year in college. Other than the life long friends whom I've met at school, college was an utter waste of time.

    I can't tell you the countless friends who aren't working in their field they graduated in. Or the many who took over a year to land a decent job. Some are still working temp and I have a friend who, after 3 years she still can't find a job doing social work.

    I'm mamaging fine with my degree, but being Sallie Mae's slave is not fun.

  7. Black Avenger, you're right on the point. I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad last year as well. Far too late compared to when I wish I had read it.

  8. >> Anonymous said...

    >> what the fuck is this shit, you men are going to be wasted when the sisters rise up, so fuck u whether u have a degree or no

    >> April 08, 2007 7:48 PM

    Hey, stupid, the sisters already rose up. Forty years ago. Where have you been?

    In 1993, the National Organization of (Lesbian man-hating) Women actually announced "the feminization of the United States is complete."

    Did y'all notice, or were you sleeping?

    Since I realize dearies can't handle abstract math, let me do it for you.

    = 14 years ago. That was the year know-it-all Shanleigh was born.

    The uprising of sisters was officially declared over and done with. That's all there is, there won't be any more.

    Actually, that is in incorrect statement. When large numbers of nubile, fertile women realize the closest they are going to get to marriage is when they grope their male cat, you loud-mouthed feminist sista's may be fleeing for your lives as the angry, ummarriageable sista's take it out on you other sista's who caused their problems.

    I am going to share a great secret with you loud-mouthed feminist women.

    You think men are afraid of you, because when you shriek men either give you your own way or walk away. That's not because they are physically afraid of you.


    Because men are genetically programmed not to kill smaller, weaker, fragile humans, you mistakenly believe you are stronger than we are because we don't fight back as you batter and abuse us. It takes an unprincipled woman to kill a fragile, helpless human, around 50 million since 1973 just in the US.

    Your fantasy of 'wasting' large numbers of men are doomed to fail, the instant men realize they must fight as a group to survive. Grow up.

    Twenty years of women in the military shows most women can't even handle friendly men with an er*ction, not to mention an angry, violent man who thinks he is about to be killed.

    Anonymous age 65