Monday, April 23, 2007

On Payday, its still a Man's world

Saw this on CNN... Study: Gender gap hits after graduation, widens later.

A dramatic pay gap emerges between women and men in America the year after they graduate from college and widens over the ensuing decade, according to research released on Monday.
One year out of college, women working full time earn 80 percent of what men earn, according to the study by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation, based in Washington D.C.

You know, whenever you come across a study or piece of research, it is very important to see who has funded/done the study.
American Association of University Women Educational Foundation.
This study just lost all its credibility in my eyes, because its just more of the same dreck that comes out of feminist think tanks claiming women are oh-so-oppressed while assuming that women do make the same choices. The AAUW is the same group of cunts who put forward the "study" showing that girls were being short-changed in schools. They have a history of lying.

Even as the study accounted for such factors as the number of hours worked, occupations or parenthood, the gap persisted, researchers said.

"If a woman and a man make the same choices, will they receive the same pay?" the study asked. "The answer is no.

"These unexplained gaps are evidence of discrimination, which remains a serious problem for women in the work force."

Yeah sure, I believe you. L-oh-fucking-L. What flawed mechanisms did you use to get that result? How many lies did you fill in that one sentence? Why is your nose growing longer, you fucking cunt?

The implication is that women make the same choices as men, which is true - as far as going to college goes. After that, women overwhelmingly choose the "fluff" fields, carefully calculated to make their college careers as easy as possible, while men slog it out in the hard subjects. Go check out the Engineering building sometime you cunt, and count just how many patriarchal oppressors you see, and compare that to the number of vaginas. Then go to the Education department.

Now that you've done your research, look up an Engineer's salary on and compare it to how much a Kindergarten teacher makes.

Now print that out, roll it up, and STICK IT UP YOUR ASS!

Specifically, about one-quarter of the pay gap is attributable to gender - 5 percent one year after graduation and 12 percent 10 years after graduation, it said.

One year out of college, men and women should arguably be the least likely to show a gender pay gap, the study said, since neither tend to be parents yet and they enter the work force without significant experience.

If there was "only" a 5 percent difference in teen suicides, in the number of men who go into psychology compared to women, or pretty much any situation where men are disadvantages, it would be attributed to statistical error or "it is just how it is."

How many women care that men die, on average, 7-10 years younger? Its just biology, right?

What I got out of this article is that men work harder, take the harder courses in college, are less likely to be an entitlement princess waiting for some sucker on a white horse to come along, and are less likely to slack in the workplace.

All stereotypes of women, ALL FUCKING TRUE. Women just don't work as hard as men because they know, whether they are "traditional" or not, that its the man's job to provide for both of them. And there ain't going to be much providin' going on with a Kindergarten teacher's salary, which is why all the men in Education have Ph D's and teach at the Professor level.

Female students tended to study areas with lower pay, such as education, health and psychology, while male students dominated higher-paying fields such as engineering, mathematics and physical sciences, it said.

Even so, one year after graduation, a pay gap turned up between women and men who studied the same fields.

In education, women earn 95 percent as much as their male colleagues earn, while in math, women earn 76 percent as much as men earn, the study showed.

Here's the explanation you need - women don't work as hard and are not as good at mathematics as men.

There, I said it.

UPDATE: Thanks to Anonymous, I'm posting the actual AAUW article: get it at

And here is where the trolls are coming from:


  1. Great intellect Pete! I have not been posting much on here lately and I wish I had the time. Yesterday I had a Managers meeting that focused on sexual harrassment. Oh what a hoot that was. I was the only male in there out of nine! I wanted to speak up sooooo bad.


  2. Here's something you should take a look at:

  3. Thanks for the link Anon, I checked it out and its awesome. I really hope they can make a difference.

    BN, you are welcome back anytime my man.

  4. Check this out: both of these blogs are about the same article you wrote about.
    Link 1
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  5. Guess what Pete, I'm better at mathematics than you. What exactly is YOUR profession? Customer Service Representative? HAHAHA, worthless. Put up or shut up.

  6. Oh fuck off you goddamn leaking cunt. Is moron central sending out its drones again? Stick to trolling creationist blogs you hairy cuntflaps.

  7. See you ARE a Customer Service Representative, aren't you? Can you change my address on my billing statement please? Oh you have to get a manager for that? Sorry.

    Notice how you just launch into profanity instead of showing examples of how you are better at math than me

  8. Hey Pete, I actually bothered to register with the AAUW to get their pdf showing their report. Here's the link so nobody else has to register with them to get the actual publication for analysis and fisking...

  9. Back in the 70's, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY magazine had an article on a study in an institution. Patients could get extra privileges by working. They designed it so there were planty of chores that were typical of both men and women, though no one was pushed to a certain type of chore. also, there were a lot of chores, so the number of privileges earned were clearly linked to the number the individual wanted to get.

    Consitently, women earned about 70% as many extra privleges as men did.

    Need I say more?

    Anonymous agee 65

  10. Anon 1:28PM

    Oh do piss off. Whatever makes you think that Pete needs to prove anything to you? Such narcissism. Delusions of self importance and consequently, ignorance.

    As all your pissy little trolls do, try addressing the subject of a post for a change, as opposed to picking a sentence from it and making a childish self absorbed statement on it.

    Truly Fucking Pathetic.

  11. Anonymous 6:10PM, thanks for the link. I'm going to put it up on the original article.

    FM Watkins, I saw this on FSTDT, that's why we're getting so many trolls.

  12. Hm, I seem to have a vagina, and yet I'm an electrical engineer.
    Fancy that, assclown.

  13. "Hm, I seem to have a vagina,"

    Hm, definitely have a vagina; nothing seeming about that.

    "and yet I'm an electrical engineer."

    No, you only seem to be an electrical engineer. I'm sure your business card says you are, but that isn't any indication you're any good at it.

    "Fancy that, assclown."

    Words from a fancy-ass clown.

  14. Let's suppose, hypothetically, that women CAN be electrical engineers. What would make you realize that that is the case, if in fact it was actually the case?