Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Women getting arrested? Time to change the laws!

We all know that, for some reason, the media is giving more coverage to female teachers raping young boys nowadays. Of course, the coverage is not the same that a man would get - no way, no how. Most of the time, the story is built up so you sympathize with the poor female teacher who was hopelessly in love and ended up flouting societal taboos. Is there ever a popular story where a woman isn't the heroine? Take Bridges of Madison County, if you exchange the sexes you will have a prime-time action flick where the wife murders the hubby in the end and makes him pay child support from the heavens above!

But anyway. There's been a load of such stories lately, and female teachers are getting all the attention. So what should the sexist, bigoted, man-hating, evil, misandric feminist witches do? Or, what would collaborationists do?

Check this out. I saw this post on a forum I visit:

Thread Title:
About female teachers having sex with high-school students.


For a recent example (even though she's a teacher's aid):
Pics (That's a mugshot. She probably looks great in person with a smile on her face).


Text. http://www.myfoxcolorado.com/myfox/pages/News/Detail?co...de=TSTY&pageId=3.2.1

Most people assume that it is the bad bad teacher who seduced the poor innocent student but maybe the increase in such cases in recent years is due to the high-school dudes being more confident and/or less wary of consequences and they are the ones initiating contact and insisting, seducing the teachers. Maybe the high-school male students are more inclined by current mass media to be sexually active and see a decent-looking teacher as a badge of honour.

I only taught at university level and was by no means superhandsome but I had to say no to two second-year lady students in my 15y career. Grades have become so important now that some students are willing to boink their professors for a grade increase. Some will even threaten the prof with false allegations (one reason why we had to keep our office doors open when talking to a student). Even when proven innocent, the stigma of false accusations of sexual misconduct will irrevocably damage one's career. I saw this happen to one prof at another university.

Anyway, maybe it was not for a better grade but I have a feeling that current high-school dudes are more openly sexed up and that some will take advantage of cute profs if given the chance. The female prof may resist at first but the student can be tenacious and finally get her at a vulnerable time in her personal life.

Of course, there are also cases when the teacher is the oversexed one but I think that the media tend to underestimate the student's role in the affair, even though legally the prof will take the whole burden.

It takes two to tango.

Yes siree, this is what we're up against. The woman has to be the victim, the man has to be the perpetrator. And I've seen this guy's photo, which I can't stop attaching to every post he makes - fat, balding, ugly, greasy, all the adjectives that would fly thick and fast towards a "troll" such as myself, were I to join the discussion with my point of view.

Make no mistake, NOW and SOW and all the other feminist headquarters are probably full of lawyers and judges busy thinking of get-out clauses, because the chivalry and the goodwill is going to run out sooner or later and then these women won't have the free pass they now do to commit sexual and physical abuse of children.

You know, I actually agree with some of the arguments, but you would never in a million years hear them apply these arguments to a man caught in a compromising situation with a 17 year old girl, so I'm not going to support any of this shit when a women-firster is saying it to drum up sympathy.

Look at what the asshole says when confronted with logic:

Why does the woman have to take the passive role? If a teacher, female or male, can't resist the sexual advances of minors, then he or she should find another career.

Well, they can be persistent rude little pigs, you know.

Then the rest of the apologists joined the discussion, with some pointing out that the women may have been abused (implying that the chance of past abuse is very high, thus passing the blame on to a man) or that the teachers were hot or whatever.
And of course, the old standby: Man, I wish my Math teacher would have been willing when I was in HS.

We must work hard to make sure that nothing of the sort passes - no law should be made that lets off female perpetrators because they were female or because their victims were male. As it is, I'm sure a man convicted of gay pedophilia gets a longer term than a female convicted of pedophilia - the laws and the judges don't care about the victim when its a boy, they're too busy playing the chivalrous gent.

Mark my words, there will soon be a law quietly passed in the hush of midnight that exonerates female teachers from their sex crimes. Then politicians and feminists will gloat that men make up the majority of sex offenders and they should be tortured to protect innocent little girls.

Its for the children, you see. All of it.

Time for a quote:
IMO. This 15 year old kid should takes the full responsibiltiy and should be held in court and be punished alongside with his abuser. He may be a minor in our legal system but his dick ain't that matter.


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  3. I sent an email to the guy who posted that, and here's his reply:

    "All I'm saying is that things are not always black and white.We know that there are female predators.