Friday, April 27, 2007

Is there no end?

I am a big fan of my local library - it supplies me with Warren Farrell books, new music and keeps my girlfriend occupied with the excellent DVD selection, all for free.

I usually check out a few CDs from there every couple of weeks, and just yesterday I checked out Anniemal, by Annie. As soon as I heard the first track, I knew I loved it. The rest of the CD didn't really disappoint either, which is a rarity with the state of most popular music today.

So I went online today, researched her, and read the reviews on Amazon. I also found out that the track which I liked so much was called "Chewing Gum" and it was the hit single out of that album. So far, so good.

So I decided I'd look up the lyrics, and I turned on the CD and started reading the lyrics... if you would like to listen, go to and type "chewing gum" in the search box.

No.5 - Annie, "Chewing Gum"

Hey Annie, well, look at you!
Is that a new boy stuck on your shoe?
Come on Annie, how is it so?
You've always got a new bubble to blow

I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna get done
I'm just a girl that's only chewing for fun
You spit it out when all the flavour has gone
Wrap him round your finger like you're playing with gum


Hey Annie, you used to be
The only girl to take it seriously
Come on Annie, tell us your trick
On how you keep on getting boys to stick

Okay, I'll tell you why - you'll never look back
It's my selection it's my pick of the pack
Well hot dog, I'm a chewing machine
It makes me smile and keeps my teeth clean
Why? Why???


Why the fuck is everything in the media so fucking misandric? Of course, she never tells us about her secret as to why she always has boys clamoring for her attention, but I'll give you a thousand words...

This is why everyone is after you Annie, its because you're a genetic celebrity and we're genetic groupies, all vying for a place in the limelight.

Is it just me guys, or is practically every famous song sung by female singers misandric? When have guys ever written such songs about women? Maybe its because men innately don't want to mistreat women? Maybe its because guys are innately honorable and chivalrous towards girls?

Maybe female singers are just jealous that male singers get all the groupies ;-)


  1. the best part is that she and the girls who listen to her songs will be used and chucked by hundreds of men and whine about "no good men" in their 30s and 40s.

    Viva la MGTOW!!!

  2. There's undercurrents of misandry in just about any media these days Pete

    In the music industry I've noticed songs geared around misandry but disguised via 'Girl Power' and the like

    Smokescreens and nothing more is what I say !

    Once, there was a backlash to one particular song a few years ago: I Don't Want No Scrub I think it was called by TLC

    I don't listen to much modern music but I'm sure that's the right girl group

    Anyway, the backlash song was No Pigeons by some rappers

    Also- I'm Not A Gentleman by the Getto Boys is a good song about female entitlement

    But apart from that; most songs will promote some degree of misandry

    And what's worse: they are encouraged

    In the name of Girl Power and 'equality', of course ; )

  3. Hey Fred, I'm loving your posts about the movie "Provoked." Keep it up!

    I wrote about Scrubs too, and read the lyrics of No Pigeons thanks to your comment in that post. It just gets old to hear a nice catchy tune on the radio, and if its by a female singer, it is misandric 90% of the time.

    I also downloaded "I'm not a Gentleman" and its a really cool song.

  4. Shoot, I think "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth should be considered for the MRA's official tune:

    Heart breaker, soul shaker
    Ive been told about you
    Steamroller, midnight stroller
    What theyve been saying must be true

    Red hot mama
    Velvet charmer
    Times come to pay your dues

    Now youre messin with a
    A son of a bitch
    Now youre messin with a son of a bitch
    Now youre messin with a
    A son of a bitch
    Now youre messin with a son of a bitch

    Talkin jivey, poison ivy
    You aint gonna cling to me
    Man taker, born faker
    I aint so blind I cant see

  5. You say "when have guys ever written such songs about women?"

    My only response is to point you to a large portion of hip hop and R&B songs. Those songs openly objectify women reducing them to mere body parts etc.

    That being said, just because the door swings both ways it doesn't justify singing about the "discardability" of men.

  6. Anonymous, sure you can find hip-hop songs that "reduce women" to their body parts (kinda like the Vagina Monologues, no?) but there are plenty of songs written and sung by popular male singers that are positive about women.

    Can't say the same for songs by female singers.