Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Anon 65!

Anonymous 65 enjoys a cake brought by a lovely senorita...

I got this comment today on the "Rape Rape Rape" article that you can read from the sidebar...

I just came back here by google, and was curious to see this again. Hotshot Shanleigh seems to be 14 years old, and in her opinion is filled with the wisdom of the ages. She called me a misogynist fuck, her words, because I don't agree with her stupid, insane definition of rape. She, a prime misandrist fiend, is an example for those who for unknown reasons believe younger women are better than their misandrist older sisters.

Okay, stupid, let me say this again. When a woman marries, she well knows she is giving blanket consent to sex, or she is committing fraud.

This flippant broad definition of rape to include marital sex if the man forgets to say SIMON SAYS belittles the suffering of women who have experienced real rape.

Don't marry in the US, guys, and don't bring a foreign woman to the States. These fiends are insane. Let this misandrist fiend wallow in her STD's and enjoy her cats.

Anonymous age 65
Since just yesterday you went by Anonymous age 64, and now you're going by Anonymous age 65, it follows that today is your birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May you live to blow out as many candles as the biggest cake can handle, and may your life in Mexico be filled with happiness and joy.


  1. Anon 65

    If your reading this, I wish you a happy birthday.

    Many of us are greatful for the time you spend on our blogs and the Don't Get Married message board giving us insights through your life experiences.

  2. Anon 65 has blessed my blog with a few of his worthy comments.

    He is a wise man indeed. Happy birthday.

  3. Hey, thanks! Due to a grandchild being sick, (roseola, probably the most mis-diagnosed sickness in the US, fortunately minor in most cases, but scary as h**l for mom and dad) this is the biggest fuss anyone made over my birthday. Cool!

    That gorgeous body looks much like a niece who lives a couple hundred meters up the mountain.

    Anonymous age 65

  4. Actually, my birthday was a very short time ago, not a good idea to give the exact date. Not that I am afraid of these fiends, but they could mess with my papers when I am back in the States.

    After another view of the chest on the girl, the body is close, but the chest on my niece is several magnitudes more...

    She is very pretty and thin with a large and beautiful chest, that says, "Rip off this blouse and put me in your mouth." I've heard it! With tremendous will power, I have disobeyed.

    She has a dazzling personality, and is one of the most intelligent women I've ever known. Last month, we had a debate on the relative merits of the writings of Charlotte Bronte and her sister Emily -- an amazing experience in the Third World part of Mexico.

    I have referred to her younger sister, though, in writings for a private mailing list on Mexico, as THE GIRL WITH THE XXXXL SHIRT. But, she is much more full-bodied.

    If you guys had any idea what life can be like in Third World Mexico, you'd be studying Spanish and packing your bags!

    Anonymous age 65