Friday, April 06, 2007

Biological Imperatives

Biology. Genetics. Hormones. All things that we don't really get to decide - none of us do, not the men, not the women - not the blacks, not the whites.

But there's one division - only one group is allowed to use their biology as an excuse, only 52% of the world's population is allowed the use of these Get out of Jail Free cards. Ever noticed how women's biological imperatives are always A-OK? Whether its dumping babies in the trash, gold-digging, murder, acting bitchy on their period or before it, or just being a total bitch, women can always blame it on genetics, evolution, or their hormones.

Now think of a man who doesn't pay child support, who wants to have sex/relationships with only beautiful women, or who displays anger physically. Yeah, not such a pretty picture, is it? Leave alone any violence or aggression towards a woman. Our society and the legal system would feel free to give him an ass-kicking he wouldn't soon forget.

Ever since feminism took hold of the collective consciousness, its been making it as easy as possible for women to "get out of jail free" - look at the woman-only defenses in use at your local courthouse, for example. Only women can get away with murder and be called the victim with excuses like the Battered Women's Syndrome and Postpartum Depression and other such bullshit.

Men? We get to own up full responsibility for our actions. We also get to own up responsibility for any woman around us who needs a convenient scapegoat. This could be your wife, your girlfriend, your mistress, your sister, your mother - it wasn't so long ago that a man was sent to prison in Germany for the crime of incest. Who was he doing this incest with, you ask? His sister, who didn't have to spend a single day in jail. Let me guess, she was the victim, by virtue of her vagina?

This is the heavy stuff - but every day, women are, thanks to a combination of feminism and chivalry, using sexist excuses to get out of the heavy lifting. Had a bad day at work? Well, if you're a man, you can just keep your nose to the grindstone till 5PM, but if you're a woman woe betide any man who questions why you are leaving early.

Having a bad day and just snapped at your co-worker? Well, if you're a man, look forward to polishing up your résumé and/or dealing with assault/harassment charges. If you're a woman, blame it on PMS, the victim, or the color of the walls. Anything will do - men and other women are all too eager to excuse a woman of any responsibility, its in our genes to do so. Chivalry is in our genes. Rather like a pathological strain of some virus which kills you slowly, its in your blood and you can't do a damn thing about it. ♂


  1. Since women are not held accountable for their actions their lives have limited significance. The only significance of women's actions is the effect those actions have on others. This is the standard that is applied to children.

  2. I wonder if that's the signal we want to promote "be afraid".

    I say "fuck em!", stick their sicko condition up their arse.

    Want to be normal....

    Be a man.

  3. be afraid, be very afraid. the sisters are going to rise up and men will be running to cover there ass lol.