Thursday, April 12, 2007

Titanic repeat shows that men are still expendable

Greek incident shows "men still considered expendable"

While men and women are supposed to be considered "equal" under the law, no one seemed to think that in the outrage that occurred last week during the Greek cruise ship disaster: the assumed expendability of the male passengers. While most people probably take for granted that a lot has changed since the days of the Titanic, when it comes to Maritime law, everything is still 1912. When the Greek liner went aground and began to sink, the dreaded "women and children first" slogan was announced over the PA, and men were not allowed to disembark before all women had been saved.

Not only is this sentiment purely sexist in its own right, but it pre-supposes
(a) that the lives of women are worth more then the lives of men,
(b) that women must be protected by men and therefore it is the duty of men to give up everything - life, rights, etc.
(c) that all of the children on board will have a female parent/guardian available to take care of them on shore while they wait for male parent/guardian to be released.
This really is a fucking outrage. Its like some woman being told that she may not work at an office.. no, some woman being told she can't abort the baby, naah no way... ah crap I'm thinking of a situation where a woman would actually be asked, no, told to sacrifice her own life for that of someone else, and I can't think of any. Bah.

It is really a fucking outrage that in this day and age of feminism, of ekwaliteeee, and of men and women supposedly marching shoulder-to-shoulder, that as soon as women's lives are in danger, all the gloves come off and men are forced to the back of the line.

It is all a fucking outrageous lie - governments are least interested in actual equality, all they want is to please the female populace - the royal sex - at all costs, since the men will either sacrifice themselves or be forced to, while no one would even dare to ask any woman to sacrifice herself for her man or even her child - remember the rights of the mother always trump the rights of the child if there's a conflict.

The last thing feminists want is actual equality, but we all knew that. Its really infuriating that after being spoonfed the message of sex equality/equity/fuckwittery, we're just told that it was a lie all along, women will always get the lifeboats, men will always get the icy seas, and if you're lucky, you will only have to swim a few hundred yards instead of dying in the water.

There are some people making excuses along the lines of "this was in Greece" and whatnot, but the chilling reality is that whether this happened in the bloody English Channel or the Arctic ocean, the outcome would be the same - hundreds of men will find a watery grave.

And its not the patriarchy that will be holding us back, it will be each other - some man you say hello to while boarding may become a deranged lunatic keeping you away from the lifeboats with a broken bottle, the handsome waiters may be called upon to restrain any man who tries to get on the lifeboats with the royal sex, the cunt that screams "ekwaliteeeeee" on land will hiss and spit at you and shame your entire family if you try and show her how equal-minded and forward-thinking you actually are.
Strilchuk, 16, said she and her friends had no life jackets. When she saw a man clutching one, she pleaded with him to hand it over.
She said she made a fist and punched him in the face when he wouldn't.
"He was holding it and he was 40 years old and we were kids," she explained, adding that she pulled the life jacket from him and gave it to a friend.
Strilchuk said she later punched another man and took his life jacket for herself.
I'm incensed! Talk about a fucking entitled cunt! She fucking told two men that their lives were not as important as hers and her friends!! And mark my words, the only reason the men didn't fucking drop these bitches asses right there, if they weren't chivalrous gentlemen themselves, was because they knew they would get the shit kicked out of them for daring to interfere with the royal sex.

And because they needed to sacrifice a man...

The ship's captain was charged Saturday with causing a shipwreck through negligence, a charge that carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.

The captain was indicted along with the other crew members on blanket charges of causing a shipwreck through negligence, breaching international shipping safety regulations and polluting the environment, the Cyclades islands public prosecution office said.

Wanna bet that all of these crew members facing criminal charges are men?


  1. You have to be kidding me. This bitch totally took away another person's lifejacket, saying "Oh, he was old anyways". For fucks sake, the guy could've had a family! Selfish little cunt.

  2. I'm just as pissed off as you are. I would have dropped kick that entitlement princess right in the cunt.

  3. In that situation it's every man for himself. I would have grabbed the nearest wine bottle, fire axe, etc, and made my way to the lifeboats. Killing who ever decided to get in my way.

    After you behead or knock out the first worthless cunt and throw her into the sea everyone else will get the point.

    Will you get charged with murder? Maybe. But it's better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6. At least then you have a fighting chance.

  4. Right on, Mike. Reading this again, I'm just as pissed off now as I was when I wrote this.