Sunday, May 20, 2007

Louis Theroux on Thai women

Well, not on Thai women but that's a nice double entendre isn't it? ;-)

Louis Theroux goes to Bangkok and interviews the owner of a Thai matchmaking agency. He isn't very enamored of the idea, since he seems to be more comfortable seeing the screws turned on a man by western women in a marriage.

Anyway, watch the videos:


  1. Wow, those were some cool vid's!!!

  2. I'm glad that you liked them Verlch, I thought they were interesting too. Notice how Louis keeps trying to get something incriminating out of the owner...

  3. I found these to be very interesting. These videos gave me an idea of what else I can do when I start to do my Bachelor traveling section. This is I can go to You Tube, and type in tourism in e.g. Rio de Janeiro. If I find any good clips I can post them with the other information.

    I will probably pass on this one because I'm just strongly against marriage although it was very interesting none the less.

  4. It sure says something that HE married four times. The average man in the US would be bankrupt by this time.

  5. I've never seen Louis before but he's a real Wuss with a capital W. He doesn't want to upset the women back home so he tries to make all the guys look bad in these videos, it's painful.

    Two-faced, he pretends to be a friends with all of the men featured, but you can tell by his actions and his questions that he is horrified, and wants to portray this type of service as predatory, immoral, and just clearly wrong on all levels.